Thursday, December 27, 2007

Awkward Moment at Christmas Dinner

I promised y'all I would write about the Awkward Moment at Christmas Dinner. Well... I did a Tad Award instead. But, I'll post about the awkward moment in the next day or 2. Believe me- it was funny. It was crying from laughing so hard. Or maybe it was from embarrassment. I'm not sure which...

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Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Hey, no fair, I wanna hear about it!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...
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Yvonne said...

I came back because I thought maybe you had posted it. I'll be back tomorrow. said...

hi tori,
ooooo, i looooove laughter like that hon.

you are too cute.

totally enjoy you.

happy new year girlie,
kathleen :) xoxo said...

one more thing. if you want to see a wild meme, come see my bloggy today. i didn't want to do it at first. i dug in my heels, but when i started doing it, i completely got into it and really had fun.

do you want to be tagged for it? it is different. and it is not one more of those boring memes with no theme.

you really rock girlie.

i see your grin :)