Monday, January 21, 2008

Football Y'all

With the Super Bowl coming up football has been 24-7 in my house. I like watching football- not to the extent Tristan, Alec and Sei do- but I don't mind it. I especially like when it's down to the play-offs. But then I have to decide who I'm going for and it changes from game to game. Choosing my team is a very scientific process. Here's how I've done it this year:

Colts vs. Chargers
Well, although my sons and husband are L.T. fans, y'all all know how I love Peyton Manning. He's just... well, a dork. I like him. So, I was all for the Colts.

Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
I may get beat for saying this- but I was for the Giants. I'm not a Romo fan. Anyone who likes Jessica Simpson, I can't like. I don't like T.O. either. Plus, I like Eli Manning. He's like Jan Brady. "Peyton, Peyton, Peyton!!" Peyton gets all the attention, while Eli waits for his day in the sun. I'm a "warped 2nd child" advocate.

Seattle vs. Green Bay
Brett Favre, I mean Green Bay hands down. I love Brett Favre. He has this sweet farmboy hotness. Makes me wanna ride a tractor. Yummy.

Jacksonville vs. Patriots
Anyone besides Tom Brady. I don't like him at all. So... Go Jaguars!

Well, this is how those games turned out:
Chargers beat the Colts. :(
Giants beat The Boys. :)
Green Bay beat Seattle. :)
Patriots beat Jacksonville. :(

So, on to this weekend...
Chargers vs. Patriots
I already said NO to Tom Brady. And considering I paid $100 for an L.T. Fathead for Tristan and Alec's wall... I'm goin' for the Chargers.
Green Bay vs. Giants
Which really to me = Favre vs. Eli. Hmmm... I could really be happy with both. Favre with the farmboy hotness and Eli with the little boy pouty face when he screws up... It was a toss up and I really didn't cheer either way.

Patriots vs. Giants for the Super Bowl. That makes it easy.

I would love for Eli to win so he can do some more cute commercials with Peyton. Afterall- that IS what it's all about... Right?

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Carrot Jello said...

Heh heh, it says "0 pretend they're interested" football. have to be numbered among them.

omar said...

I've got your back on this one, T. It warms my cold, cold heart to see you post about football. I told my wife yesterday that she could sleep in, because I wouldn't be doing any parenting after 3 p.m.

Also, high five for buying the kids a Fathead. I asked the wife about one, and she said "not unless it's Derek Jeter." Bah.

As for your scientific process for picking winners, well, I'm not so sure. Personally, I'd like to see the Patriots win it all, just so I can say that I saw the first team go 19-0. The only beef I have with the Pats is that they're from the Boston area, and as a New York guy, I can't often root for Boston area teams. But we're talking about making history. I've got no love for the Mannings, and I've never really liked the Giants, because it was my dad's favorite team and it was always fun to cheer against him.

Nancy Face said...

I like going to games, but I can't watch football on TV. I do love the Super Bowl commercials! ;)

Yvonne said...

I have kids who are HUGE Patriot fans, and I am so disappointed!!! (How could they LIKE Tom Brady????)
I didn't watch any of the games. I will just hope that New York slaughters the Patriots!!! (Sorry, Omar I really don't care about the history making--I'd rather it happens to a team that deserves to be in the books)

omar said...

Why all the Brady haters?!

S said...

Go PATRIOTS! History people History in the makin here!!! I really don't think young manning has a chance in the sun. But I am thrilled that he is going to the super bowl. Go Brady!
PS In a normal year I am NOT a Brady fan, but this is special, real special!

JC said...

FYI: Eli = Cindy Brady. He's the third and youngest child. Peyton is the 2nd. GO PATS!!! Too many dorky manning commercials.

Tori :) said...

I don't like Tom Brady mostly because of how he plays himself out to sound like Father of the Year, but in reality (according to the tabloids;) he isn't around all that much. Lame.

I guess I should clarify my Jan Brady analogy. It really doesn't have to do with birth order. It has to do with following in the shadow of the sibling that wins all the awards. Marcia won all the great awards and Jan was always in her shadow. Therefore, Eli = Jan for that reason. His eldest brother, Cooper, didn't go pro at all, so he isn't in the same competitive league as Peyton is. But, yes, by birth order he would be 3rd.

Dana said...

I have to admit that a small tear came to my eyes last night when they showed Brett Favre after the game last night.

Oh, and I am completely with you on the Cowgirls.

No Cool Story said...

"With the Super Bowl coming up..."

I had no idea :)
No one watches football here.

But I agree with you %100!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Is that Brett Favre working the Abe Lincoln looking face fuzz? Bleah. Me no likey.

I don't really care about football games outside of what kind of snacks are being served at the viewing party.

K- said...

No freakin' way did you pick the Giants over the Cowboys!!!! That'd be enough to cause a serious family feud with my younger brothers. We've been cheering for the Cowboys since birth. Seriously.

I guess I need to come up with who I will root for. Hmmmm.

wendy said...

I just like to think about all the good food involved - ruffles potato chips, creamy dip, meat balls, shrimp, cubed bread...mmmm...