Monday, December 03, 2007

Other stuff besides BIG NEWS

Well, I'm feeling that blogger let-down after revealing Big News all week. Now what do I write about?? Random is always good...

~ Taj gave his very 1st talk yesterday in Primary (children's program) at church. We aren't really suppose to video anything, but since Sei wasn't there I had my friend tape it all. He did really great which surprised me since he had a major melt down just 1/2 an hour before! MAJOR meltdown. I was trying to teach the lesson and he was hanging on my leg and reaching his arms up like he was trying grab my b00bs. It was bad.

~ Tristan met Rachel Coleman, the creator of Signing Time! I knew she was going to be at the Provo mall but we had major snow and I'm such a wimp when it comes to driving in the snow. So I was lame & didn't take Livie. Tristan was sweet enough to get a pic on his phone and he got me an autograph. He also told Rachel, "You commented on my mom's blog." (You can see that here.) She asked, "What's her blog name?" "Uhh... I don't know." Nice.

~ Sei made it to Texas Sunday nite, but had a little accident on Saturday. Right out of Gallup, NM he hit black ice and did a 720 off the road. He landed about 10 feet from a van that had done the same thing. Before he spun outta control an 18 wheeler jack-knifed in front of him, but somehow pulled itself out of it. Sei and the van were stuck in mud and were totally worried that another truck or vehicle would fly off and hit them. Sei somehow got his car out of the mud. The van called someone for help. Soooo scary!! I'm so thankful he was ok. And the car was ok too. :)

~ Sei's mom called me to check how I was with staying home alone. She offered this advice, "Lock the backdoor and windows because that's where the danger is." Um, ok. Thanks. :P

~ I will get to see pics of my house today hopefully! Sei actually picked out everything- the appliances, the carpet, the cabinets, the tile... I know some women would die before lettimg their husband pick stuff out, but he honestly has great taste. I trust him completely. This is all I've seen of our house so far. It has brick and everything now. :) I'm soooo excited! They pushed the closing date back until late January because a lot of the builders are going to Mexico for Christmas, etc... :( So, we'll be staying at my parents for 6 weeks.

~ I have so much crap to do and I'm totally putting it all off. I'm overwhelmed and I don't know where to start. :(


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Suzanne said...

Tori, good luck getting everything ready to move on time! I'm glad Sei is o.k. from the accident. A 720!?! That's like two circles right? Scary! Your house looks like a mansion to me! How fun to get to see new pics soon.

I was the one that had to pick everything out for our home because hubby was working so much at the time. It totally stressed me out so I'm glad that you trust Sei and don't have to worry about it!

I wish I lived closer so I could help. I'm sending good packing thoughts your way! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad that Sei - and the car - were okay! I hate driving whenever there's ice. The house is going to be so awesome when it's done!! Can't wait to see more pics!

Good luck with all that packing. It definitely sucks to have to do it yourself. I was overwhelmed and half our stuff was already in storage and we were only moving 10 minutes away! You'll get it though. You're going home!! Yay!

wendy said...

How dangerous! I'm so glad he's okay!

Your new house looks so fun!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

So glad Taj did well for the program after a serious meltdown. What a good boy to stick with his commitments. ;)

I am excited to see the final photo of your house! It looks like the big gorgeous type!

What's the name of your blog again? LOL

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad Sei is safe...sooo scary! :0

Your house is going to be so gorgeous! I love brick! :)

Stepherz said...

Awesome, gorgeous house! It looks so BIG too! I wouldn't even know how to act if we weren't all packed like sardines into this little house. I can't even stretch a leg without kicking a kid or a dog!

No Cool Story said...

YAY!! So exciting!
Sei rocks! You can trust him to pick out everything. You see, we are twin in that, when we moved to the NW, Daily Hero picked everything and I had no fear at all, he did superb.

*Doing a Mexcian hat dance for Sei*

Black ice is scary, I'm so glad he's safe. Yikes.

No Cool Story said...

Danger lurks in the back and windows.


S said...

Hey I like the house just like that IF it is in TEXAS!!!!! I am so excited for you. I hope your kitchen isn't hot pink!!! And your bathroom Orange! Nobody had a spin out on her way to TEXAS too. That must be a good sign??????

Robin said...

I wish we had that much neighbor-free space around our house. luckyyy.

Amanda said...

So scary about Sei! Your house looks beautiful! How fun to be able to move into a new house! What an exciting time for your family! :) Hang in there, it will all be over soon.

Lauren said...

That is soooo awesome Tristan met her! haha...I love that he couldn't remember your blog name...that is hilarious!

Tori...make sure you lock your windows tonight...I hear that is where the danger is at. :)

utmommy said...

Lock your doors is just the kind of thing you want to hear when you're staying alone.

Glad Sei is safe.

Your house looks like it'll be a beauty.

Yvonne said...

I'm so glad your hubby is o.k. That would be so scary!

It's wonderful to have a hubby you can trust to pick out everything for the house. I bet it will be beautiful.
I hope everything with the house gets completed on schedule.

Happy Tuesday ; )

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Housing prices is the thing that will probably keep us in Texas until we die. Who wants to move up north and stuff 8 people into a tiny bungalow that sells for 300,000?

OOH, your house looks biiiiggg and faaaannncccyy!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Moving is overwhelming but at least you have older kids to help you out now. I remember moving around when we had babies. That's a pain in the butt.

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

I want a house that big!!!

Call your friends together for a Saturday packing party. Potluck.
That should help you get things going.

Yes lock your doors and windows. It keeps your kids inside, too. That was funny advice- cause don't you do that anyway? LOL

Katie said...

What a giant house! I'd like to see a floorplan, cuz I'm a junky like that. I'm glad ei is safe, and I'm glad you get to go home.

Dana said...

We had something similar happen to us one year on the way to Iowa only we came inches from hitting a tree. Glad Sei made it okay and without injury.

aubrey said...

that is so scary about sei's accident on the black ice. but so good that he's safe! i love the look of your future house! how exciting for you!