Sunday, December 09, 2007

To Seiuli

Dedicated to my husband, who I miss very much!! Sorry for the lame lighting. We did like 400 takes- I give up. :P
Edited to add: Yes, I realize I am so NOT sexy. :(

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In love with my wife said...

OMGsh, I'm first!! No way. That just made me miss you even more you dork. You look way cute babe!! I'll go take a cold shower;) Love ya and see you soon.

Lauren said...

Sassy! Shake it girl, shake it!

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

Well, Sei already confirmed what I was going to say. Who says you're not sexy? Shake it baby. Love Izzy in there helping you out.

Wow, that is one empty room. Good for making videos;)

Yvonne said...

You are so funny!!!! I just want to know how you have time to do that with everything else you have to do!!!

No Cool Story said...

Aww, I'm so glad that Sei got to comment first :)
And what Mrs Moneky butt said,


Nancy Face said...

Haha, you crack me up! I agree with everything the other girls said! :D

swampbaby said...

I can not believe you put this up!!! You are one crazy woman. I LOVED Isabel coming in for backup. So cute!

P.S. Jaxon's comment: "She's weird!"

S said...

WHY am I cryin!?!? That was the sweetest dang thing evoh! It was like a hallmark commerical! Ditto to above comments as well.

annie said...

Loved it!!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Way to go, Tori! That was awesome! So cool that he got first comments too! Good luck with all you have to get done!

utmommy said...

Go girlfriend!

Robin said...

kudos to you for keeping a straight face!
You are lookin hot and skinny, but I won't be needing a cold shower.

Suzanne said...

LOL! How fun and cute! Hopefully your week goes quickly until you two can be together again! :)

PJ said...

HA! You are a very brave woman!

So fun!

Katie said...

You are SAUCY!

s--max said...


Pezlady said...

I loved it! Made me realize that my husband and I are NOT THE ONLY DORKY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! And I so loved that he was the first to comment on it! You got one great guy there!!!!

Amanda said...

Ditto to what everyone said! How awesome that Sei was the first to commment! Hopefully the time goes by really fast!!

Gretch said...

You are sooo saucy!!
Way cute!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

All roads lead to Texas.....SOON! :)

Special K ~Toni said...

BAHAHA! Thanks for the giggles- I really needed them!

Man do I need to catch up on your life- right after I pamper myself with laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping! Yep- it is my day off!

Nancy Face said...

Thank you so much for the great Christmas made me happy! I love your cute family picture and I enjoyed reading the update on your family! You are so amazing, getting cards out when you're moving!!! :0

No Cool Story said...

Swampbaby: "Jaxon's comment "She's weird!"

Yeah but hawt!

JustRandi said...

Very Sassy!
I think you're amazing for posting it - I don't think I could do it!~

Tori :) said...

In love- Thanks babe. I miss you.

Lauren & UtMommy- I'm embarrassed because YOU actually can dance!!

Mrs. MB- The kids are loving the empty room too much!

Yvonne- It was "the day of Rest." ;)

NCS 1 & 2- Jaxon's my nephew and he's weird too. ;)

Nancy 1 & 2- I'm glad you love the card. It got there FAST! Wow.

swampbaby- I have no shame. Tell Jaxon I said "Yeah, well I know you are but what am I??"

S- You're crying thinking "That poor, poor deranged woman..."

Annie- Thanks!

Gina- Thanks Gina. See you tonite.

Robin- Skinny? R U Kidding??? It's easy to keep a straight face when Sei isn't there.

Suzanne- Thank you! Me too!

PJ- Brave= Crazy

KAtie- Not as saucy as that turkey on your belly. :)

s--max- Oh, I know. ;)

Pezlady- DORKS UNITE!!

Amanda- YAY! I've missed you.

Gretch- Thank you!

EWBL- Heck yes they are!

Toni- LOTS to catch up on. I'm moving HOME!!! Go back and read my BIG NEWS.

JustRandi- I dare ya!