Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An actual...

An actual conversation that took place in my house:
Alec: (asking about their fantasy football team) What players do we got?
Tristan: You mean, what player *do* we got.

An actual voicemail on my cell phone:
Isabel: "Mom? Um, Liv, on Signing Time she saw 'cold', and she did it but she keeps making her face really red. And we don't know what we should do to make her stop. Love you. Very much. Bye."

An actual game of Hide & Seek with Taj:
Taj: "I'll count and you hide."
I hide under some couch cushions.
Taj: "Ready or not here I come!"
Taj finds me. "You're it."
I count and start to look for Taj... who is hiding in the exact same spot I hid in.
I find and tickle him.
Taj counts and I hide behind the hamper.
Taj starts looking for me. When he sees that I am not under the couch cushions he immediately starts yelling in the most stressed out voice ever: "Mom!!! Where are you!?!? Mommmm!?!?!?"
I start laughing and Tajy finds me.
I count and Taj hides... you guessed it... behind the hamper.
I find and dump him in the hamper.
He counts. I hide behind the bathroom door.
Taj looks behind the hamper.
"Mom!?!?? Mom??? Where are you?? I can't find you! Mommmmmmmmmmmm!?!?!?!?!"

An actual picture of my eye:(Just because I felt like it.)

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omar said...

That voice message is hilarious! I almost want to have another kid, just so I can get funny voice messages.

(OK, maybe not just for that reason. Also so that the burden of taking care of me when I get old is spread out a bit.)

swampbaby said...

LOL on all of them.

Amanda said...

Your family is just so entertaining. Your recount of hide and seek brings back memories of playing with the twins. It took them awhile to grasp the concept of actually hiding so I had to look for them. :)

You have beautiful blue eyes. I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

txmommy said...

you guys are nuts!

Yvonne said...

Playing hide and seek with kids is always hysterical.

Jean Knee said...

fun times!
I remember playing hide and seek with Lean. well once I hid behind a tree, so of course when it was her turn she hid in front of the tree and waved. I had to "search"
the entire yard to find her

did you ;get your package in the mail yet? what?? you didn't. for real?
cause I still haven't mailed it yet.


you do have beautiful eye

Lauren said...

The first one was my favorite!!! Hahaha! I talk that way, just cuz I gots to looks cool! You are sooo funny!

Dana said...

That is about the bluest eye that I have ever seen.

No Cool Story said...

You should stop hiding in the different places, of course :)
The voice message is hilarious, HAHAHA! Kids.
You are eyes are so blue. or at least the one eye.

Tori :) said...

Omar- That's why we have so many kids. They can each just take one day a week...

sister- Did you really or are you just saying that? :)

Amanda- Yeah, H & S is always interesting. Liv likes to try to play now too.

TxMommy- You can't say "Tx" Mommy and then say "You Guys." Who's nuts now?? ;)

Yvonne- It's always a lot of fun!

Jean Knee- You're the apple of my 1 eye. :)No- I haven't got your package. Have you got mine? Oh wait, it's sitting right here...

Lauren- It was freakin' funny because Tristan *thought* he was correcting Alec. Nerd.

Dana- You should see my other eye!

NCS- It is just that one eye. The other isn't quite as blue.:P

Nettie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your eye. You are so funny!

I love that you are playing hide and seek with Taj, too. How do you find time to play with your kids and blog so much?

PS Thank you for the Utah blogfest shirt. That was so sweet of you to think of me!

carronin said...

Dana took my comment.

Tori :) said...

Nettie- I usually try to write my post at nite after the kids are in bed. That way I can play all I want during the day without taking out too much time for blogging.
You're very welcome!!

Dana- I'm sorry! ;)

Kayelyn said...

There you go again. Proving that you are the coolest mom ever. I never thought of hiding under the couch cushion. Fun idea.

s--max said...

Y'all make me laugh.

Mel said...

Loved it!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I play Ring Around The Rosie with our kitchen counter bar thingie......with the dog. I'm not even mature enough to orchestrate a game of solitary Hide-n-Seek like Taj.

Nancy Face said...

Y'all gots to be the most funnest family aound! My daddy was born and raised in texas, and I've lived there a couple times, so I gets to say y'all! ;)

It was so much fun reading about Hide 'n' Seek...I could just picture it! :D

Awesome eyeball.

PJ said...

That made me laugh, like, out loud.

Can you see us?

Special K ~Toni said...

Nice eyeball.