Monday, January 21, 2008

Sandwich Post by Izzy

This is literally a SANDWICH post.
Isabel will now tell me how to make her favorite sandwich.

"Uhhh... you get 2 pieces of bread. You put ketchup. Oh, duh, ketchup. I mean, you get 2 pieces of bread and put peanut butter on one. Then you put it together."

The End

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K- said...

For a moment there I was back in time 13 years ago. I have a nephew on Al's side that like one slice of bread with ketchup on it. That's it. He'd throw a fit if you did it wrong.

I like Izzy's sandwich. Yummy. Her attitude rocks, too.

aubrey said...

lol. i loved this. "oh, duh, ketchup."

Yvonne said...

That Izzy is too cute ; )

No Cool Story said...

I bet it's much better with PB.

swampbaby said...

You get more comments on a sandwich post than I get on any post. Hmmmm...I wonder what that says about me.