Wednesday, March 19, 2008


About 5 years ago my father in law had his knee replaced. He got the top of the line knee replacement available. has Knee Replacement products that are built on a patient specific basis. That way you know it works for YOU and your body. ConforMIS homepage has a ton of information about their products pages. If you are needing a knee replacement check them out and see if their products could be best for you!

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Leslie said...

I completely agree on your opinion of ConforMIS Inc. I am affiliated with ConforMIS Inc, and I highly recommend their services for severe knee pain. If the pain won’t subside, I would suggest at least checking out their Web site at,, it is very informative depending on the array of knee problems facing many people today.

Leslie said...

Also, they have very in depth information regarding knee replacements as well. Check it out at