Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

1. I suck at things I used to be really good at.
Sei and I went to the batting cages on Friday nite for a hawt date. 1st we tried the baseball medium speed pitch. I think I hit 4 out of 50. In my defense the pitches were really low. (Although that didn't seem to affect Sei any...) Then we went to the slow pitch softball. I thought I'd kick butt. I mean, I played fast pitch softball until I was 15! We went to regionals! I was the best 1st baseman! I even hit a grand slam once... 16 years ago. Yeah- 8 out of 50. And to top it all off- I'm sore. My back and left butt cheek are really sore. Depressing.

2. Kids in primary (kids organization at church) will notice a little tattoo.
I'm the 1st counselor in the primary presidency and it never fails, every Sunday some kid will notice my stupid daisy tattoo on my ankle and **gasp** in disbelief. I can see them picturing me burning in hell. One Sunday an obnoxious little girl (she was obnoxious before this incident) actually laid down on the floor and pointed at my tattoo with her mouth wide open. I just looked at her and said, "Get back in your chair." Yes- it's true, I'm the perfect example of a stupid teenager gone good.

3. Sei likes to hang out with people other than me.
I mean, he still likes to hang out (and make out;) with me, but he needs a "guys nite" too. So, Saturday nite he went to a guys house that he works with and they watched Ultimate Fighting. Woo hoo. I don't know how I feel about the other guys that were there being single, but whatever. The other married guys that were invited didn't show up. Yesssss- I just scored more points for the Coolest Wife.

4. It is possible to kiss your husband even with the dorkiest songs stuck in your head.
Sei and I were, uh, kissing... and I could not get this song out of my head. (Pause the music on the sidebar...)

I'm totally serious. I've been singing it all weekend.

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Stepherz said...

Oh, now that's just great, Tori. Now I have that song in my head.

Just kidding! :-) I have that song in my head more than I'd like to admit. I loved Voltron and the Transformers when I was a kid. I think the same creators of the Transformers movie should do a Voltron movie now.

Inga said...

I love the one about the tattoo. It is all to true. LOL!!

Kayelyn said...

So when you are, uh, kissing Sei and Transformers is stuck in your head. . . . Oh, never mind. I don't really want to know.

Way to go scoring cool wife points. Can only top that by cool mom points.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Tori & Sei, uh, kissing!


Heffalump said...

If it makes you feel better you probably did better at the batting cage than I would have. When I was in fast pitch my nickname was Target because I was always getting hit by the pitches.
You should get some temporary tatoos and do a different one on your other ankle every week. (My copy of New Moon came with some temporary tattoos with a rose, and with the names of the three main characters.) You could play with their minds!
Cool wife points are always good.
Wow...kissing and the transformers theme are a true multi tasker.

CHEL said...

I have a daisy tattoo on my ankle, except mine is pretty big... and none of the primary kids say anything to me... Just give them the evil eye every time they are about to open their mouth... it works every time.

No Cool Story said...

I'm so glad we are in agreement: You take Jake, I take Edward. You are the best twin ever.

I still haven't seen Transformers. UGH!! I need to watch it so then I can OOHH and AAAH along with you.
Sorry about the tatoo and all, hey it could be worse, it could be a naked guy, a clown or something.

Nancy Face said...

I'm the Primary music lady, so I get to witness pretty much everything that goes on with the kids. One of the counselors in our presidency has a tatoo on her toe, in the shape of a toe ring. (Clever and cute!) A few months ago, an 11 year-old boy approached her and asked, "Why do you have that tatoo?" She kindly told him that she got it a long time ago when she wasn't really going to church regularly. He persisted, "I bet you feel really bad that you still have it, right?" I was so embarrassed, because guess what? THAT BOY IS MY SON!!! (In his defense, he wasn't trying to be mean or rude...he really didn't get it, and he just needed to learn some TACT!) Yikes! :O

Yvonne said...

Interesting choice of songs when you're kissing your husband--there must be a story there.

Kids will notice everything, and I have been the mother of the ones that seem to blurt out everything they notice!!

Nobody said...

So what, was your right butt cheek just hanging around doing nothing? Why isn't IT sore?

LOL at NCS "naked guy" tatoo. That would be a primary I'd send my kids to.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Cute post! You crack me up!

Sorry your hawt date made you feel old. That was a cool idea for a date though... Ian would be laughing at me.

Dana said...

There is no way that I would step foot in a batting cage again but that does sound like a hawt date!

Amanda said...

