Friday, August 10, 2007

Deja vu

Tonite I had a case of deja vu. (Say that like Sloth saying "BA-BY RUUUUTH.") My butt was kicked clear back to a basketball tournament in the 8th grade. At the tournament I was hyper and acting like a goofy 13 year old I'm sure. I was all sweaty and what not, too. I asked a boy- I think he was from another school- a question. I don't remember what is was. But I do remember his answer. He just looked at me and said, "Man, you are ugly." I was shocked and didn't know what to say. I think my brilliant comeback was, "No I'm not!!" (Yeah. Good one Tori. "That's what you are but what am I??? LOSER!!)

Well, tonite Tristan called from his youth activity asking me to bring his scout shirt. We had been out all evening and just dropped him off for scouts without it. I threw on my flip flops and my Longhorn hat and cruised up to the church. When I got there 3 boys ranging in ages probably 12-14 were riding around in the parking lot on their bikes. When I got out of the car I clearly heard one boy say, "Holy cow! She is uuuuugly!!" I assumed they were talking about someone else because I'm so hawt! Then I heard another say, "Yeah she is! Whoa." I looked around and didn't see any other person, let alone female, in the near vacinity. They were talking about me. I just ignored them and ran the shirt in. When I came back outside one of the punks was parked close to my Yukon. He full on stared at me and then rode around to his friends while he said, really loudly, "Man, beyond ugly!!" I was stunned. I couldn't think of one smart-a$$ comment to throw back at him- and that's rare for me. I'm full of smart-a$$ comments! Where was ElasticWaistbandLady when I need her??? I just got in my car and backed out full speed hoping one of the buttheads was just a little too close to my bumper. Then I could jump out when he's face down on the ground, 1/2 his face torn off, bleeding profusely and yell, "Who's ugly now?!? Bawahahahaha!!" ;)

I drove home and was totally surprised by how I felt. I felt like crying. Why? Like I give a crap what some pre-pubescent kid thinks about me. Why was he looking at an old lady anyway?? Weirdo. But apparently I did care. I don't know why. Maybe because I have a 12 year old and I don't want to be one of those ugly, frumpy, embarrassing moms. Or maybe because I don't want anyone to think I'm ugly. I don't know. But it hurt my feelings. Stupid, I know. And I'm 1/2 joking as I type this. But, dude. What is up with obnoxious, rude kids?? Those boys are the ones that will have girls starving themselves or worse because some butthead told them they're ugly. It makes me mad. And it makes me think I should have aimed better when I backed out.

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Bee said...

Hi! Blog Hopping from TSI.

You know I wonder why today's youth has become so disrespectful...? I know not all of them but still, I've encountered them in malls, while driving, while picking up fast food etc. It's sad that sensitvity isn't a shot that can be given like a vaccine to prevent ignorance!

So sorry thst happened to you.

Yvonne said...

I can't even imagine anyone thinking you're ugly, but that's beside the point. What a mean thing to do to anyone. I guess all we can do is try to raise our children and help them to understand who they are--and try to teach them to learn to value and care about others.

utmommy said...

I don't even want to know what they would think of me then.

You are SO the opposite of ugly. (Say that like Chandler!)

I would've been bugged too. Sorry that some dumb boys ruined your night.

AzĂșcar said...

Ok, so, I ran into you that one time at Target. You weren't expecting to see anyone, you were just with your family.

I thought you were adorable--you have the prettiest eyes!

You should take my opinion more seriously since I actually have taste and class.

Mel said...

Okay that last picture is just wrong! If there is one thing I can't stand it is mean children. It is something that I do not put up with in my house or in my classroom at school. I'm sorry you had that flashback and just for the record you are not ugly!

Suzanne said...

Oh Tori, that is horrible!

There is no excuse for boys to be that mean, for any reason. I'll bet that they say that to everyone just to look cool in front of each other. Being a dumb kid once, I said many hurtful things that I didn't mean. I just had a big mouth. (Although I don't ever recall telling someone they were ugly.)

I wonder if their mothers know how disrespectully they speak about others? I wonder if as mother, after I've done all I can, my boys could ever be so cruel? I hope not...

