Friday, January 18, 2008


I am totally a techinical chick. Ok, so I am exagerrating a little, but I am on the computer doing a ton of different things a lot of the time. I do blog ads. I write blog posts. I write emails. I read emails. I pay almost all of my bills online. I read my friend's blogs. I check the weather. I read the news. You get the idea. I also instant message with friends and family. Well now I have found a way to make instant messaging more fun! SweetIM is an add-on for various instant messengers, webmails, forums, blogs and spaces. It enriches communication over the net by way of fun, cool, hilarious content emoticons, Winks, Sound FX, games, glitters and cool nudges. SweetIM is FREE to use, and completely safe - free of any spyware/adware. Another great thing- I will never see pop-up ads because I use SweetIM (Those are so lame)! I think there are a lot of cute little emoticons and other things I will be using in the future. See... like this one:

How cute is he???

So, now I can do things like this:

Ok, I'm having waaaaaay too much fun!!

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Alex said...

man that is so cool ! my kids can't stop laughing since the moment I installed it !
And the best thing is I think I'm enjoying it more than them !

I downloaded it directly from .
Download and install was easy, and so using it over messenger.

Thanks Tori !