Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Silly quizzes

I took a few quizzes that I thought were fun. You can take them too if you click here. I found out that I am Superwoman that may live to be 100. Wow- who knew!?!? I wonder how I'd look in my Superwoman costume at 100??

What SuperHero Are You?

Settlement Quotes- Structured Settlement

82%Living to 100 Years Old

Cash for Structured Settlement

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Nancy Face said...

I am Super Woman, too! But my chances of living to 100 are not quite as high as yours...those questions about grandparents and inheriting diseases got in the way! (GRRR...!)

NOBODY said...

Does that mean you'll actually live to be 82?

No Cool Story said...

I have a 45% chance to live to 100 :(
Hey, at least one of us will make it, right?