Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad Mom Award 2 days in a row!!

I guess technically the 2nd award started on the same day as the shoe fiasco, but whatever. I went to the store last nite while Sei got Livie to bed. Well, she had a crappy nite. She woke up in around 12:30 am and came to lay with us in our bed. She didn't stop talking the entire time. She was doing the alphabet, signing and singing. About 2 hours later Sei took her back to her bed. Well, I heard her whining kinda all nite, especially from around 6 am. So, about 7:45 am I went to see what the problem was. She was just lying in her crib, whining. I thought she may be sick. She didn't have a fever. She also didn't really reach for me and she stood up weird. We went downstairs where she asked for Signing Time- of course. But she just wasn't.... happy. Then I noticed it. Her left arm was hanging all funny limp by her side. I told her to "gimme 5" and she would only do it with her right hand. Crap. "Sei... Sei... Wake up. I think Livie's elbow is popped out again." Yep. She had dislocated her elbow. I don't know when- probably when I was at the store. But I'm pretty positive it was like that all nite. I feel soooooooooooooooooo bad. Even Sei mentioned something like "Liv whined when I put her to bed. I think she may be getting sick." Thankfully Sei can pop elbows back in. He became an expert with Taj because his elbow popped out like every few weeks!

Anyway... so, yeah. Feelin' kinda bad. But today we're going to the park, having an Easter egg hunt and tonite we're doing an egg hunt with flashlites! I'll post pics later.

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Yvonne said...

Read the last sentence of your post, and how can you feel like a bad mom??? An Easter egg hunt with flashlights sounds like so much fun.

I'm glad Sei can pop her elbow back ; )

Have a great Easter.

Klin said...

Dang tough girl you got there.

I'm pretty sure and Easter egg hunt and some candy will fix everything.

Mom's aren't perfect mind readers. We just figure it out and then take care of it. Pretty good in my book.

annie said...

You're a great mom Tori!

No Cool Story said...

You are a super awesome mom Tori.
Anyone could have missed that, don't be too hard on yourself.


latree said...

you can't claim your self bad just because oh this. I hope she's fine now.
but I still wonder how come it happens so often?

wendysue said...

Ugh, my 2nd daughter used to pop hers out all the time too! I felt like the worst momma everytime we had to go in and get it fixed (I couldn't ever figure out how to get it back in!) Easter egg hunts with flashlights should take care of it though!

~j. said...

That is the worst. Li'l ~j. is the only of my kids who had that problem on a regular basis, and Darin knew how to pop it back in, but I couldn't ever do it. Now that she's almost 9, she likes to tell stories about it: "...and then my arm would kind of come off at my elbow, but my papi knows how to fix it..."

Nancy Face said...

You're a great mom! Mind reading would be a nice skill to have, but most of us aren't THAT talented! ;)