Friday, August 31, 2007

1st week of school

Last week the kids went back to school. And I didn't even mention it. Oops. So, here are pics from last week...

Taj and his playdough snake. He closed his eyes on purpose. Livie and her snake... My junior higher... (sniff - He got contacts the next day.)My 5th and 3rd grader (Izzy insisted on wearing her "MY MOM ROCKS" shirt.)

And in honor of school starting I am writing memories of mine from kindergarten thru jr. high. (It was all downhill after that...) Should be very interesting... to my parents.

Kindergarten Tori :)- I was smart and it was embarrassing. I pretended not to know my numbers and received an "N" on my report card for that 6 week period.

1st grade Tori :) I forgot to bring something for show & tell, but I had a nifty comb in my bag. So, I stood up and told about my comb and how it was a special brand. When I tried to read the word on the comb my teacher had to help me. It said "Unbreakable."

2nd grade Tori :) - I already confessed to my bathroom graffiti. I also had mono that year. I missed 17 days of school. I also held hands with Josh at the play "Annie" that we went to for a field trip. He had a twin, Jason. Jason was cuter, but Josh was nicer.

3rd grade Tori :) - My teacher was from Germany and tried to teach us German. I was voted "Most Popular" along with my "boyfriend" Britt. He kinda looked like Henry Thomas ("Elliot" in E.T.) And once I was played Battleship with him at his house and his mom yelled to him "Britt! Get your clothes on! It's time for soccer." I swear we weren't playing Strip-Battleship.

4th grade Tori :)- My class did a singing recital. I actually sang a solo which is hilarious if you've ever heard me sing.... I also did "The Worm" - yes, the breakdance move- when we sang "Ugly Bug Ball." That's also the year The Challenger blew up.

5th grade Tori :) - I collected Garbage Pail Kids. I had a little "Cool Clique" that I hung out with- Randi, Lisa, Rachel... I wore a training bra even though I didn't need one. My teacher wore an ugly brown dress- a lot. I don't remember a lot about 5th grade...

6th grade Tori :) - I had short, short hair. I wore hats. Sara copied me. I was best friends with Joey. He would deny that if anyone asked him, but he was at my house after school everyday. Jessica McClure fell in the well and was rescued 72 hours later when I was at Naomi's slumber party. I got contacts when I turned 12 and I got to shave my legs. I sliced my shin about 3 inches the 1st time I shaved. I got chills when I typed that.

7th grade Tori :) I had a huge zit on my nose the 1st day of school. I tripped on the bus when I was trying to walk back to my cool older sister. I liked a thrasher named Virgil for like ALL of 7th grade. I went to homecoming with Joey. My sister did my hair and make up. I can still picture what I wore.

8th grade Tori :)- I was "cute" that year according to another girl named Tori. I had my 1st kiss. It was with Joey. (Yes- my 6th grade best friend and 7th grade homecoming date.) I didn't really get into any trouble. Brandon was my boyfriend for a whopping 4 months!! I got grounded for going to see "Pretty Woman." I told my parents I was seeing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." I tried out for freshman cheerleader and made it. (I quit after football season so I could play basketball.)

Good luck Tristan, Alec and Isabel!! Y'all are awesome! I am proud of you. Go make some awesome memories...

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Amanda said...

Fiiiiiiirrrrrssssstttt!!! That never happens!

I am so impressed that you remember that far back.

Unbreakable! LOL Strip-Battleship eh? You had quite the childhood! Your cheerleading picture is also very impressive!

All I remember is chasing boys in kindergarten to try and kiss them. One of the boys had the same last name as me and I wanted to marry him. That way I wouldn't have to change my last name. :)

Amanda said...

Oh, I forgot to say, your kids are so cute! Hurray for contacts! And their mom DOES rock!

Yvonne said...

I am TOTALLY AMAZED (but not the least bit surprised) that you could remember all of that. You really do have the best stories. I shuddered as I read about slicing your calf the first time you shaved. I still vividly remember the first time I shaved and cut along the bone up my leg--yikes.
I hope your children have a wonderful year and give you lots of good material for your blog, for the benefit of all your readers ; )

omar said...

I'm amazed at how much 1st grade Tori looks like current Tori (much more so than 5th, 7th, or 8th grade Toris).

I vividly remember my 3rd grade teacher telling us about the Challenger explosion, because it was the first time I saw a teacher get emotional (she was almost in tears). Another boy in my class named Jason, who liked to be the first to do everything, said, "I saw that on the news last night." And the teacher was like, "no you didn't, because it JUST HAPPENED."

Good luck with school, current Tori's kids!

Tori :) said...

Amanda- Good thing we didn't go to the same school. We would have been fighting over boys. I should have written about the races I made the boys have. The winner was my boyfriend...

Yvonne- I meant to type that I cut my leg up my shin- not calf. I corrected it. Yeah- that's the worst huh?

Omar- I'm relieved you think I look more like my sweet, innocent 1st grade picture and not the others. My 4th grade teacher was crying about The Challenger and I was thinking "What the heck is The Challenger??"

Dana said...

1. Thank you for that song this morning. After having to get up extra early all this week, I needed it to wake me up.
2. You were only in 4th grade when the Challenger blew up? You are such a young pup.

Nancy Face said...

