Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weirdness & a Tad Award

I've been thinking about weird things I do and I was wondering if they really are "weird" or if anyone else does things like this too...

~ When I'm vacuuming and something is too stuck down in the carpet so the vacuum won't pick it up, I'll pick it up and move it back in front of the vacuum so it can suck it up.

~ If I get one hand wet, I have to get the other one wet. Like today I got some jelly on my right hand, but when I washed it off I had to get my left hand wet too.

~ I'll go downstairs to get, oh let's say some paper towels out of the laundry room, but while I'm there I'll start doing laundry, reorganize the shelves, vacuum, and then an hour later I'm thinking "Why did I come down here?"

~ When I am filling my car with gas (in the gas tank for all those people making fart jokes at my expense) I have to stop on a number that ends with .00 or .50. Sei will often stop on a random number just to annoy me.

~ When I buy a new jug of laundry detergent, even if I still have some left in my other jug, I have to use some of the new one- especially if it's a new brand or scent. This goes for shampoo, lotion, hair spray, new brand of baby diapers for Livie, etc...

~ If I know the quotes to a movie I can't help but quote them while I'm watching it. It drives Sei crazy.

~ I think I told y'all this before, but I swallow my gum. I chew it for 10 minutes tops and I have to swallow it.

~ When I'm going to the airport to catch a flight I will check probably 37 times to make sure I have my tickets. Even if I KNOW I have them, I still have to check over and over again.

~ I have the strong need to defend Texas. Like today, Sei and I were talking to a guy and he said something like, "Well, I grew up in Texas and we aren't real great with numbers..." Oh no you DIHN'T! I said, "Hey! I'm from Texas!" I think that caught him off guard. He was all like, "Oh, well... I just use that joke up here in Utah because people usually look down on Texans like we're stupid." Gee, I wonder why dumba$$. I was bugged. Bad. Tad award to you POSER TEXAN. No REAL Texan would talk trash about Texas.

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too freakin' weird to do anything about it!

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

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utmommy said...


I totally have to get both my hands wet. Otherwise I would be off balance or something like that.

I also have to stop my gas. I usually stop at .25, .50, .75, or .00

Hey, when are we getting together?

utmommy said...

I'm 30% weird

Eric's Mommy said...

Ha Ha! I'm not going to list all of my weird things but one of them is when I eat french fries I always eat the ones with the square ends, if I am really hungry I'll eat the pointy ended ones last.

NOBODY said...

I have recently curbed myself of the gas tank weirdness. It's not as liberating as you might think.

I do the vacuum thing too. That IS weird.

The movie quoting thing...well, let's not watch movies together. I get violent with movie talkers. :)

Anonymous said...

Let's see, yes (why do we do that?), yes (might as well wash both), yes (I always forget what I'm doing - or why I'm doing it), ah no. That's the one good thing about living in Jersey - I have no control over the gas numbers because we have full service. It's actually illegal for us to pump our own gas (some people do it and I don't think a gas attendant has ever told them to stop - lol). I once prayed my way back over the bridge from Delaware with my gas light on just so I wouldn't have to pump my own gas. LOL! That's another brand of weirdness.

Anyway, yes definitely have to use new anything right away, can't help but quote movies, but don't chew gum much. And I constantly check for anything important like tickets, keys, whatever, no matter how sure I am that I have them. I don't really defend my state (guess you have to grow up in one worth defending). I just make sure people understand that there is a huge difference between North Jersey and South Jersey.

I am 40% weird too. Isn't that weird? :o)

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...


You're more than quirky, you're downright strange.
But you're also strangely compelling, like a cult leader.


WQ: 96

peace to all y'all

Jean Knee said...

I'll go downstairs to get, oh let's say some paper towels out of the laundry room, but while I'm there I'll start doing laundry, reorganize the shelves, vacuum, and then an hour later I'm thinking "Why did I come down here?"

this is way weird, the others seem regular

Suzanne said...

