Monday, February 18, 2008

5 things

I'm not sure where I found this meme. It was in my drafts folder... Anyway, it's a 5 things meme where I try to name something that nobody else on my blog roll would be able to say as their answer. Of course, I don't know know everything y'all own etc..., so let me know if I was right or wrong!!

CD I Own
Debbie Gibson Greatest Hits, The Return of Johnny Bravo, New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits

Book I Own
"Growing Up Brady: I was a Teenage Greg" by Barry Williams

DVD/VHS/whatever I Own
"For Keeps", "Hanging Tough Live"

Place visited
I ate lunch inside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. because my uncle worked there.

Negreet, Louisiana- It's pretty much a street in La. although technically it's a town. My grandma lived there. My dad grew up there.

Piece of technology or any sort of tool I own.
I have NO idea!!! Um... I have a mp3 player adaptor thing that I can put plug into my mp3 player and then stick into my tape deck in my car. Then I can play my mp3 music thru the stereo system. I don't know how original that is...

How'd I do? Am I totally weird and have stuff that y'all don't?? I thought this was kinda fun. If you'd like to participate consider yourself tagged and let me know if you do it so I can check out YOUR answers!!

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Chel said...

haha.. I totally own Debbie Gibson. That's hilarious!

My Mp3 sits in a cradle in my car and can play, does that count? :)

Very cool... and fun!

Yvonne said...

That was a cute meme. You got me--I don't own any of those and although I have been TO the Capitol I have never had lunch inside the building (how fun that must have been).

swampbaby said...

I've been to the rockin' town of Negreet!! And I used to watch Hangin' Tough Live with you. :-)Does that count?

JustRandi said...

You got me on all of them except the mp3 tape deck cord. That's how I do it, too.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, come on...I totally have or have done all that stuff! ;)

Just kidding, of course! You got me on every single answer! Great job! :D

No Cool Story said...

NKOB :) You are one kewl chick.

Nope, I could never use any of those as my answer. You win.

Klin said...

I got nuthin'! You win.

I think I might try this, but it may take some time.

utmommy said...

So fun! I used to have Debbie Gibson, but have no idea what happened to it.

We have one of those adapter thingies, but it's used to plug our travel DVD into the tape deck so it can play through the stereo!

utmommy said...
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utmommy said...
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utmommy said...

I have no idea why my comment came 3 times, so that's why there are some deleted.

The slam dunk contest rocked!!!!

s--max said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at how alike we are. I have Debbie Gibson & NKOTB. I have "For Keeps." & b/c I'm not cool enough to have a real IPod, I have one of those tape adaptor things too. I'm doing this meme (I know ~ that will be an actual post!), so go check out what else I have that I know you'll be totally jealous of. =}

Help I need a user name! said...

I'ma totally do this. I don't have any of the stuff you mentioned. I want a thingy I can plug in my car so my Ipod can play through my cd player, but I don't know if those exist (because I'm hip and with the times like that).

~j. said...

I have the tape deck/iPod thing for my van. And the first tape I ever owned was a Debbie Gibson, so maybe I'm close on that one... ???

Nancy Face said...

This was fun, so I decided to do it, too! I'll post it a bit later today! :D