Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Mail and Puke update (because I know you care...)

I still feel like crap. I thought I was getting better. I woke up feeling good and ate some cereal. Yeah... puked it up about a 1/2 hour later. Taj and Livie were sick for a day and now Isabel and Kelsea aren't feeling too hot. Fun fun fun!!

I got me some good mail this week! One was even hand-delivered!!

Toni sent me this awesome package of goodies which included a photo keychain, a magnet, a journal & a sweet card. Thank you Toni!!
Marcia sent me some awesome socks and a card. How did you know I love fun socks, Marcia!? Sei has bought me a new set of "dork socks" as he calls them, before the birth of each baby. I like to wear "cool" socks while I'm in labor. Thank you for adding to my collection.
Kate sent me some eye cream and a nice card. I'm always stressing about my eyes getting wrinkley, so how perfect was her little gift??
And last, but not least, Kayelyn was sweet enough to drop by after reading my sicky post on Friday with a Sonic diet coke float, a can of chicken noodle soup and the kids meal prize for Tajy. He's been fascinated with it. Thanks so much for thinking about me. :)

The Good Mail list is filling up fast. I'm going to top it off at 25 bloggers. I think there is about 16 women on the list right now. Email me if you're interested in joining!!


heidi lou said...

tori, don't worry about eye wrinkles.
it just means you laugh enough.

Special K ~Toni said...

Yay! You got Good, Good Mail this week! If I were closer I would make you chicken noodles soup! It's one can of water mixed with the soup, right? Ahhhh... homemade!

I ♥ my cool socks! I need to take a picture of my tootsies in them!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Nancy Face said...

Yay for your Good for your Bad Sickiness... :(

OneFullHouse said...

How nice to get mail like this when you are not well.

Hope the bug is on its way by now.


Kayelyn said...

Now that I am not so sleepy- if you still don't feel good I want a call. I'll bring the fam dinner tomorrow (Sunday or Monday) and you can go back to bed.

I hate sick, so I am ever so sensitive about all that mommy guilt when you feel like yuckiness and you want to be mom and not sick.

Lauren said...

Strangely enough, I am paranoid of getting premature wrinkles. I always use my mom's anti-aging eye cream haha.

You got such fun Good Mail! Yay!
Feel better

palmtreefanatic said...

Hope your feeling completely heatlthy now!!!

annie said...

I'm glad you got 'good mail' to brighton your icky sicky days...
Looks like good stuff :o).
Hope your house is free of bugs very soon!

Stepherz said...

Yayyy on the good mail! And the sockies are super cute. Now you just have to have another baby so you can wear them during labor!

Gretch said...

Kayelyn is soooo sweet!

txmommy said...

ohh! I hope you feel better.

The socks are really cool :)

PJ said...

Such good mail! That Float looks good, I want one

Hope you feel better soon, sick in July just ain't right!

No Cool Story said...

Throwing up is like the worse way to get sick :( Sorry to you.
Feel better soon ok?

The GM is great and happy.

Heffalump said...

I hope you are back on your feet again soon!

Robin said...

I love the violin serenade to your sickness. And hey, I just bought myself a pair of cool "dork" socks to take to the hospital!

utmommy said...

Yeah for Good Mail!! I need to get on the ball and get some out.

I hope you feel better for Saturday. By the way, I am planning on bringing a dessert. If you need me to bring something else, then you can email me! Thanks:)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I have a whole collection of dazzling dork socks and I even have an entire section of fuzzies made from Boobah/Muppet fur.
Sox Goddess

I've known you were SICK! SICK! SICK! for a long time now......

JennieBoo said...

There's nothing better than some GOOD MAIL" to cheer ya up!

So glad you got some fun stuff!

I love "GOOD MAIL"!

JennieBoo said...


Good Mail makes it all better.

I LOVE "Good Mail"!


Tammy and Parker said...

I just joined a good mail group.

What fun, eh?