Thursday, November 15, 2007

Has anyone seen my brain??

Sei is out of town and I swear he packed my brain and took it with him. Yesterday I totally forgot that Isabel had gymnastics. I never forget!! So I had to go track her down at a friend's house and take her- 20 minutes late.
Then I had to run Tristan to the church. I drive into the parking lot, into a parking space and then immediately put the car in reverse, back out and start driving home. Tristan was looking at me like I was crazy!! I had totally forgot to let him get out of the car!!
And then, last but not least... Alec asked for roast for his birthday and I forgot to buy one. So, instead we got Burger King. Nice, I know. I also am such a lame mom I also didn't post about his 11th bday until way late in the day. Please scroll down a few posts and wish him a happy birthday. It's not his fault his mom is a spaz.

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Dana said...

That pulling into the parking spot and then backing out without letting him out of the car is classic!

Hope Sei gets back with your brain REALLY soon!

PJ said...

Oh, I've had days like that!
Of course, I did get my brain on clearance.

No Cool Story said...

The parking lot...hahahahahhahaha!
Don't you wish there was video of that?
I do :D

I used to have a brain once. Now I just run on classic coke.

Amanda said...

Oh the parking lot story, I'm laughing, but I know it's not funny. I hope Sei brings your brain back for you! ;)

The other day I was stopped at a red light. I was off in la-la land and I swear the light turned green so I started to go. There was another car coming the other direction and I was thinking, "What a moron, doesn't he know my light is green and his light is red." Then I looked up at the light again and my light was still red and I was in the middle of the intersection. Doh!! Who's the moron now?

aubrey said...

oh, man tori i can totally relate. and i only have 2 kids. you have good and many reasons to lose your brain every once in a while!

Arugula Queen said...

My Arugula King is out of town. We ate dollar quarter pounders at McDonald's tonight. Life is good that way.

No Cool Story said...

Tonight I got in the van, I turned on the wipers and for the life of me I could not remember where to turn on the headlights.


Kayelyn said...

Where's the post of Tristan's face? How long before Sei gets back and you can check his luggage?

If it makes you feel better I used to forget when my boys had early out. I would go shopping and as I got the girls into the cart and started through the store I would realize that it's early day. This is when they were 5 & 8! I did this more than once, too.

Yvonne said...

I think you are amazing doing all the stuff you do. I have a good friend with several children who years ago left the house with one of her little ones still sitting on the toilet. (She didn't realize until about 1/2 hour later) She got home and the little girl was still sitting on the toilet!!!

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad he packed your brain so you could do all that funny stuff and tell us about it! :D