Monday, September 17, 2007

A resolution

Growing up I played sports and I was very competitive. I still am competitive. Don't even *think* about beating my high score on the Super Hoops game at the arcade!! I've been known to stalk the game and if you beat my high score, I'll be right there behind you to reclaim my throne. But I'm not competitive with myself. I've started running again after accidently taking the summer off. I don't enjoy running. I wish I did because that would be nice to enjoy my workout. I just haven't found that groove or whatever. I always stop to walk and that's something I never would have done when I was younger. It's not because I need to walk. I could go on for a few miles. I just don't want to. And it depends on where I'm running. There's a track that's 1/2 a mile each lap. So, I'll basically run 1/2 a mile, then I walk for like 50 feet and run another lap. Then walk for 50 ft. and run another lap, etc... I don't know what the point of the 50 ft. is. I really don't. Then the other day I ran on a regulation track, so each lap was only 1/4 mile. And I still walked for about 50 ft. after each lap. So I actually walk more if I run on a smaller track. Then there's a track that's 1.15 miles for one lap. I decided I'd run there on Friday. I ran around it twice and I only walked once for 50 ft.- after the 1st lap. Is that not weird?? What is with me???
I really, really want to like running. I want to be one of those people that go out running and lose themselves in it. I want to have a screen name of "Tori:)loves2run" or something. But unfortunately the entire time I'm running I'm thinking, "Where will I stop next?" "Dang, I can actually feel my butt jiggling..." and "I wonder if I look funny?!" And, OMGosh- I am S.L.O.W. I don't wanna be slow!! I wanna look good as I run- but I don't. When I run "people say 'You look like McHammer on crack' Tori:)!'" (What song is that?????) I look like I'm speed walking- with a limp. It's bad.

So, I'm making a, uh, 3/4 year resolution: I am going to change my attitude when I run. I'm going to stop thinking about how far I *have* to run or how I look and whatever else. I'm just gonna run to run. I'm gonna sing along to my mp3 player. I'm going to have fun. Maybe I should try running like Phoebe... Can y'all see it?? (1:38)

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Mel said...

I could have written this post!

I just can't get into the running groove... I think it would help if I had a running partner. Too bad you live to far away. I think you and I would be good for each other.

The MP3 player really helps me but I still find myself saying, "I'll run until the song is over", etc.

Kayelyn-therapist said...

I think it is just something that some people like. When I was 18 I ran every day and then walked with my mom in the evening.

I liked running. I don't know why, but I really did. Then the RA set in and it was all over. It began hurting me.

I do like to ride my bike. Have you tried that?

Why run if you don't like it? Why not find something else to do?

Just a thought.

Kayelyn-therapist said...

Weird name. I know. I just realized that I am signed in under my work stuff.

No Cool Story said...

That's exactly what I think about! I think about Phoebe running. Then I think that I breath funny when I'm running and that people must know I'm not a runner 'cause I breath funny.

"Time is running out" is actually on my running playlist.
I won't compete with you on anything Tori, everyone knows you are the best twin :)

heidi lou said...

haha that's one of my favorite Friend's episodes! I need to start running again. Too bad you don't live here, we could run together and laugh at, sorry with, each other. :)

No Cool Story said...

Ok, when I say "running" I really mean jogging.
And by jogging I mean the 4:15 minutes I can jog, so far. and by so far, I mean it's way better than the :45 seconds I could jog at the beggining.

See? I told you, you are the best.

Nobody said...

This post is hilarious.
I think you have to be quite spry to run like Phoebe. The description of speed walking with a limp made me laugh out loud.
If anyone looks at you funny you can just say, "I'm training for a speed walking marathon with my new pegleg." Then they'll think you are totally awesome. Not MC Hammer on crack. And white.

Good luck on your resolution. If it helps, my run is slower than my walk. I just lift my legs higher. Or something.

Nancy Face said...

I gave you the You Make Me Smile Award...come check it out when you get a chance! :)

Tori :) said...

Mel- YOu have know idea how much better your comment made me feel. I thought you were like Miss Runner loving every minute of it.

Kayelyn- Therapist:) I run because it burns calories and I like how my legs start to look. But yeah- I don't like it.

NCS- There's no way I'm the best twin. You are way skinnier and prettier with a cute accent. :) And when I say "running" I mean "speed walking with a limp."

Heidi- I could laugh AT you because I'd be behind you the whole time...

Nobody- I had to look up "spry." :P I should use the pegleg story. Totally.

Nancy- Awww... thanks!!

Nancy Face said...

You made me laugh! I don't like running either, but it's the best way to get my son to work out...and it really is better with a buddy! :)

Our Stake President's wife is the mother of ten children, and she runs 5 miles every day. I can't even imagine doing that! :0

Heffalump said...

I used to be a runner in high school. I am not sure I ever loved it, but it got me out of the house and let me burn off quite a bit of teenaged angst.
Now I can't run to save my life. Seriously, if a serial killer were chasing me I would probably just stop and say...okay! Go ahead and kill me!
I have been walking on the treadmill, and occasionally running, but only for about 30 seconds at a time to get ahead of the clock so I can walk slower every so often.
I miss the old days.