Tori, you are hot! Baseball cap or not! I feel like a frumpy dumpy next to you! :D I am dreading when my boys get older and I am faced with being around 12 year old boys. *shivers*

I don't think deep down those boys meant what they said. Still...I'm sure it hurts! :( ***hugs***

tara said...

okay... why didn't you tell me this LN? That is so totally rude, and you are SO not ugly! If I knew who they were, and who their mothers were, I'd tell them "your sons could use a little lesson in R-E-S-P-E-C-T" I would have felt really bad too. Besides, you know Sei thinks your HAWT! so who cares what those dorks think! I totally sympathize though.

Anonymous said...

Let's hunt them down for being stupid and cruel.

Dana said...

I would have had to run over at least one of them. I can't believe they said those things especially since you were wearing a longhorns cap. Everyone that is anyone knows that anyone wearing a Longhorns cap is hawt be default. So sorry you had to endure that. They most definately deserve a TAD award.

Robin said...

Don't worry, you're far from ugly. Must've been the hat.
Anyway my vanity and ego would've been hurt even though it was 12 year old boys. I'm dumb like that.

SoDak Angel said...

Let's see....middle school boys....telling some girl they are ugly....sounds to me like they had a sooooo know they wouldn't have had the guts to say it, if they actually thought you were ugly. Which you are not, and you know it!

Mel said...

I can't believe the nerve of some kids these days. I hope that my boys are never that stupid.

Your Deja Vu incident proves how hurtful those negative words are even years down the road. Even when its not true. After all, we all know that you are a hottie:)

No Cool Story said...

I'm with Mr. Crybaby Jones, let't hunt those little bast...brats. Karate Kitty wants a couple of minutes alone with them.

You are a hottie Tori. Those little punks just wanted to get a reaction out of you. Jerks.

JennieBoo said...

I would be putting the "smack down" on one little turd!


swampbaby said...

Ok, first off. You know you are not ugly. So please. Very few people are truly ugly. The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head is that guy on Ghost that says, "You think I jumped?!?!" So end of discussion on that.

Secondly, these jerks were probably related to Green and were trying to get a rise out of you. Maybe they'll be there next week and you can run over them then. Or atleast yank them in by their ear and give them a piece of your mind.

Kayelyn said...

What say we go to the same place, same time, next week. I'll show them U-G-L-Y! You bring your long board and show 'em just how big a turds they are. (I am purposely writing grammatical errors).

Seriously though, adolescent boys who call girls ugly, dumb, gross, are rude, or tease.; really mean that they like you. Twisted I know. I even checked with the kids and my AJ says you are so NOT ugly- kick their butts, he says.

I wish I was as ugly as you, ya little hottie.

Special K ~Toni said...

Eww... that last pic freaked me out! Bad Tori:)!

Anonymous said...

maybe he was talking about the hat. I was just blog skimming and came across your blog. Have u read eclipse yet? I can't believe Bella becomes a vampire and falls in love with Jacob. Whaat did you think when Edwin kills Jacob? Pretty cool huh. Enjoy the read.

Carrot Jello said...

That stinks. Teenage boys stink real bad. Yeah, you shoulda said that. "You might think I'm ugly, but you stink! HA!" That's how good I am with comebacks. I've seen pictures of you. YOu are far from ugly.

Tori :) said...

Bee- Hey! Welcome! Nice whiney post... sorry.

Yvonne- I'm just so happy to KNOW my boys wouldn't do something like that. I think...

UtMommy- YAY for talking like Chandler.

Azucar- I'm pretty sure I looked ghetto at Target, so thank you. :)

Mel- That last pic is a real pic of me!! ;)

Suzanne- You are definitely not frumpy!! You're beautiful!

tara- I think our conversation last nite was more important than 12 yr old buttheads:)

Mrs. Crybaby- YES!! Let's. They've gotta live around here somewhere...

dana- I know! The hat is why I was positive they weren't talking about me- until I realized they were. Stupid kids.

Robin- YOu and I are too much alike, I think...

NCS- We'll get the posse together, and the, a kick some jerky butts!

jennieboo- You can be my bodu guard.

sister- The Ghost reference made me lol!!

Kayelyn- Well if Aj says I'm not ugly, I guess that's good enough for me. What about Stephen?;)

Toni- HAHA!!

Anonymous- You are SOOOOO sleeping on the couch tonite Sei. And it's EdWARD not EdWIN, you dork.

carrotjello- That's about the same comeback I thought of.

