Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please explain

Y'all need to head over to Elastic's blog and check out her post. In case you are wondering who is hanging on the wall in the video go here to see. Why would someone who wants to lead OUR COUNTRY have that hanging on a campaign office wall??
This is not a joke or a isolated incident. You can g00gle Che Obama and find a ton of stuff similar to this and other interesting facts. I've checked it all on the Urban Legend website and it is legit.

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No Cool Story said...

There is absolutely NO WAY anywhere to explain that Tori.
Either those people are complete idiots or they are complete MORONS.

It's 2008, anyone anywhere who'd have an image of Che as in "a support his cause" has no brain and should be shipped to Castro's Cuba immediately to get a dose of "Che's vision".


Chel said...


swampbaby said...

what the heck? That is very interesting. You'd think their PR people would have done an office sweep before the news crew showed up.

Nancy Face said...

I am frightened...VERY frightened.