All the kids' school pics are so cute! LOVE the playdough snakes! :D

It was so much fun seeing all your school pictures and reading all your fun crazy stuff! Unbreakable! Graffiti in the bathroom! Boyfriends! More boyfriends! (Maybe Sei should be jealous of your Joey memories, haha!) Calf surgery! Sneaking off to "Pretty Woman!" :O

Loved your cheer and basketball cute! :)

So you had mono in 2nd grade? When I was in 2nd grade I had pinworms.

Kayelyn said...

Holy Cow! I remember the Challenger blowing up. I was in my first year at college at UTC (now UVSC soon to be UVU). I was studying downstairs and some guys that I knew came and hollered that it had just blown up. That was it for studying that day.

Cute pics of the kids. Tristan is getting so grown up. Fun pics of Liv and Taj. I love their snakes.

How cool that you can remember all those memories. Mine are not so good now.

I remember cutting my leg shaving,too. Pain. ful.


Nobody said...

Soooo, have you forgotten about high school like some of us would like to?
I laughed out loud at first grade Tori and "Unbreakable". That's hilarious.
And Thrashers? What are those!?
I think they might be what we called "Freaks". And isn't that weird that we called a group Freaks and it wasn't a bad thing?

No Cool Story said...

My kids believe that wearing their glasses = Social death.
I guess they need contact or they'll go blind.
How cute is Izzy? Awwwwwwww.

I had very short hair in 7th grade, that was a rough year for me, extremely uncoordinated and ungraceful.

No Cool Story said...

Oh yeah, and I'm stealing (but giving all the credit) to you meme-ish post :)

Amanda said...

It's all coming back to me now! I think I might have to steal your post too! If only I would have gone through my pictures at my mom's house. I think I have a very similar picture to your 5th grade Tori! Maybe I can convince my mom to send me some old pictures!

PJ said...

Your kids are EXTRA cute!

You look different in all your pictures. *sigh* I have the same dorky grin in all my pictures.

I was in sixth grade, watching the shuttle take off with my class.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I don't remember much about school but I have a keen ability to block out painful memories of hopeless dorkiness. I do remember performing 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree' for a talent show and wearing Mork rainbow suspenders with my P.E. shorts....isn't that painful enough. Must I go further?

Suzanne said...

LOL that you put up Dr. Feelgood!!! We must have definitely been thinking alike yesterday! :)

Ooh, I loved boy tag in elementary school. Except...I was chasing the boys, not being chased, and when I got one, I tried to tackle them. Yes, I need therapy!

How fun to share all your memories with us!

Tristan looks so cute! He's gonna charm the girls for sure! :)

Jean Knee said...

i commented earlier but it plum disappeared, that keeps happening to me lately

I had that ultra short hair in 6th grade- what's up with that? you couldn't tell if I was male or female....very scarring

Lauren said...

What a fun post! I can't believe you had a boyfriend named Britt as well! What are the odds? My mom and I were discussing today how much we thought Britt had a foolish name and how the guy I went out on a date with this week had an awesome name. Dallas beats Britton ANY day.

I got chills as well when I read about the sliced leg. I remember shaving my legs and not telling my mom because I was afraid.

Nancy Face said...

Lauren: This was after your mom begged you to shave off that fuzz garden of yours.

Tori :) said...

Dana- Omar was in 3rd!! Yeah- I was needing me some Motley Crue!

Nancy- How do you get pinworms exactly??

Kayelyn- I've always had a really good memory. I remember the silliest, little things...

Nobody- H.S. sucked and I would love to forget it!! :D Thrashers were skaters aka freaks. And I thought Virgil was just divine.

NCS- *~HAPPY DANCE~* You're back! So, my twin also had short, dorky hair in 7th grade? Mine was kinda growing out- so ugly. Can't wait for your post!

Amanda- YAY! Copy away!! I'll be looking forward to it!

PJ- Yes, I went thru various stages of "ugly."

EWBL- My poor, poor Elastic. Think happy thoughts.

Suzanne- Oh the boys would race and the winner was MINE. And then there was the boy who had me and Rachel wear our nicest clothes to school and he picked who was his new girlfriend. ME!! I can't believe my mom let me wear my church clothes...

jean knee- I remember a girl asking me in the bathroom "Are you a boy or a girl??" Yeah. It warped me.

Lauren- How weird that you went out with a guy named Dallas and I'm from there!! The similarities are eerie... ;)

Nancy- I told Tristan that when he gets that "dirt on his lip" I will force him to shave. I can't stand it when boys have that brown fuzz. Not that Lauren had facial hair. I'm just sayin...

Lisa M. said...

Hilarious. Quite.

I too remember the first time I shaved my legs. Third grade-

I was on the swim team and very aware of stuff like that.

I too scoffed at where you were, when Challenger blew up.

I was in class in umm.. watching it on TV (which was really as impressive as the Challenger itself) Cable and Satellite and things like that were so new.

It was something very near and dear to me, as I had close family members who were on the design team that built the rocket boosters- which in the end were blamed for the horrible event.

Anyway- geese, talk about a thread jack!

This was fun to read, and I love the pictures!

Your kids are beautiful!

normanbatesmomma said...

You had your 1st kiss in the 8th grade? You are the type of girl I tried to protect my Norman from. That is why I homeschooled him. The only woman a boy needs is his momma.

Anonymous said...

Back to school back to school!!!! Yipee!!! We're Tuesday here and I can't wait. :)

I was looking for you email because I wanted to get in on the other good mail group. Can I can I? Please!

CHEL said...

Cute... I love the archives! You were such a hottie! oh yeah, you still are!