Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Monday

~Sei went to California this weekend to see his dad. His dad hasn't been doing very well since his surgery on his heart. Of course, Seiuli also found time to surf...

~ I am going to start watching a 3 month old baby boy everyday starting the 24th. I will also be watching an 8 month old just one day a week. I'm excited in a weird sort of way because I feel stuck at home because of Livie so this will change the day up a bit. Plus I'll earn some extra money!!

~ I'm still sticking to my low carb diet but those Starburst jellybeans in my closet (for Easter) are calling my name. I heart Starburst jellybeans big time!!

~ I am so frustrated with Guitar Hero. I had a streak of 548 on medium on Cliffs of Dover. I only missed 3 notes in the entire song and Tristan still beat my score by 3000. He missed 10 notes!! I give up!! My new song is Welcome to the Jungle.

~ Livie went to nursery the entire time at church! She used to love class in Utah, but hasn't lasted more than 10 minutes here. But today... she cried for about 10 mins. and then she was fine. They brought Taj to me during his class because he was crying. He told me "I wanna go home to watch Spongebob!!"

~ Dirk Nowitzki is now the all-time leading scored in Maverick's franchise history!! He scored his 16,644th point in the game Saturday nite beating Rolando Blackman's record. Dirk did it in 122 less games than Blackman. Yeah- he's awesome!!

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omar said...

Don't get me wrong, a seven-footer who can shoot the rock is pretty rare. Almost as rare as a seven-footer who can't block shots. He should change his name to "Irk," because he's got no D!

Mmmm, Starburst jellybeans...

omar said...

Oh, and FIRST!

Jean Knee said...

babies are so fun, especially when they go home at night.

JustRandi said...

I agree with Jean Knee. A few hours during the day would be heavenly!
Especially if I could eat jelly beans the whole time.

Chel said...

Awesome Sei! He looks awesome with that surfboard in hand!

Good luck with the 3 month old. It will probably be fun to have a baby there during the day.

I couldn't do the low carb thing... I admire you. Although I am doing good not eating so many sweets (candy), I still can't get away from carb-loaded foods. :)

Jaxon has always loved the nursery. In fact, he loves everything about being with other kids. However, now that he is in the Primary-- he likes class, but really doesn't like Primary at all. Not sure what why though.??

Dirk is hot.

Whitney said...

Low carb....uuuugh, I could never do that. I like my pasta and gandolfo's too much!!! ha ha
That dang Guitar Hero!!! I have almost all of the songs on medium beat with 5 stars (I want the guitar that they reward you with when you do that!), the ones I haven't gotten 5 stars on are that DANG Slayer song and Nights of Cydonia!! So hard...My wrist was sore for a few days and it finally dawned on me that it was because of Guitar Hero, ha ha!

PJ said...

Babysitting...been there, done that!

My Ten year old is very good at that game.

My Storm loves to say "I want to go home" nice and loud during sacrament.

Physcokity said...

The same thing happened to me with Guitar Hero! I hit more notes than my friend and she still got a higher score!

Congrats on Medium though I'm still stuck on easy, but my favorite song would have to be the Weezer yet

My pinkie cramps if I play too much.

aubrey said...

my vice right now is those darn cadbury minis. they're killing me. now i have welcome to the jungle in my head. sorry about cliffs of dover.

Klin said...

I double heart Welcome to the Jungle!

Yay for Sei finding time to surf. Too sad about his dad.

So that Dirk dude, is the flagrant fouler? Mwuahahahahahahahahahaha!

You know I love ya, right?

Anonymous said...

Now I want to go to the beach. :o)

Yvonne said...

Hope you had good weather in California--and glad your hubby had time to surf.

I can't go without carbs at all, but good for you. I usually have to buy Easter candy twice, because I buy the first batch too early and eat it.

Sorry about Tristan beating your score ; (

No comment about Dirk ; )

Stepherz said...

So glad Sei got to surf while he was there. I hope his pop gets to feeling better too.

Lauren said...

I say you go to your closet and yell at those Jelly Beans. HEY, they called out first.

Welcome to the Jungle is a bomb song! I bet you woop everybody.

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad Sei got to visit his dad and go surfing, too. I hope his dad's health begins to improve.

I wish I liked babysitting, but I really CAN'T STAND IT! Of course, that will change some day when I get a cute little grandchild or two! ;)

Nursery the entire time? YAHOO! :)