I'm 50% weird! I always knew you were cooler than me, Tori! :)

You know what? I do almost every single one of those things you mentioned, especially the gas thing. I have to have it to the nearest dollar and I get bugged if I end up getting like $26.02! LOL! :D

Chel said...

the hands washing, gas getting, using new stuff first... seems pretty normal to me, I'm the same way. SO that is probably the 60% normal :)

I don't think you're too weird... well, maybe a little! :)

Suzanne said...

Oh and my Weird Quotient was 89 too! :)

Chel said...

haha... it said I was 25% weird. What's with the genital herpes and 50 lbs overweight question?? uh, no thanks!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I do everything listed here except swallow my gum and defend Texas. Otherwise, we are of the same breed, dear friend. Glad we have so much in common. It's really eerie... I thought I was the only one that did a lot of that...

And when I get up in the night, I have to fall back asleep the opposite way I was last laying... I discovered this about myself after getting up a million times with a baby. Weird, huh?

Dana said...

I do the exact same thing with the vacuum and the detergent/shampoo, etc. I guess that explains why I have 20 bottles of shampoo with 1/4 of the shampoo left!

No Cool Story said...

We can never watch a movie together my twin. I don't do movie talkers UNLESS we are making fun of it.
No one messes with Texas and gets away with it. AT least in Tori's presence :D

I'm 50% weird. Uh yeah, and #3 "Do you ever use the toilet while the door is open?" OMGosh!! What!? who does that?!?

No Cool Story said...

My weird Quotient is 113.
14% are more weird,
5% are just as weird, and
80% are more normal than you!


Kayelyn said...

Well yes I do let the vacuum do the work. That is why I bought it:P

If you don't get both hands wet then the towel doesn't work right. So yes, both hands must get wet.

"What did I come to get?" is my most used phrase.

I used to stop on the multiples of 25 with gas. My jeep cured me of that. When it clicks off- it is full. Sometimes I can do a multiple of 5, but not always.

I throw out the old shampoo so hubs doesn't get upset that I opened a new bottle when there was still stuff in the old bottle. Shh. don't tell.

We all quote movies lives here. AJ shares your talent. He can see a show one time and recite at least half of it and all the funny lines.:)

I don't swallow gum. Just wrap it up so it doesn't stick to anything else. Eww.

You already know I have OCD tendencies. I thought you said you weren't as OCD as Sei or me? Remember the laundry room organization post? ;)

Kayelyn said...

I am 50% weird. How can that be?

Umm, don't all mom's use the toilet with door open? Even if it's closed at first there will be a child who needs you and open it.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Amen on movie quoting and gum-swallowing.

Nancy Face said...

I do the vacuum thing, too!

At the gas pump, my hubby has to stop on .00 or .50, and I'm the one who stops on any old random number, muahaha!

I don't do the thing with the laundry detergent, but my kids do it with toothpaste...drives me nuts!

I do the ticket checking thingy with Disneyland tickets!

I ♥ Texas! Nobody better be messin' with it!!!

I am SOOO disappointed that I'm only 30% weird! They just asked the wrong kind of questions...

Okay, I like the second quiz much weird quotient is 96, yay!

annie said...

I don't have time to do the quiz, just popped in to say hi and I was supposed to leave to pick amanda up three minutes ago :o)! BUT I can say I'm pretty weird! I do most of the things you mentioned too!

Mel said...

If the gas thing doesn't bug me does that make me the wierd one?

aubrey said...

you saying you swallow your gum made me feel like i have something in my throat. ugh. my score was 100. cool, eh? i do that thing with the vacuum too. we have a stubborn front door FLOR rug and when i vacuum it stuff gets stuck in it and i will vacuum and vacuum and finally get down and pull it up and then throw it in the path of the vacuum. instead of just throwing it away. odd.

Gretch said...

Hey Tori, Just wanted to say HI. I haven't been by in a while. I hope your not to PO'd at me!! We will try to get you some tickets!!

It was funny reading your post, it's all the same weird stuff I do to. Well except the gum part!!