Thursday, February 14, 2008

A G-rated Valentines Day Post

I thought about writing a post about Seiuli. But since I brag on him ALL the time, I'll just say that I love him with all my heart. He is truly my best friend and has taught me what marriage is suppose to be like. All those romantic movies I would watch and think "That's not real. That's only in the movies..." now I know it CAN be real. It is real with him.
I love you Seiuli!!!

Thinking about Sei and me made me think of cute couples. It put me in a Disney mood. :)
So, my personal favorite Disney love stories would have to be:

1) Mulan and Shang- because he thought she was a guy and then decided she was hot.
2) Prince Eric and Ariel - Because she's a ginormous fish and he still wants her.
3) Prince Charming and Cindrella - He had an entire kingdom searching for her.
4) Belle and Beast - He's a huge monster, but he still totally needs this chick to take care of him. They just fit.

My opinion on HOTTEST Disney guys:
1) Shang from Mulan ... "Let's get down to business!"
2) Prince Eric from Little Mermaid (A little slow to bust a move, but still cute.)
3) Phoebus from Hunchback "It means Sun God..."
4) Kokoum - Pocahontas (Like an animated "Wind in his Hair." Yummy!!)

In honor of Valentine's day I present to you the HOTTEST kisses from movies. DISNEY movies that is... ;)


Amanda said...

Fun Valentines day post! I agree that Shag is hawt! He does look like wind is his hair!

I think the Belle/Beast kiss at the end is best! :)

Chel said...

Happy V Day!
Sei rocks.
but he's pretty dang lucky too.

aubrey said...

happy valentine's day!

Yvonne said...

That was fun, tori. You could have bragged all about Sei--I love how much you love him!!!

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy.

Nobody said...

Amanda's typo made me laugh out loud.

I love, he thought she was a guy but then decided she was hot. Very funny.

Happy Valentine's Day. I'm glad you have a good husband. And I agree, Sei's pretty lucky too. I mean, who's da hottie? Can't deny the facts ma'am.

aurora said...

That was SUCH and amazing post!!!

Sounds like you have your own personal Prince Charming, lucky girl. Yeah! Don't you love, Love?

Love the Hottest Disney Kisses-- ummm... I am stealing that, but I'll give you credit [wink,wink]

Happy Valentine's Day.

aurora said...

Oh, and I added you to my sidebar, I hope that's okay!

Millie said...

I'm so happy for you and Sei. :)

::drooling over Wind In His Hair::

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You. crack. me. up. How do you do that day in and day out?

Ginormous fish... you are awesome!

I wish I would have thought to do the "hottie on board" for Ian. Maybe for April Fool's.

tara said...

Tori you are cute, what a cute idea! And seriously, you're right up there with PW as one of the luckiest women in love! Happy Valentines day!

Lauren said...

hahahahahahahah! Best line: "Because she's a ginormous fish and he still wants her" Love it!

Kokoum should be cast as Jacob Black? What say you?

Prince Phillip will always be my disney lover boy!

Annie said...

Animated Native Americans are hawt!

Jean Knee said...

Sizzlin Hawt! s sss ss

annie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

PJ said...

Hey, you weren't kiddin'...that was G-rated;)

Happy Valentine's to you, hope you had a good one!

Klin said...

You are amazing with the things you come up with. I love that you and Sei have a wonderful marriage and that it doesn't just happen in movies anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Nancy Face said...

Thank you so much for that most excellent and great and funny and mushy post! Now I'm feeling SOOO HAPPY! :D

I love all your picks! My favorite Disney couples are Shang and Mulan, and Prince Phillip and Aurora! Dreamy sigh...