Saturday, November 03, 2007

5th grade Love Letter

"When I was your age I never
*chased* a boy or *called* a boy or *sat in a parked car* with a

(Back to the Future)

So, Alec comes home from school on Friday and says,
"Mom, look at this note a girl wrote me. You can put it on your blog."
He seriously said that, so I am.
My first thoughts after reading it were,
"Awww... my son showed me a love note!!"

And then
"Um, ok... the chick has a boyfriend already and she can't spell 'break', 'write' or 'anything' correctly. She's clearly not good enough for my son..." ;)

So, move along little girl. Move along.

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Carrot Jello said...

Holy crap.
She's a brazen hussy!

swampbaby said...

(Mouth open. Jaw dropped). I'm going to kick her ***. Leave my sweet, innocent nephew alone!!!!

aubrey said...

aww. you're making me want to go and dig up my first love letter that i got from..mike pfieffer in 4th grade. he was hot stuff.

No Cool Story said...

Wait, she likes him because he has curly hair, can't spell AND she already has a boyfriend. Tsk tsk, that girl is trouble.

I vote that Aubrey digs up the first love letter she got form that Mike Pfieffer in 4th grade.

No Cool Story said...

I told a boy I liked in at the end of 5th grade: It was the very last day, I was about to go home and my BF told me I should tell him, because I was never going to see him again (I was moving to a different state). So I went to the soccer field, waved and called him, and I said "I want you to know that I l-i-k-e you" (I actually had to spell a 6 letter word).

He looked at me shocked, turned red and ran away.


omar said...

I'd string her along, let her brake up with her boyfriend, then tell her that I just don't think it would work, because I'm in love with her best friend. Then I'd sit back and watch them fight over me.

On second thought, this might not have been the right audience for me to leave that response.

(backs out of the room, slowly)

No Cool Story said...

LOL Omar.

Welcome to the Dance-a-thon!!

/Jumps, twirls and fnky chickens.

Kayelyn said...

Spoken like a true Momma!

She is Trouble, with a capital T!

Mrs. Burns said...

How old is this girl?

b. said...

Ok, I just watched your FHE Dance-a-thon.....ummm.....THAT.WAS.OUTSTANDING!!!!!

ps. I just found out today that my oldest kissed a Payson girl(my source said "made out with") on the bus home from the Shakespeare Fest. She's been calling him every night since. I think I'm going to sew her lips together.
I'm in shock.
Stop the madness now, Tori, before it gets to kissing on the friggin' bus!!

omar said...

That dance-a-thon video is fantastic!

Yvonne said...

Too funny--she needs to spend more time on her studies and less time trying to pick up boys!!!

Lauren said...

LOL at Omar's comment!!

Oh my...that is all I can say. She is a serious crazy head who has too many raging hormones.

Nancy Face said...

I agree with Carrot Jello! And Omar is a genius.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Trouble is right... she is starting early. My oh my! I guess you had to expect your cutie to get picked up on sooner or later, but dang, this is too soon!

Jean Knee said...

that is a pretty sophisticated letter. My fifth grade notes went something like this:

Dear Leslie,
I like you like me

yes____ no_____ check one

S said...

I chased a boy home everyday......literally running full speed ahead in first grade.

He turned out to be 4'11 (nobody and I are same height!) and a dead beat methhead dad of a dozen:)

anonymous said...

Thanks for the tad award. Also, S, thanks for the urine cologne. Rude!

Physcokity said...

I simply love that your son told you to blog the huss pant's note

Tori :) said...

Anonymous- Ok, in your 1st comment 2 posts back I let the comparison to Vanilla Ice slide. (Yes- I know who Robbie VanWinkle is.) I let it slide because EVERYONE knows Vanilla Ice is rad.:P
But you can't attack my friends. And we all know S doesn't wear urine cologne. I'm sure her sister would have mentioned it when we met.
I don't mind if someone with no balls wants to visit and comment on my blog, but you have to be nice or go away.

Dana said...

I'm so glad you posted this because now I know I need to add a spelling test to the Application to Date My Daughter.

JennieBoo said... delightfully wonderful! Was he happy or was he nonchalant?

An illiterate girl for your baby.

You know, NONE of them will be good enough for your baby.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! My thought process would have been the exact same!! "Aww ... um, she's not for you." :o)

wistful said...

Now's the chance to break her little heart (at such a young age, too). The first time is always special... she can tell her grandkids about it someday.




Lil' Miss Homemaker said...

How cute is that!? Makes me want to look through my old papers and see what I find.