Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What's your green IQ??

Your GreenIQ Score is 42!

Despite the fact that you scored just under or just over 50%, you have a relatively high GreenIQ. This means that you are very aware of your lifestyle and how it affects the planet, you also are working on reducing your carbon emissions through your transportation choices and home environment. But that doesn't mean that you are even close to perfect or carbon neutral. You still have room for improvement. Our product suggestions and tips can help you increase your GreenIQ and even further reduce your carbon emissions.

I took the quiz: GreenIQ- How Green Are You? I was pleasantly surprised with my score of 42. There are things I know I can do better, but I do carpool, recycle a ton, I have energy efficient windows, I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, etc... I saw on Jon and Kate Plus 8 that Sara Snow- a super "Green" woman- visited and showed Kate how to make organic cleaning products. I am going to try that when we move into our house. Replacing your filters on your a/c and heater can help conserve energy too. I can also set a timer for my kids when they take a shower. I don't take long showers, but my son is in there FOR.EVER. I should have him take the quiz!!

How GREEN are you??

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No Cool Story said...

I got 47. I couldn't believe it :) I thought it'd be way lower.
They have good tips, I should try some of those.

Did you enter to win the conflict-free diamond pendant? I didn't.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi tori,
i saw this and at first thought it was telling us how green jealous we are. i got all excited to take the quiz and then was like oh, it's not a jealous quiz. bummer. hey good morning tori. hope your day is groovy and that you all get to move out of your parents asap and move on to your normal lives. what is normal though? i heard normal is just a setting on the washer or dryer.

take care girlie :)
kathleen xoxo