Monday, September 24, 2007

How could I forget??

This post goes along with my last post... I totally forgot another famous person I met. Sinbad- the comedian, actor and my homey... (Ok, I'm exagerrating a little on that last one....) I don't know how I forgot Sinbad!! I love him in Houseguest and him stand up act is clean and funny! He actually rented my best friend's house while he was filming Unnecessary Roughness. It was filmed at the University of North Texas in my hometown! My friend's mom was a real estate agent and he called her to see if she could find a house for him to rent. She jokingly said "You can rent my house!!" and he said "That'd be great!" So, he lived 2 streets away from me for a few months. I met him when I went with Peyton (my friend) to her house to get something out of her bedroom she had forgotten. When we knocked on the door we weren't expecting HIM to answer, but he did. He said "Well hey there!! Come on in!!" We were both totally dorky and Peyton's mom had threatened told us not to bother him if he was there. So, we just said "Hi" and went to her bedroom! My next door neighbor- where Peyton and her mom and sister were living while Sinbad rented their house- had a party for him after the movie wrapped. Yeah... I was away... in the wilderness during that time. :( Oh another funny thing- my little sister called him (Peyton's number still worked at her house) and left a voicemail. She said something like "Um, Sinbad, I just wanted to tell you I think you're a great actor. And I love your movies. Call me back if you want to. This is Nicole. 555-4102." Well, the next day the phone rings, I answer.
"Is Nicole there?"
"No she's not. Can I take a message?"
"Sure. Could you tell her Sinbad called?"
"Sure." and I hung up.
*Then* it all clicked. It was totally Dumb and Dumber. "Do you *realize* what you've done?!?!?" Doh!
(I'm posting a you tube video... I haven't been able to see them on any blogs today, but if you can see it just watch the first 1:30 if you didn't know what I was talking about with the D & D quote.)

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Amanda said...

I once worked in a pharmacy in which several General Authorities would get their prescriptions filled. I've met Neal A. Maxwell and M. Russell Ballard. Oh and The Huntsman's (John Huntsman himself) used to come there too. She was always so nice and friendly and down to earth. Not what you would expect of a millionaire's wife. I've also met former Utah govenor Norm Bangerter at the Utah State Capitol when my dad was sworn in as an appellate court judge. Oh, and I met Thomas S. Monson once too. That is all I can think of.

Amanda said...

Oh, and I was FIRST!!!!

I also neglected to mention the cool blogging friends I had the privilege of meeting in July! :D

Special K ~Toni said...

thanks for mentioning Sinbad- now I feel even more like a loser!

Dana said...

Oh, and I forgot Emilio Estevez. He came into the car dealership where I worked to see about filming a movie there. He is REALLY short in real life.

carronin said...

I would have done the same thing. I probably would have said Sinbad who?

Nancy Face said...

I love Sinbad in "First Kid."

And of course, I love "Dumb and Dumber" hahaha!

JennieBoo said...

I always liked him, too.

Thing is that would never happen to me because I live in Alabama and not many movies are made here.

It's awesome you met and then took a message from him.


p.s. I've had dozens of D&D moments, so don't feel bad!

Suzanne said...

How funny that you didn't realize that Sinbad was "Sinbad" until after the conversation, but it's not like you were prepared to have someone famous call! LOL!

You've met so many famous people! Umm...I don't think I've met anyone famous. Unless you consider a few apostles famous!

I had so much fun getting together with you on Friday!

Thanks for nominating me for the "Smile" award! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Yvonne said...

Did your little sister pound you??? I loved Houseguest--and thought he was funny on A Different World. (D&D video came through fine--that was funny)

No Cool Story said...

How could you forget Sinbad? And you even talked to him!. Now you are waaay cooler that I ever thought you possible.

"Unnecessary Roughness" was the first movie I watched when I moved to the US with my kids :)

tara said...

love it! all the po-u-oo-ler people I've met are like 'church celebs' que passo?

AzĂșcar said...

I wish you'd said "Sinbad Who?"

I love his standup, very funny.

aubrey said...

that's hilarious. that's all i have to say. i always get distracted on your blog and start thinking about jacob. sigh.

Lisa M. said...

Ah, that is so neat!


And thank you for the good mail!~

You're great!

Anonymous said...

Have great Monday!

Anonymous said...

hi tori:
i like sinbad, too. really enjoyed him especially in "first kid" and i like how his stand up is not raunchy. so funny how you answered the phone and didn't realize it was him. i noticed you threw out that 4102 # again :)

funny girl, kathleen

Stepherz said...

Awesome! Sinbad was super cool in his day.

I met one of the Bond guys. He was super rude though and I can't even remember his name. He wasn't as good looking as I thought the movies made him. Maybe that's cause he wasn't very nice. :-)

Lauren said...

"Do you realize what you've DONE!?" haahah!

Sinbad has a seriously awesome name. I wish my name was like..."Laurenbad" that would be so sweet. Will you start calling me that? haha jk

wendy said...

I got nothin'. I still haven't even seen Sawyer, who everyone else in Hawaii has seen.

Once, though, when my little sister was about 3 years old, we were eating in a McDonalds in Nevada on our way home to CA from UT. There was a black man eating a few tables away and my sister started pointing and yelled "is Him Michael Jackson!"

uh, no. sorry....

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I've never met Sinbad.....but I often do sin-- and sin bad.

While I was nursing in the middle of the night they would run 'A Different World' marathons all the time. Sinbad and Jasmine Guy and Dwayne Wayne are like my peeps now.

PJ said...

I am MOST impressed by You meeting Sinbad!

Jean Knee said...

I never see anyone famous. I've gotta get out more, or like, some anyway