Friday, September 28, 2007

Random is as random does. (Or whatever)

1. Tasha sent me some sa-weet good mail! A 2 year planner and a recipe. Yum! Thank you Tasha! She's also celebrating her 100th post, so go give her a visit. :)

2. I eat gum like candy. Well, not all gum. Just the fruity tasting kind. Like the gum Lauren sent me- ate the 5 pack in like 10 minutes. I'm a weirdo. So?? And it is so NOT true about gum staying in your stomach for 7 years. That is an urban legend. Otherwise I'd be totally clogged up.

3. I took Tristan, Alec, Isabel and Taj to the dentist yesterday. Last time I took Taj he dressed as a fireman and talked about how brave firemen are & how he was going to be brave. Then he screamed and wouldn't sit in the dentist chair- at all. This time he didn't dress in costume and he sat there not only for the cleaning, flossing and fluoride treatment, but for 4 x-rays as well!! I was so proud and so bugged that I forgot the camera!! He was extra stoked about his new Power Ranger toothbrush.

4. Isabel filmed a TV commercial yesterday for her gymnastics!! She got out of school early and everything. It will be shown during the BYU football game this weekend- I think. But we don't have cable, we have the Dish. The games only come on a cable channel. So... we're hoping to find someone to tape it for us. If you see it, she's the cutie in braids and a blue and white 3/4 sleeve leotard. And the most beautiful, naturally... duh.

5. I, like my twin, collect magnets. I love magnets. I try to buy one when I'm on vacation, but a lot of times I don't remember until after I'm back home. :(

6. I've been on a chocolate covered raisin kick for about a month. This is obvious by the increase in the size of my butt. (Hush Elastic! They are yummy!!)

7. There's only 2 spaces left on my good mail list. I said I was closing it at 25 and there are 23 women (awesome women, I might add) on the list right now! Email me asap if you'd like to join!!

8. If y'all think I'm obsessed with Jacob, you should talk to my little sister. She texts be like 50 times a day arguing about how Jacob is her's. I argue back to humor her. I mean, why would Jacob want a cute 13 yr old when he could have an old lady who lived in a shoe?

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Lauren said...

Tori, Jacob is SO yours....there is NO denying that. Just like how Edward is so mine...I think it only is fair. I am the youngest around here, I should get me the man candy...dontcha think?

I am going to have to remember that you colect magnets! What a fun collection! I especially love the Indiana Jones's awesome!

I am so proud of Taj for being so brave at the Dentist! The dentist is scaaaary!

I wish I had cable...I want to see the famous and most beautiful Isabel...sadness.

Special K ~Toni said...

Wow! Love that good mail! I need to get some sent out myself! I have been LAZY lately!

Anonymous said...

I like magnets too.

tell taj that great him been good at the dentist!!!!

have a great day! and your welcome good mail!

Yvonne said...

I love chocolate covered raisins, too, (and right now I'm missing them) I hope you get to see Isabel in her TV debut. I love the Lucy magnet--that is fun. Would you like a magnet from China to add to your collection? The dentist is my least favorite place to go--good for Taj for being so brave!!!

Dana said...

I can't believe that your sister thinks Jacob is hers! Who's blog did he comment on? Huh? Huh? He is definitely yours!

Amanda said...

Sorry, Lauren but I claimed Edward as my own weeks ago. :) I am willing to share though, as long as you realize that he was mine first! ;)

Sorry to interupt your blog Tori....I love your random. I am the same way with gum. I especially like the fruity flavors too. Mmmmmm....Magnets are fun. I'll have to remember that too. I was told by elastic that I am part of some secrety magnet society, looks like you are too. ;) Yay for a good dentist visit and yay for Isabel becoming a TV star and yay for good mail! I'll take my chocolate plain, without the raisins thanks.

Suzanne said...

And remember that Amanda is already sharing with me too! ;)

Tori, you are certainly not an old lady! I think Jacob would think you're a cool long boarding, basketball shooting lady! :D

Oh, and I'll take chocolate covered anything. You've seen by butt so no explanation is necessary.

