Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Signs I need to get out more- Nickelodeon Version

1) I found myself concered about where Dora's parents are. Why is she allowed to go all around the world- with a talking monkey- returning friendship bracelets that Swiper swiped???

2) I had the Backyardigans cd still playing in the kitchen 20 minutes after Livie laid down for a nap. I was also singing along.

3) I wonder where Max and Ruby's parents are too. Ruby takes care of Max all the time- even taking him shopping for new overalls at the mall!! Sometimes I even talk like Ruby. She's such a nerd.
4) I laugh everytime Taj calls me in to watch Patrick and Spongebob's skeletons switch bodies as they ride "TheFiery Fist O Pain." I couldn't find that clip, but this 'Harold! NO!!' is pretty funny.

5) I also have this clip saved on my dvr for when ever the mood hits me. Don't hate.

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~j. said...

Without even playing it, I recognize the "Winner Takes All" episode. I am a marching band nerd AND a spongebob fan -- what could be better?

No worries about Backyardigans, it's actually not half-bad music. (Is this a sign that I need to get out more, too?)

The Dora saga continues...

And yeah, I was thinking about Max & Ruby the other day. The writers either need to spice it up a little, or they've struck gold in their formula: Max says something at the beginning of the episode, which is misunderstood by Ruby; their own brand of preschoolish chaos ensues until Ruby realizes that whatever it was that Max said at the beginning is the answer to all their problems. fin.

Yvonne said...

Love both those Spongebob clips.

Corrine said...

yesterday i found my self watching icarly all by myself!

And where are Dora's parents?

JustRandi said...

I can NOT believe I ever forgot that the Fiery Fist O Pain is a ride.
I started using it as a phrase to remind my children about why they should do their chores. - You know, to avoid the Fiery Fist O Pain.

(* not that I would really ever hit them. Hey, they're bigger than me. - I just think its a funny phrase.)

Stacey said...

I love the spongebob clips,they are 2 of my faves. I still giggle when I think "Harold,no!".

Ruby bugs me.

I worry about Dora...one day the monkey might turn on her.

No Cool Story said...

I also love those Spongebob clips!
My #1 favoritest episode is "Hall Monitor" I can watch it a million times and laugh every single time. Yeah.

utmommy said...

I catch myself singing cartoon songs quite often. What's up with that?

And sometimes when the kiddos go to bed and leave the t.v. I will sit and watch the rest of Hannah Montana, or Wizards of Waverly Place, or ....

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I need to get out more too. The realization hit me when my hubby & I had a discussion on the pros and cons of each of the Thomas narrators.

Amanda said...

I can so relate! At our house it is the Disney movies that get watched over and over that I have nearly memorized.

Heffalump said...

I always thought that Dora lived in a computer program, so she doesn't need as much supervision.

PJ said...

My hub and I think Ruby is psycho, and did something strange with the parents. There is a picture of them on the wall, you know.

My two youngest have passed up the new cartoons for Tom and Jerry lately, what's up with that? Whatever it is I love it!

They never, EVER pass up Diego tho'

Gretch said...

I totally relate!!

Max and Ruby's Grandmother makes an occasional appearance.

It has always been funny to see how the "next" kid will say Sponge Bob Square Pants". They have all said, "bob bob"! Too cute!

Gretch said...

I have that stupid song singing

KAI-LAN, KAI-LAN, KAI-LAN, KAI-LAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please make it stop!

No Cool Story said...

I'm scared of The Fiery Fist O' Pain.
Specially when the bomb goes off.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You. Crack. Me. Up.

Never fails. You are awesome!

Annie said...

I've found myself wondering the same thing. Max is such a little trouble maker. All Ruby wants to do is make things nice and Max gets in the way.

I freaked when I found out Hannah Montanas mom is dead, but still Brooke Shields floats in and out and still talks to her. That's kinda weird.

Klin said...

So glad to be out of that stage!!!!!!

Back in the day it was Lamb Chop and the song that never ends. I swear I did dishes singing that song for 3 years straight!

I laugh at your new blog ad disclosure. I'm pretendin'; I'm pretendin'!

Hannah Montana's mom is dead! And it's Brooke Shields! Hmmmm. I guess I need to pay more attention when my girls watch that show. It just annoys me so much.

Ashley said...

All common scenes at our home. My fav Sponge bob is when Sandy sings about going home to Texas. Nickelodeon out weighs Disney for my girls.

P.S. I am jealous you got to move back to Texas. Trying hard not to covet.

Nancy Face said...

This was so much fun! I love me some good Spongebob, and I'm easily entertained by kids' shows! Yep, I need to get out more, too, haha! :D