Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bl00dy pics, a mystery & a hidden rap line

Just to drag out the ta$er post a little more, I present to you the bloody undershirt of my husband. :(

You're probably wondering what these other pics are.... And now for the "mystery." The other day Sei took everyone to the movie except for me, Liv and Tristan- who chose to stay home. I was down in my room watching my new obsession "Snapped." I really should stop watching it. It's all about women who kill... Anyway, I was watching that in my room which shares a wall with the laundry room. I was running a load of laundry. Tristan was upstairs playing on the computer and Liv was napping. I was downstairs for about 1 1/2 then I went upstairs to play Guitar Hero for about 20 min. Livie woke up sometime during that time and I came downstairs to the garage (thru the laundry room) to throw away her poopy diaper. Pay attention here's the thick of the plot... when I walked in the laundry room the washer was like it is in the pictures. Like totally pulled out from the wall! Now, I'm not dumb, I realize if the washer is unbalanced it can move, but the thing is I was RIGHT BY the laundry room almost the entire time and I didn't hear anything. That's a little weird. And yes, it could have happened when I was playing GH, but I'm pretty sure the load was done before I went upstairs. Kinda freaky, eh??

**Did y'all catch the line from a certain "rap" I used in my post???**

**Stay tuned for my "Adam's Apple" post!!**


Whitney said...

Ooooh creepy... I wonder if one of the kids moved it? Or maybe there's a ghost in your house.
Poor Sei! His shirt! :(
I heart Guitar Hero.

Yvonne said...

First of all, the mother of 7 young children should not be watching a show called "Snapped"!!!!

Poor Sei--the video was bad enough, but now I feel even worse--I hated when they pulled those things out of his back.

I haven't played Rock Band for quite awhile and I really am missing it ; (

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I just hooked on Medium via DVD since we don't have cable. Add that to my burgeoning list of favorite supernatural shows. It seems thats all I really like to watch these days.

I didn't get the rap line. I am two years older than you and two years less cool and two years removed from the hip-hop music scene.

Stacey said...


I didn't get the rap line either. Is it "running a load of laundry"? because nothing says "rapper" like brighter colors.

No Cool Story said...

The line is "throw away her poopy diaper", I win!

Yikes to Sei's shirt.
The Mystery: You havre a really big mouse in your house, get a big cat.
GH: I suck at it

JustRandi said...

Yeah, yikes on the shirt. I didn't think about the blood part of the deal...

swampbaby said...

"Pay attention here's the thick of the plot..."

Poor Sei. And I vote unbalanced load while you were engrossed in crazy TV watching.

Klin said...

NCS totally took my idea about the Rap Line. My other guess was "thru the laundry room."

Ouch to Sei. When it draws blood it ain't good.

I think that you were so engrossed in "Snapped" that the washer dancing just flew right over your head;)

s--max said...

I'm thinking unbalanced load also.
The rap....Could it be a Wil Smith classic? :)
Micah watched the video of Sei being tased & it multiplied his desire to be tased. W'sup w/the pain thing?!

Nancy Face said...

Oooh, ghosts! I hope they're Texan ghosts...I bet they're friendlier than other ghosts.

Your Fave Fitness Guru (hopefully!!) said...

1.Everyone has an Adam's Apple,
dear! By the way you described
it,however, evidently size DOES
matter!! :O

2.Your kickboxing expectations
fall into the common category of
"expecting a miracle". One month,
or about 6-7 classes, can't "fix"
anything. Shoot for at least 4
workouts each week & be patient.

Tori :) said...

Mom (I mean "Fitness Guru")-
I know everyone has an adam's apples. but during puberty the larynx on a boy pushes his more forward. That's why it is usually more evident in males. I just never felt Sei's go up and down. Eew.
As for kickboxing- I don't have any expectations. I know 2 times a week won't make my body hawt. I was just saying it *felt* like it should be lookin' all hot because I hurt. And those aren't the only workouts I do during the week- just the ones that make me sore. ;)