Nancy Face said...

So you SWALLOWED all that gum? YUM!

Taj sure was brave at the dentist...a lot braver than I'll ever be! :0

YAY, Isabel is famous! :D

I can't help but picture Raisinets as bugs that were cruelly suffocated as they were being plunged into melted chocolate.

Your little sister doesn't have a chance with Jacob, nor does anyone else! ;)

annie said...

I am the same way about gum, loved the watermelon bubble yum from lauren too... my favorite. Used to be strawberry bubble yum but they discontinued it, can you believe that??? I actually asked our grocer to order a case and was bummed when I found out!

omar said...

I've got a refrigerator magnet I'm looking to get rid of...

And I *still* don't know who this Jacob fellow is.

No Cool Story said...

I see Indy on your fridge!

Old ladies who live in shoes are Hawt. Everyone knows 13 year olds can't cook and that boy needs some nurishment.

Ladies, sorry Edward is all mine. he likes brunettes. SO there.

wendy said...

I finished Twilight last night and I am dashing to the book store for books 2 and 3 tonight. Fun fall-break reading!

raisins. ew. blech.

utmommy said...

I don't see your butt expanding anywhere.

And, girls Edward is TOTALLY mine!

aubrey said...

oh wierd. i thought i commented. but here i am saying hola! i don't even know where my gum went, i think ava snagged it and hid it in her bedroom.

txmommy said...

love the shoe!
Jacob is really nice, like a brother
... go Edward, go Edward

Kayelyn said...

I love your song of the day. I just can't wear mine at night anymore or I can't see. :(

Love all your magnets.

Jean Knee said...

humoring her, huh. if that's what you want us to think, well

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I saw the apple pie magnet!!!! But I didn't see the crab. :( Are you ashamed of having crabs?

Giving out chocolate covered raisins at Halloween will get your house toilet papered and a sack of crap left on your door. Just sayin.

Tori :) said...

Lauren- I got the Indy one at Disneyworld. :) Thanks for having my back about Jacob.

Toni- You're fine Toni!!
Don't worry about GM.

tasha- Thanks! Have a super weekend.

Yvonne- I would absolutely LOVE a chinese magnet. :)

Dana- Thanks for the support!

Amanda- I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo eating gum.

Suzanne- I would say "Your butt is cute!" but that would sound weird.

Nancy- You just ruined raisinettes for me... ;)

annie- Strawberry...yum. How could they stop making strawberry??

omar- LOL! I'm sure my husband would *love* that magnet as much as you do.

NCS- Way to fight for him!!

wendy- Hurry! Hurry! So you can join the chat on Monday!!

Tori :) said...

UtMommy- There's gonna be rumble for Edward. People are smart and stay away from my Jacob.

Aubrey- Hey girl!! Hola! Hello! Salutations!

TxMommy- You're just one less person I have to worry about... ;)

Kayelyn- I can't see at nite when I drive- even after Lasik!!

jean knee- Ok, so I'm seriously competitive and willing to kick my little sister's butt. There. I said it outloud.

Elastic- Your crab magnet was holding up Tristan's homework on the door! Sorry.


aubrey said...

tori, did your good mail list get filled?

PJ said...

Chocolate covered raisins are so stinkin' good

Congrats Taj, such brave boy:)

Anonymous said...

hi tori:)
funny post girl.
so cute how you said your daughter is the most beautiful one duh. that made me snicker.

i like to collect magnets, too. what else is a fridge for?

wow, i am glad i got into your good mail list this week then when i did. i had no idea you were closing it. i was curious. i am sending you a magnet in your card. owww, you will like this magnet ... it is wild like.

happy weekend, kathleen :)

Special K ~Toni said...

Magnets??? I have noticed I have a GM collection going on! The one you sent was the first- now I will be on the look out!

Tricia said...

I just can not get enough of your blog. Oh and Thank you so much for the Good mail. I loved it. You rock.