Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google Rank stuff

You may notice me writing ads for really WEIRD stuff like Russian Girls chat rooms. No- that's not a porn site. But still... Here's the deal: Google has gotten all weird about their rankings because of people selling links to up their page rank. So, all the sudden my google rank went from 4 to 0- literally overnite. This has affected the choice of blog ad opportunities the last few days. And since I have a goal to earn Sei's child support each month I kind of have to blog about what's available. Although I didn't blog about the Goth Dating Service. (I might have to in the future tho!!) ;)
I have learned how to hopefully correct this problem. I have to add a little "no follow" tag in my links on my blog ads. All this tag means is that Yes- I'm linking this site, but No- I'm not placing a vote to go towards their rank. I haven't been paid to up their rank- that is not "legal" on Google. Blog ads are legal, but linking people to up their rank isn't. So, for the last 3 hours I've been going thru all my blog ads and adding that little tag. Holy pain in the butt!! Now I've submitted my blog for reconsideration from Google. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks my Google rank will be back to normal.
Thank goodness I somehow read this blog that I have never read before! Katy, the blogger, helped me out a ton. She even emailed me to show me how to do the "no follow" link. Thank you Katy!! So... I'll have to wait and see if this helps. It helped her, so it should help me.
Until then, please don't laugh too hard at some of my blog ads. :)

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Katy said...


Good luck with restoring your PageRank.

Be careful though, I added the no follow tag to old posts and deleted some from some companies. It's also worth noting that I am no longer taking sponsored post opportunities without the nofollow tag.

As a rule of thumb too, you should take opportunities that are relevant to your blog and what you'd normally talk about. If you're looking to raise more money, increase the sponsored post sites that you use to find more relevant opportunities to post about for your blog.

Submitting your site to Google for reconsideration means that you're admitting wrong-doing. Additionally you're saying that you won't continue the practice of selling paid links.

Unfortunately, it's one or the other and both don't typically work hand in hand. They will though, when SocialSpark is launched next month.

Again, best of luck!

Tori :) said...

Thanks Katy. I deleted some old blog ads too and added the link to other old ones and my newer ones. I usually try to do ads that are somewhat relevant to my blog, but the last few days have been slim pickins! :) I hit a new low with the Russian Bride one! LOL
Thanx again. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

No Cool Story said...

I was reading about this just last night.

Katy does indeed have a fun and informative blog :)