Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was just thinking yesterday... "I love Liv." I mean, it wasn't a new realization or anything. She's my daughter, my baby, of course I love her. But most of the time she drives me insane so I forget to focus on all the funny, amazing things she does. A lady at church told me "Wow! She has sooo much personality! She is so fun to watch in sacrament." I'm not sure if that was a nice way of saying "Sheesh! You have a brat on your hands!" or what, but it got me thinking. Liv really does have a BIG personality.

~ She's silly. Yesterday she wanted all 3 of her new Dora panties on. Then she promptly peed in them. Today she wanted 2 shirts on.

~She's not shy. She says "Hi!" to everyone.

~She's bossy, but in a funny way. She will tell Taj, "Taj! Come on! Say prayer!!" and then order everyone "Say prayer!" until everyone's arms are folded.

~ She's SMART. Not just normal smart, she's SMART-SMART. There aren't a lot of 2 year olds who can say, sign and recongnize all their ABCs. And not an "old" 2 yr old. She turned 2 the very end of January. She also counts to 10 outloud and in sign. How many of you can count to 10 in ASL? It's all on one hand.

~ She signs- ALOT. Like hundreds and hundreds of signs. And she puts 2 or 3 signs together o her own. Like "One more time..."

~ She loves wearing everyone else's shoes around the house. Poor Izzy is constantly having to find all her shoes.

~ Lately "dresses" have been her thing. She even wore her fancy dress over her sweatsuit yesterday. But don't mistake her for a prissy girl. She was diggin in the mud in her dress. I love my Livie!!!

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Whitney said...

She's so cute!!! It sounds like she keeps you busy! She sounds so fun, her personality makes her sound like she is much older than two!
I wish I knew ASL, that's incredible that she does!!! You are an awesome mom.

omar said...

Cute post! But I don't see what's silly about wearing three pairs of underwear. Especially if you feel like you have to pee. It makes perfect sense!

(I can count to 10 in ASL. And fittingly, I was taught by my 3-year old.)

NOBODY said...

That last picture is darling.
Your brand new 2 year old has my almost 3, two year old beat on the ABCs by a long shot. In every form. :)
Counting to 10 in ASL isn't easy. In fact, I've never really mastered it. I could hold my own communicating with a deaf person. Unless he needed me to count to 10.

Chel said...

She's so cute and so smart! I love her sweatsuit under her dress. I'm so glad you spotlighted your adorable little Livie! Sometimes being a mom to 2 year olds is hard, but you just gotta love them!!

She looks a lot like Sei!

omar said...

Being a dad to a 2 year old can be hard, too!

(High fives to all the dads.)

Yvonne said...

She is so adorable--I'm so glad you did a post on her. I love that she can count to 10 in ASL. That is so amazing to me. Love the 3 pair of Dora panties on ; )

She looks so much like her daddy.

I agree with Whitney--you are an awesome mom.

TheVasquez3 said...

she is adorable! i loved this post.

i do that sometimes too...just think, man i love my kid.

Stacey said...

Wow,she is smart! My little one will be 2 in May and he only sings the ABC song. He does know a few signs I have taught him.

I always wear 3 pairs of underwear since I had kids.

No Cool Story said...

I love kids with lots of personality, they are the ones who make me love Nursery (and hence get me out of bed on Sunday mornings).
ITA, that last picture is adorable :)

Robin said...

She is so stinkin cute. And funny. 2 year olds have to be brats. It's the rules.

aubrey said...

holy moly, she IS a smarty pants. max was two the beginning of feb and i thought he was talking a lot.

Hannemann Family said...

She is so cute and so SMART! Holy Shmoly!
Max will be two on May 2 and he isn't all. Actually, tomorrow, somebody from the state is coming over to assess his speech...because he might need a little help! I even purchased some of those Signing Times DVDs for him...and he won't do it. I hope he starts talking soon. Poor mister, he gets so frustrated!

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

I love her too, what a little sweetie.
There are several women who regualrly 'apologize' to me for having to sit near or endure their kids during sacrament.
I say I am thankful for them, and I am.
I've learned through baby girl, strong willed carries on through the teens and helps them say NO to bad influences as well!

swampbaby said...

What a great dress! Who gave it to her? ;-)

Can't wait to see my cute, stubborn, smarty-pants niece again!

PJ said...

I can do it, I can do! But not when I was barely two:)

She is beautiful!

Klin said...

So cute! Of course she's smart. I mean, look who her parents are.

Shelby used to play basket ball in platform sandals and a skirt. Yeah, not of that prissy girl stuff for her. She's figured out how to be a girl AND kick the boys butts. Could it be that they have older brothers to teach them AND and older sisters to keep them girlie enough?

Hmmmm. I love her little dress. So cute.

Nancy Face said...

She's so cute and smart and fun and entertaining! I loved reading about her! :) said...

and she can sign/tell people to VOTE!! she's a rockstar!