First off I have to tell NCS that she already missed ME claiming Edward as my own. ;)

Batting cages, uh I would suck big time!
Transformers while kissing, your husband must be quite talented in the uh kissing department....more than meets the eye.
Our primary music leader has a tatto. I know it bothers her more than it bothers anyone else. She uses a similar line to what Nancy said.
My husband has a 4-wheeler and likes to go riding with his brother and friends. Sometimes it is hard to let him go, but he needs his guy time too. I get lots of cool wife points too. :)

Mel said...

I love going to the batting cages but I too always come away really sore.

Leave it to a kid to say what he's thinking. I'm sure the obnoxious girls mother would be mortified if she knew how her child reacted.

Anonymous said...

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Tori :) said...

Stepherz- Isn't it funny how all the things we were way into as kids are the same things OUR kids are into now??

Inga- I don't know what to do!!

Kayelyn- I score cool mom points all the time. ;)

Millie-Heck yeah!!

heffalump- "Target"- that's funny!

Chel- I think the kids are scared of me already!

NCS- Did you see my naked guy tattoo?? How did you know?

Nancy- I think we have like 15 of your sons in my primary. Too funny!

Yvonne- The story is that my son has been watching Transformers cartoons on youtube all weekend!

nobody- I was wondering the same thing about my right butt cheek, but decided to just be thankful I had one good cheek.

Gina- It really is a lot of fun- and cheap.

Dana- You should try it. Then post about it a make me feel better...

Amanda- I'll stay out of your way while you fight for your man. (Or wampire, whatever.) We are the coolest wives ever.

Mel- Obnoxious girls mother would probably be lying on the floor pointing at it herself if I was in RS. She's obnoxious too.

tashasc30- I emailed you!

Terry said...

My friend has a tattoo on his ankle. He tells his young children that its a birthmark. It won't be long before they stopping buying that one.

Lauren said...

I just read my mom's comment...yes my brother Zach is so weird. Like for real. I bet your tattoo is cute!!

Ultimate Fighting is crazy. I sued to watch it...I was kinda forced.

Debs said...

Cute post. Instead of hearing fireworks you hear transformers. Interesting.


swampbaby said...

JC has "manrichment" (get it? instead of Enrichment)like every weekend almost. Him and his boyfriends, as I call them, come over and play Xbox into the wee hours of the morning or watch pay-per-view boxing or Ultimate Fighting or something of the sort.

PS I probably couldn't hit a ball anymore if it ran into my bat....

Carrot Jello said...

WAIT! You know that song too??

annie said...

Matt got that UFC ppv Sat. night too. I was busy writing and addressing some good mail. Much more fun!
My friend had a little fish tatooed on her ankle and amanda used to always draw a fish on her ankle. She begs daily for a tatoo now. She wants the hebrew symbol for faith on her foot... she's not 18 yet. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It is so permanent, what do you think now?

wendy said...

making out! hott!

Tattoos are all over the place here. little old ladies have tattoos. Big guys have tattoos. Not such a big deal to see them, and it can lead to interesting discussions like "must have seemed cool 30 years ago..."

My husband has man time spearfishing early wednesday mornings. Good thing he knows how to cook fish, cuz' I don't.

Special K ~Toni said...

At least it isn't the Dora or Blue's Clues theme- Transformers is MANLY!

Heffalump said...

Ooooh...Blister in the Sun...brings back high school memories.

Lisa said...

"Transformers, Robots in disguise." I've been singing that, too! We just saw it, and now everything we say ends with that phrase! Funny!

Suzanne said...

LOL! I think you've seen Transformers one too many times, Tori! Did you think Sei would suddenly turn into a Decepticon??? ;)

Seriously though, I always get music stuck in my head at the most awkward/amusing times like when I'm trying to read my scriptures! It's so frustrating!

Oh and I would probably have bat 0 so I still think you rock! :D

David said...

I think Terry outed our friend's tattoo in a Sacrament meeting talk. You don't want us in your ward-ever if you want to keep your tattoo a secret! But, I think he might have outed us on having Coke in our fridge in a talk!

When I taught Primary with Terry back in your state I got regular death threats from one of the girls in our class. She so had a crush on me!

utmommy said...

Hello? Why didn't you call me to come over and play DDR? I score cool wife points too! Yeah us, we rock!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Little kids point out my gross elbow with all the scars on it. Maybe I should have a Smiling Infidel smiley face tattoo inked to cover it?

You met me. You know that I break out in song at the most awkward and inopportune of times. It's fine for music geeks because they know what I'm singing. Everybody else just looks at me askance.