Yvonne said...

I wish I liked to run--but I do enjoy walking and walking. I am EXTREMELY competitive and I've raised a house full of competitive kids--makes for a great time when we're playing games!!! (Love the clip, and I thought I saw every episode of Friends; )

ENJOY the running!

Sketchy said...

My whole problem with running is well, boobs. It's not fun. And then I imagine creepy guys lurking around watching.

Special K ~Toni said...

Yep- I have the boob problem also! Plus, I think I already run like that!

Good luck! We are all rooting for you!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I hate running too. In junior high my gym teacher decided that I needed to be on the track team. I ran the mile. Slow, but apparantly faster than most. I hated it, I would throw up EVERY time when I was done. Not my idea of fun. My least favorite thing to do at the gym is run on the tread mill. I am always thinking, now when can I stop??? Maybe we should all try running like Phoebe!

Dana said...

I look just like Phoebe when I run. I don't try to; I just do.

~j. said...

[Humpty Dance]

I feel the same way: My wish is to enjoy running. *sigh*

Tori :) said...

Nancy Face- Your stake president's wife has 10 kids!! Maybe I'd run 5 miles a day for a break... Oh wait- I have 7.

Heffalump- I ran in jr. high but by h.s. I realized I was white and everyone was beating me.

Yvonne- All the kids here are competitive too. You don't wanna play "Scene it" with us.

Sketchy- I definitely don't have the boob problem.

Toni- See above comment.

Amanda- I set records in jr. high and stuff. Maybe I liked it then because I was fast. No- it was probably because I was competing. I need to race some other slow women.

Dana- And is it fun to run like that??

~j.- I knew you'd get the song!! I'm realizing maybe no one really likes running. They're all full of it.

Lauren said...

Wow! I am need to run like Phoebe!! Maybe that would get my sorry butt out of bed at 5:30 AM to go with my mom...or not.

No Cool Story said...

So this morning I go do my walk/jog thing, as I started jogging all I could think about was Phoebe doing her weird run and started laughing. So much that I had to stop and tell myself "Quit it! This is serious business".

aubrey said...

i LOVE the phoebe run! and good luck with your 3/4 year resolution. my favorite was that you want a have a screen name like Tori:)loves2run. hee hee.

Jean Knee said...

I rarely move if I don't have to. I don't want to strain anything

Tori :) said...

Lauren- There's no way I'd get up at 5:30am. Your mom even does it on Saturdays... Isn't that illegal or something?

NCS- It is VERY serious business. So, did you try the Phoebe run? I actually did it once at the track when I was running with my younger sister... just to embarrass her.

aubrey- I actually saw the screen name "Katielovestorun" once. She was pregnant with freakin' triplets and still ran. That's just wrong.

jeanknee- I like your attitude.

Kayelyn said...

Tori- I'll come meet you at where ever it is that you run. I'll gimp around trying to walk fast and you can run circle around me while laughing at me.

Just don't run like Phoebe or I may wet my pants. It's just freakin' hilarious.

Haley said...


Thanks for stopping by today, and for letting me join! I'm excited! :D


PJ said...

"People only think your strange for a second, because then your gone!"

That is a GREAT way to look at life :D Love-a that clip!

Running..hmm, I think I remember running. Good luck with that Tori!

Mel said...

It is so funny that I am reading this after just getting off my treadmill where as I was wondering kept wondering when I was going to stop and just walk. I have this habit of saying "at the next commercial" or "when the commercial is over". However, in my case I don't feel like I could keep going, but maybe you are right and it is only because I really don't want to. I, too, would like to be a runner, but considering I have never been I am thinking maybe you can't teach this old dog new tricks! Happy running!

annie said...

I'm in awe of Nancy and her early morning runs (even on Saturday and YES it is least in my state)!!!
that video was hilarious! I love Phoebe!
I'm not a fan of running either. IT is better with a buddy. I prefer really fast walking... but no one can keep up with my freakishly long legs so I end up walking alone!

Annie said...

I tried running a couple years ago. A car drove by and someone yelled,
"You're gonna hafta run faster than that J-Lo!"

I am sure they commenting on my great hair and dancing skills and not on my ghetto bahdonkey.

Tori :) said...

Kayelyn- I may start running like Phoebe. It actually looks fun. And if it doesn't last long I bet it burns more calories than normal running.

Haley- I hope you enjoy good mail!!

pj- I know! Isn't that a great quote!?!?

mel- Glad to know it's not just me!

annie- I ran in a 5k with a tall friend and I tried my hardest to keep up. After 2 miles she left me.

Annie- We should run together. I'm more J-Lo than you. Baby got back- big time.

Ashley said...

I wish I loved to exercise, I love how I feel afterwards that is the ONLY reason I do it. Walking is definately better!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I don't usually run, but yesterday was an exception. I saw the newly stocked Halloween candy aisle at Wal-Mart and I started doing that Phoebe running thing down the aisle, waving my arms, giddy with enthusiasm. My kids looked like they wanted to freakin die of embarrassment. :(

JennieBoo said...

If I ran, I'd collapse with a coronary....

So glad you can.

Enjoyed the clip, too.