Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Monday on Tuesday

~ It's spring break and I should have been able to sleep in, but I had a bad dream. Ya know how some people are kidnapped and even though they could technically easily escape- like they are left home alone with a phone- and they don't? Well, I was in that situation and I was sooooo scared to escape. I didn't trust anyone. When I woke up I was all freaked out. It was weird.

~ My sister and nephews are in Texas visiting. I'm excited to be able to hang out with them. :)

~ My future sister-in-law is also in town. My brother is so happy. :)

~ Alec watched the "growing up" video at school this week. I told him before school that it was ok to ask questions and he said, "I'm not gonna ask any there. If I have any I'll just ask you." Awww. That made me feel good. :)

~ We dvr'd a clip from MTV's "True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents." There were kids with nudist parents, Star Wars-obsessed parents, a dad who calls himself the "Plain White Rapper", etc... After seeing it, I think our kids are feelin' pretty darn good about Sei and I as their parents. ;)

~ My step-daughters arrive on Thursday and we are all VERY excited!! We miss them when they aren't here.

~ This is going to totally sound like a commercial but we just saved $400 by switching our insurance to Geico. Seriously. We went from $1100 for 6 months to $650 for 6 months. And $1100 was cheaper than a couple of other companies, so Geico is kickin' butt all over the place. That cute, little gecko is not lyin'!!

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JustRandi said...

Yea! I love spring break. Ours isn't till next week. I hope that sleeping in thing goes better tomorrow.

aurora said...

You are so funny!

I always wondered if the gecko was truthful or not. :)

I am thinking that my teenage daughters need to see that clip-- because we are WAY cooler than our kids think we are! Maybe you could post it!? :)

Amanda said...

Do you have spring break all week? We only get Friday and Monday off here. Lame!! :(

That "embarassing parents" show should be required watching for all kids so they realize how unlame their parents really are!

Yay for your stepdaughters coming and yay for saving so much on your insurance! :)

Yvonne said...

We don't have Spring Break for two weeks--I'm so looking forward to it ; )

Maybe I should have Kyle watch that True Life clip-although I do think there are days he thinks we are O.K. ; )

hope you have a great time with your step-daughters. (Will this be the first time they've been with you there in Texas???)

annie said...

We're having spring break this week! The kids are all asleep and it's after 9! I love it. Hope you have a great week.

No Cool Story said...

I YouTubed the video for has Plain White Rapper. OMgosh, what is wrong with that guy. Seriously.
And he needs to put away the hair dye.

No Cool Story said...

You are such a good mom and stepmom :)

Klin said...

Spring Break is not til April here. But I plan to take advantage of every day of it. I sure hope I don't have any bad dreams. I want to catch up on my sleep for the next go around of work-a-holic against my will days.;)

LOL at those poor MTV kids. Your kids do score high in the parent area.

So exciting to have K & K visit. That is a dang cute pic of Sei and all his girls- except the one taking the picture:P

Who was your insurance carrier before? Sheesh. Geico is more for me!

But hey, super yay for saving money.

Tori :) said...

justRandi- I will be so bugged if I have a yucky dream again. I'm such a weirdo!!

Aurora- I'll see if I can find a clip. Oh- I looks like NCS put in a link in the comments. YAY for my twin!!

Maybe they could show the clips from the show at middle school orientation. :)

Yvonne- Yep! THis is the 1st time for them to come to Texas. I'm afraid they may melt since it's like 0 degrees where they are coming from.

Annie- Happy Spring break!!

Twin- Wasn't he horrible?!?!?! Thanks for the link.

We did have Allstate and in Utah the insurance is a lot less expensive than in Texas. But with Geico our insurance is even less than it was in Utah!!

Whitney said...

I don't get Spring Break anymore :( I wish I could get one from work! Wouldn't that be awesome?
That's awesome you "saved money on car insurance"!!!
Good ol' Geico.

Chel said...

yay! for spring break, Sei's girls and the gecko at Geico!! can I get a woot-woot?!

I hope you have a fab week with them!

Tori :) said...

Whitney- BOO! for no spring break.

Chel- Woot! Woot! :)

aubrey said...

lol on that mtv show. sometimes i love the shows they have on mtv. hilarous. sorry about your scary dream!

Lauren said...

I love that Geiko Gecko...he is precious. Is he british or aussie? Always wondered.

Yay for your step-daughters visiting!

Yay for your sister visiting!

Yay for your future SIL visiting! So fun :)

A Little Revolution said...

My parents sure were embarrassing.

utmommy said...

I want our Spring Break to be here.

I've had a dream where I'm in danger and need help, but I can't scream. It's horrible.

utmommy said...

I want our Spring Break to be here.

I've had a dream where I'm in danger and need help, but I can't scream. It's horrible.

utmommy said...

I don't know what's up, but for some reason my comments are posting twice. So sorry.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

what's wrong with being a star wars obsessed parent? he he

way happy for you that you get to see the girls again. kathleen

latree said...

I love family visits, it recharges my heat and soul, really!
Have good times with yours...

Nancy Face said...

This was such a fun random-ish post!

Yay for family visiting...sooo happy! :)

I taught Zach pretty much all he knows about the growing up stuff...I think I do a better job at it than his dad would do, haha! :D

Zach would probably enjoy having parents that are Star Wars obsessed!

I don't want to talk about car insurance right now! ;)