Y'all are all so sweet! Thanks!

annie said...

UGH! Little twerps need to be smacked... You are so not ugly, quite the opposite! You are very prettiful!

heidi lou said...

oooh that makes me SO MAD.
too bad you're so cute.
now, i know you think, oh heidi's just being the incredibly sweet, adorable, loving girl that she is..
but no. when i first saw your family picture, i thought,
she's such a cute mom!
those boys need to get over their ugly selves.

Tori :) said...

Annie- WHOA! I've never heard such harsh words come out of you! Woo hoo! Welcome to the dark side. ;)

Heidi- Awwww... Thanks Heidi.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm aghast, tori. Do you hear me? AGHAST!

I'm also laughing that you linked me as though I would have been any help. Know what would have happened if I was there? They would have said to you "You're ugly" and to me "You're FAT." Yes, it's true. And then I would have had to challenge them to an Armpit Fart Showdown where I would have wowed and amazed them with my deft armpit-farty skills, and sent them running for home, crying that they were beat by a fat mother of 6 kids.

No Cool Story said...

HA Sei! Tori's got your number :D
Was that a spoiler he wrote? I stoped reading as soon as I figured out what he was talking about.

I thought of one more thing: Let's fling our huge 80's glasses at those little jerks. They'll damage them beyond recognition.

Tori :) said...

EWBL- That would have showed em!!

NCS- I haven't read Eclipse yet and neither has Sei. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtian!" He's a dork.
Those glasses are like ninja nunchucks for sure.

aubrey said...

holy moses. what little brats! you're a hot mama. but i would've have had an ego dent there too. even if they're not worth it.
so..i'm totally addicted to wii. my older bro brought it to the family reunion and that is ALL we've been doing. must buy wii. must play tennis all. night. long.

Kayelyn said...

Well Steve wasn't home to ask last night. So he's sitting next to me while we look at you pulling a face in the post that follows this one (time warp). He thinks you are a hottie and he loves your funny face. He said you can't be ugly.

There you have it. The admiration and approval of two young men (that I hope Sei won't kill for their comments).

I raised good boys, huh?

Lauren said...

I honestly have NO IDEA how ANYONE could EVER think you were nothing but gorgeous!! They are retarded! I am sorry they were such jerks. I would have hit them for you.

Umm, I love the Goonies.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Sorry I am late... I would have been bugged too... and I would have said something or hit them too! I was laughing when you said "who's ugly now" when you were daydreaming about hitting one of them... ARG! I hate disrespectful children... and you just never know if it has ANYTHING to do with the parents... I am sure they would have been embarrassed.

This is comment #30... dang you MUST be hawt!

Inga said...

NO Way!! In all of your pictures you look so CUTE!! I am so sorry you felt so badly. Rotten kids.:-P

Tori :) said...

aubrey- You need a dance dance mat!!

kayelyn- LOL! I was kidding about asking Stephen. But thank him anyway. He and AJ can come beat those kids up.

lauren- You're my body guard!! YAY!

gina- I know I'm horrible. But they need a beating!!

inga- ROTTEN! What a perfect word.

attack of The Mouse said...

holy cow your cool. You have 32 comments. I too have to comment.

What a story. I can't beleive you didn't say something back to them. I'm glad you shared this story. Now when it happens to me I'll be prepared because I'm a ton uglier that you are. I am guessing that these teens were not hot in any form of the word. Preteens are dorks, why do do they do crap like that? Besides your beutiful and they'd be lucky if they ever get a girl as hot as you in the future.

hermanaclark said...

Here's a couple for ya.

"Ugly is as ugly does."

"Yo Mama!"

David said...

Middle school kids in your town are the pits! (Or any other town where tongues aren't cut out with scimitars for disrespect). When they filled out my evaluations at the end of my student teaching all they could come up with for suggestions was, "Buy some more shirts. You always wear the same ones." 13 year olds are retards! And I think it is safe to say you aren't ugly-so they were just stupid.

Lisa said...

Stupid kids-Just think how stupid they were when you were 12. They are still stupid.

Creepy picture!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say you are so not ugly!!! Tara would show us your picture and I always thought you were so pretty. Those punk kids just need a good beating and so do their parents!! Tara's friend and yours now Heidi