Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You are missed, mate.

It's hard to believe it's been a year...

I love Steve Irwin. I've always admired his passion for his work and his family. My heart literally hurt when I heard that he had been killed. When I pictured Terri, his wife, receiving the news I was sick. My sister texted me about his death and at 1st it wouldn't even click who she was talking about. I was trying to think of a sports star or something. I think I texted back "Who?" The next text said "The Crocodile Hunter." My heart just broke.
Steve and I were tight. I hung out with him pretty much every nite when I was going thru my divorce. I'd stay up late after the kids were in bed and watch "The Crocodile Hunter" and "Croc Files." LOVED him. He's who put the desire in me to own a snake (Lucky Wormy!!) & to be a Zoo Keeper for a day (Maybe next year...). I would love to be as passionate about anything as he was about animal conservation. He was just awesome and I am excited to watch his children grow and carry on his work. God bless you Steve.


CHEL said...

I must be totally stalking your blog because I think I was the first to comment on your last post... I can't sleep and really blogging is better than cleaning!
Anyway, my husband is an Aussie and we went there for a month last year and it happened while we were there!!!!
It's so sad, really just unbelievable. I still don't think I've grasped the idea that he is gone.

Lisa M. said...

I hadn't realized it had been a year.

I have things too, that helped me survive my divorce, isn't it funny, the things we remember.

I loved his enthusiasm and verve.

It's neat you blogged about this- Thank you for the reminder.

Life, is so unpredictable. I think it is one of the best things, to keep that for front in our minds, not to worry, but to celebrate, each little moment.

Yvonne said...

He certainly had great passion for the things that were important to him. I enjoyed watching him so much. I think his little girl, Bindi, is just adorable and so amazing to watch, and as you said will definitely carry on his great work.

Dana said...

Man how time flies. I had no idea it had been a year already.

Love your song choice for the day!

Kayelyn said...

I can't believe it has been a year already. Hubby and I used to watch him more than our kiddos. I remember crying and feeling very sad for about a week.

It is fun to see Bindy and his wife carry on. However, sometimes it makes me sad as I realize that he is still gone. Not like I really thought he'd come back.

Thanks for the tribute. Mate.

Amanda said...

I didn't realize it had been a year already either! I also didn't realize that you were so tight with the crocodile hunter. I think it is always sad when people die so young leaving behind kids. All part of the plan I guess. He is now entertaining the heavens. :D

Jean Knee said...

it was very odd when we were at sea world and you could feed the sting rays. they swam around and flapped their flaps like they were waving to you

Nancy Face said...

Such a sad thing...I can't believe a year has gone by already. I love the music you chose.

No Cool Story said...

:( Booo.
I feel for his little kids and his wife.
Excellent song choice.

carronin said...

It broke my boys hearts when Steve died they loved him. They watched his show everyday almost. We even had the Crocidile Hunter game.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We had The Wiggles movie featuring Steve Irwin.

I memorized all the choreogrpahy to 'Crocodile Hunter...Action Man!' in trribute of Steve.

SoDak Angel said...

sniff...it is so sad...My boys yesterday watched Bindi the jungle girl on TV....there was a lot of tribute to Steve....Strong as Steel family!

Heffalump said...

I admit that I cried when he died too, and there are not many celebrities I would cry over. Time flies...it doesn't seem like a year to me either.

Tori :) said...

Chel- I know you just wait and wait for me to post so you can be 1st. :)
Did you visit the Australia Zoo when you were there? That's my goal.

Lisa M.- Is "verve" your new word? I've seen you use it a lot lately. I like it. I loved this: "Life, is so unpredictable. I think it is one of the best things, to keep that for front in our minds, not to worry, but to celebrate, each little moment."

Yvonne- Bindi amazes me. She seems so mature for her years.

Dana- Thanks! I thought it was appropriate.

Kayelyn- I was very depressed. I still cry if I think about him too much. Am I weird?

Amanda- I read somewhere "The best die young." Maybe that's true.

Jean Knee- We swam with sting rays in the Grand Caymans. Kinda weird to think about that now.

Nancy- It is really sad. :(

NCS- I think thinking about his family makes me the most sad.

Carronin- Ooh! We're playing that game next time I see you!!

Elastic- I'm expecting a performance next time I see you!

Sodak- Their family is awesome. They inspire and amaze me.

Heffalump- I cried then. I cry now. I cried writing this...

Tricia said...

Oh wow a year already. I could not believe it then and still have a hard time believeing it. Thanks for your post.

S said...

Salutations..... I too miss Steve, he was a one in a million. Now Foster is missing, I have been following him too. ( I know not the same I am just sayin) And can't believe it has been 10 years since Di' death. This is a dangerous time of year if you are super neat and passionate.

Anonymous said...

I love this music playing on your blog...who is it? Is this Seiuli?
I too loved Steve Irwin...such a loss.
I just love your blog! Thanks for making me smile! (not about Steve Irwin, but your family clips)
-Jenni Hannemann

Stepherz said...

He was a really neat soul. I loved watching his energy and enthusiasm!

Tori :) said...

Tricia- Yes. It is still hard to believe.

S- It is strange that Fossett is missing now too. Mother Theresa died in August- just a couple of weeks before Princess Di.

Jenni- YAY! You commented! Nope- this isn't Seiuli, although he could blow whoever this is outta the water. ;) I wish I knew how to upload his music to my blog.

Stepherz- He was awesome.

Lauren said...

He was so awesome, I am sad for his family :(

Special K ~Toni said...

Wow! Already?