Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Texas vs. Utah

What I love about being back in Texas:
  • I love having my family near by.
  • I love that it's not -2 degrees when I'm taking the kids to school.
  • I love hearing southern accents all the time!
  • I found Cherry Coca Cola Zero in a 2 liter. This is HUGE!! I searched high and low in Utah for this to no avail!
  • Taco Bueno
  • People are really friendly. ("Friendship" is the state motto afterall!)
  • Our brand new house costs the same as our 1978 "as is" house in Utah.
  • Seeing "TEXAS PRIDE" everywhere! Sei's pissed off a few guys in the police academy with his "Texas jokes." He'll learn...

What I miss about Utah:

  • I miss everyone saying "Where are you from?" after hearing my accent. It's no big deal here.
  • My kids didn't come home and say "Wow. A lot of people say DOG backwards here..."
  • Knowing our whole neighborhood and having 1/2 of it over at our house playing all the time.
  • Costa Vida...
  • My ex being 1300 miles away from me.

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K- said...

Utah misses you Tori:)

I love that your kids come home and say that people say DOG backwards.

I want to hear some Texas jokes.

PJ said...

You mean there are places WITHOUT the 2 liter of it??

I love the South, people are very friendly.

Yucks, about the ex

S said...

Cherry Cola RULES!!! Can I be your neighbor and hang out at your house??? Do you do laundry? I am glad you are happy. I think I need to make this change.

Yvonne said...

I absolutely LOVED living in the South--there really is something to the phrase "Southern Hospitality" ; )

It won't be long and you will know the whole neighborhood and have all of them at your house playing!!!

Eric's Mommy said...

I've never been to Texas, even though I have a sweatshirt that says Texas on it, and everybody asks if I've been there!

No Cool Story said...

I also want to hear TX jokes.

No Cool Story said...

Make that "read".

A Little Revolution said...

Hee Hee- you miss Utah. I miss Utah.

Chel said...

Yeah... I'd live just about anywhere if I didn't have to deal with winter. I'm okay in Utah for about 4 days and then the rest of the time I wonder how in the world I EVER lived here.
I think that the houses in Utah are a bargain (compared to where I live any ways). So Texas must ROCK in that area!
Cool about your family nearby, but lame about the EX. Ex's suck.

Chel said...
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No Cool Story said...

You know what's cool?
Having a twin that's what.


Emily said...

Wish the housing costs in TX would head our way.

No Cool Story said...

And I love your new pic!

Jean Knee said...

W00t for Texas, baby.
You forgot Texas has delicious artery clogging, gut busting, chicken fried steak with gravy!
yeah, I'm all about the food

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Dog spelled backwards... that happens even here. Glad you are happy there! It's so awesome to feel good about where you are.

Nancy Face said...

Wow, compelling pros and cons!