Friday, February 15, 2008

Because inquiring minds want to know

Ok, I wanna know your opinion. I don't care either way what you vote. I have used these on occasion like when I was travelling with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. The double stroller was too big for the airplane, so I had Liv in the stroller and Taj on a "leash" so he couldn't run from me in the Denver airport. But I'll tell ya, I got some MEAN looks and disapproving head shakes. Um, like I give a crap. (I'm thinking this lady may have been there.) I'm sorry, I'd rather make sure I didn't lose my precious son and take some mean looks than to try to please judgmental "know it alls." So... I was just curious. What do you think???

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Chel said...

I've never used one.

I have an 9 month old and a 3 year old. I just went to the airport and was traveling alone with my children.
I had an infant carseat, a double stroller, 2 small children, a purse, a backpack and a diaper bag (that doesn't include the items I had checked in).
I could have used one of those-- as obviously holding my little ones hand was not an option. And he's a social little guy and many things tend to catch his eye.
I don't think it's a big deal? It doesn't make you any less of a mom.
In a crowd, like the airport, you can be separated in a heartbeat. That is a scary thought.

It is really just a discretion by the user... I mean seriously... don't the parents know best? You are not harming your child, you are just concerned for their safety.

I also think certain places-- like the airport -- seems smarter to use one, than not.

Yvonne said...

Whatever a person needs to do to keep their kids close by in busy, crowded places is up to them. I agree with Chel--shouldn't the parents know their children best???

Amanda said...

I was tempted to buy one or two of those when my twins were little. If I had actually seen one in a store I probably would have. I had 3 kids in 2 years and we hardly ever ventured out of the house when they were small because it was too much work, not to mention that I was afraid of losing one of them. A leash would have been a lifesaver to me.

I read that lady's post and she is just plain rude! How dare her pass such judgements on complete strangers.

NOBODY said...

I thought they were barbaric before I had children. I used one with Bo when Avee was first born. He didn't have the sense to stay out of danger and I didn't have the energy to chase him constantly.

I stopped using my elastic leash when he pulled it to the max and then slipped his hand out, making it spring back and smack me in the face.

Ashley said...

I used one not too long ago when I was traveling with three kids alone. My daughter was 2 and strapped in one. I had a double stroller with my 1 and 3 year old in it. (The 2 year old can and will climb out.) I got some dissapproving looks but mostly pitty. My two year realized if she pulled the strap taught she would fly backwards when I moved forward. She thought it was hilarious, I ended up carrying her and pushing my massive double stroler with one hand. Best day EVER!

Katie said...

I have used them with all my kids. They all hated their "harness" and we got to the point where I just had to pull it out of the diaper bag and ask "Are you in control enough to walk by Mommy or do you need the harness to help you stay close?" My kids are still very good about staying close by me. It's not like you tie the harness to a tree in the back yard with your kid in it and head off to a grown-up party. You've got it around your wrist so when you're checking ingredients to make sure someone in your family doesn't die of an allergic reaction while eating dinner your toddler can't wander around the corner and get run over by the lady with her cart piled so high she can't see your kid.

Colleen said...

We have that same little monkey backpack harness for Zoe. I bought it specifically to use at the airport. She does a great job sitting in her stroller right up until they make you take them out and fold up the stroller to go through the security machine. After that... she REFUSES to get back in. The monkey has saved me a couple times from losing Zoe while trying to get together all my stuff coming out of the x-ray machine and getting our shoes back on and organizing ourselves.

People seem to look at the cute little monkey (or other little animal pack) a little less critically than a plain harness/leash. I actually had one man stop talking on his cell phone and ask me where in the world we bought the monkey. He then got back on his call and told his wife she had to get out to Target to buy them for their twins.

Now that Zoe is getting older I give her the option of riding the stroller, wearing the monkey, or staying close. If she runs to fast I warn her that she's going to have to ride or wear the monkey. Seems to keep her in control in busy places. Sometimes she even asks to wear the monkey.

I just have to say... I'd rather have crowds of people give me dirty looks than lose my toddler in an airport.

Mel said...

We have the same monkey backpack. I use it as a safety harness when Crew is walking in his walker. That way if his hands slip off the handles I can catch him before he face plants, plus it saves me from bending over all day. I'm sure I've gotten a few weird looks from clueless people. Who cares! I would love it more if I could use the dang thing to keep him from running away.

No Cool Story said...

My kids were pretty good when they were little (no running, grabbing things etc) BUT I had them on a leash.
Sorry but two kids, a huge diaper bag, stroller....I have only 2 arms.

It takes only one secod distraction to loose your kid. Why chance it? and btw, who gives a crap?

Klin said...

Disneyland. A 2 year old and a 4 year old. Christmas time. Yes I used one. Knowing where my girls were and that they were safe was way more important that the rude glares of those who don't get it.

Help I need a user name! said...

Using a kid leash makes you a fabulous mom, and here's why: When you hold on to a kid's hand, what are they doing? They are both a) trying to get away and making you nuts, and b) their arm is way up over their head, holding on to your hand! This is not comfortable, nor is it safe because the kid will most certainly find a way to get away.

The leash lets the kid wander around as far as the leash will let him, and explore things, without having to pull his arm out of its socket, AND lets you control him with much less effort.

My mom used one when I was a kid and got the same looks. And now, she's a well-adjusted, happy Grandma. Tell people to take a picture, it'll last longer. Or to get a life. Or whatever phrase you think fits the situation.

Millie said...

I think three things about leashes.

1) How is a leash worse than having to get up, leave your other baby, run after the two-year-old and hope you catch him? Then drag him by the wrist, kicking and screaming, back to the other baby? We've all been there. Seems to me, a leash would keep the kid aware of where he can and can't go (making him more secure, kids love boundaries), and would keep Mom from wanting to pull her hair out - not to mention from losing one or both of her kids.

2) So we use them on animals too - if the shoe fits, wear it. :)

3) I would think less of someone NOT using a leash and letting their kids jumping off airport chairs, running all over the place, and getting in potentially unsafe situations, than of someone who DID use one, and kept her kid safe.

aubrey said...

depends on the situation, but i think they're fine. paul and i used to totally make fun of them but now that we have two kids and are afraid of them running off in opposite directions and getting lost (scary!) of course we'll consider one now. who cares what people think..that girls rant was cruel. when you're a mom of a crazy kid, talk to me then, cocky knowitall.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I think it's funny that a couple people voted yes on your poll. I used one with Liam and I only got coos from people of how cute he was with his "backpack." Great for under 2, but he started strangling himself and leaning sideways just so I'd hold him up after he turned two.

Nancy Face said...

I used them at places like Disneyland. I didn't care what people thought...I knew that I loved my children and didn't want to risk their getting lost! :0

Anonymous said...

Ha! I had a leash for Joey and just bought the little piggy backpack for Peaches. I would rather have my kid on a "leash" and know where they are than take a chance on them getting separated from me or running around causing general chaos.

Hopefully I don't run into disapproving looks while using Peaches' backpack harness because I will end up saying something. I've noticed that when people give disapproving looks, they usually don't even have kids with them. Well, some of us don't have that luxury. We have to take our kids EVERYwhere. So we need leashes. Back off. :o)

Hmmm, did I give away how I voted? LOL!