Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tad Award- Drivers

It's that time again- I have a few Tad Awards to hand out. For those of you who are new, Tad Awards are my way of dealing with stupid people. They irritate me and rather than beating them up ;) I give them a Tad Award. Tad was the name of the fish on Finding Nemo that says "I'm obnoxious." That's where the name came from. :) You can read about other Tad Award recipients by clicking here.
Ok, for today's award winners I will need you to refer to the carefully drawn diagram below. This is the drawing of an intersection. The little squares with tiny circles represent stoplites. The arrows represent cars and the direction they were driving. The big purple truck looking thing is an 18 wheeler. The driver of this 18 wheeler is our 1st winner of the day!! See how he's all turned out in the intersection blocking all traffic from driving anywhere? Yeah- he really did that. His lite was yellow, he's ginormous and he still turned a blocked any traffic from going anywhere. Cars couldn't turn. They couldn't go straight, nada. And he sat there, making it so no one could go anywhere for almost 5 minutes because all the other lites had to give their turns. It was ridiculous. You, 18 wheeler guy, have earned a Tad award.
The next winner was the person behind me at this same red lite. There's a lot of construction going on in this area so traffice gets conjested a lot. I was sitting where the reddish arrows are pointing in the same direction the truck. When my lite turned green the truck was gone but there were already 2 cars in front of me with the last one kinda hanging out in the intersection. So, I didn't go because I didn't want to get stuck out in the intersection like the truck had! A few cars turned in front of me and then the butthead behind me HONKED at me!! Where did he want me to go exactly?? So I gave him the finger and ... just kidding, I didn't. I just made a mental note that he was receiving a Tad award.
The last winner is the dumb lady driving on the highway that needed to HANG UP AND DRIVE. I admit occasionally I have talked on the phone while driving but never when trying to merge and never if it was impeding my driving. This woman was swerving and driving like 15 mph too slow. I mean, it was dangerous. At 1st I thought it was a really old lady, then I realized she was just on her phone. That pisses me off so much. She's endangering everyone around her just because she doesn't want to hang up. Yep- Tad award all the way.
So, there you have it. The Tad Award winners all found in a 2 hour span yesterday. All I want is when you're driving: 1) be polite and 2) hang up your freakin' phone! Is that too much to ask???

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Yvonne said...

Definitely not too much to ask!!!

I had to laugh at the comment about at first thinking it was an old lady. Kyle is convinced every bad driver on the road is an old lady--still not sure how old is old???
I know horns are necessary but too many people use them way too often.

JustRandi said...

I think that everyone who drives slower than me is old and everyone who drives faster than me is reckless.
I, of course, drive perfectly.

Ashley said...

I had to laugh. I learned to drive in Dallas so I feel prepared to drive anywhere. Drivers in Idaho drive me bonkers. On a rare occasion I will see a car speed up when they see a yellow light running through it red. My husband and I will laugh and say he just pulled a Texas red light. It makes me miss being home.

No Cool Story said...

Congrats to all the winners..umm losers!
Wow, I hate it when people honk for you to go, when there's obviously nowhere to go. Sheesh, idiots!

Amanda said...

You are not asking too much! I totally agree! Bad drivers = grrrrrrr!!!! Of course I am a perfect driver just like justrandi. ;)

Nani & Boys said...

Ok..I love the Tad awards...I could give those out left and right...I know I should get one, I talk too often on my cell phone when I am driving..sorry...

PS - Alema is doing so much better...I don't know if Sei knew or not, of course a Hannemann email went out, so he might have...thanks for thinking of him and us!See you at the reunion..in two, maybe three years...hahaha jk

PJ said...

Ok, first...I just love your diagram. You did a very good job on the big truck:D

Next, Love the Tad award. Way to stick it to 'em.
I need an over stuffed Tad award for a guy in a "little car" I had trouble with last week. Errr.

Nancy Face said...

Amen, sistah!

I love that you went to the trouble of drawing a diagram for our viewing pleasure AND our greater understanding of these Tad Awards! :D

Dana said...

Thanks for reminding me why I don't miss living in the big city!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I was almost run off the road yesterday by an old lady. She didn't use her turn signal and my bumper was up to her back door, so I am not sure if that is still considered the blind spot, but she didn't see me and came on over as I slammed on my breaks. Later I was able to speed up and take a gander as to what a stupid person looks like as I usually do. No cell phone just old age and broken turn signals apparently.