Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Monday

~Apparently Sei is related to Super Happy Girl. Check out the mad photoshopping skillz of my twin.

~ Kelsea and Karlea left this morning to go back to Canada. They were so cute this visit talking about how "hot" it was at 70 degrees. Poor girls are gonna melt this summer. :( It was a great visit but went much too quickly. And the sobbing that takes place before they leave breaks my heart.


~ My sister finished a 1/2 marathon. I am not sure *why* she ran it- but go congratulate her anyway because it's awesome!

~ My future sister-in-law came to visit during spring break. It was fun getting to know her better. She needs to work on movie quotes and movie knowledge in general, but that's ok. We can't all be total movie nerd losers. ;)
~ ATTENTION!!! There is a crazy person sticking fat arms on people in pictures. Please observe the above photo and my fat arm in it. There is no way this fat arm is caused by the cake and ice cream on the plate in front of me. It must be a fat arm bandit. (Or opposite of "bandit" since he's not taking fat arms he's leaving them behind on unsuspecting victims...) If you see him please tell him I want my 1994 arm back. Thank you.

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Yvonne said...

When I first saw the picture of your hubby, I thought--Oh my goodness, I don't remember it looking like that when I saw the picture this morning ; ) Your twin is very talented.

I'm glad the girls had a great visit. The sobbing when kids leave is always hard.

Congrats to your sister.

How fun that your future SIL got to visit. I bet she had a ball.

Regarding your arm--PLEASE!!! I could show you FAT arms and then you'd know how lucky you are to have those teeny little arms you have.

NOBODY said...

Tori, why on earth would you want your 7-year-old arms back? That would just be weird.

I see a striking resemblance between Sei's picture (the unadulterated one) and Taj in that group shot.

omar said...

Super Happy Sei is looking sharp.

Beware the fat arm anti-bandit!

No Cool Story said...

Super Happy Sei, HA!

Nobody is right, Sei = Taj, Big time.

Your future SIL is so pretty! I love her hair.

Can you believe Nobody is right TWICE on the same comment? ITA and Ditto her.

PJ said...

Oh, now THAT improves the face:S

Such sad parting.

Fat? Wha?? That's it, I'm not losing weight..if when I'm skinny (like U) I still see fat! Thanks, I'm gonna go have ice cream:D

Mel said...

Ah, the three girls are so cute together!

The pic of Sei is a little freaky.

Sorry to be negative, but I can't agree with you on the fat arms or the importance of "movie knowledge";) LOL.

Have a good week.

aubrey said...

okaay, now i am freaked out by that pic of sei. and that bottom picture of you is so cute! fat arms?..blah. you're hot.

Klin said...

I love that face of Sei. Your twin is gooooooooood!

Look at the cute trio you have. So sad about the tears. Has anyone noticed that your bro and Taj are waaaaay out numbered by all the beauty? Oh, and about your arms; I'd like to have a problem like that.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Not to get all competitive and stuff, but my fat arms beat out your fat arms.

My fat arms even jiggle endlessly. Ha! Top that!

Klin said...

Dang girl you are gorgeous! I clicked on the above pic and was wowed. Your future sis-in-law has beautiful eyes. Mesmerizing.

S said...

I am going to sleep better tonight just knowing SHG has a daddy.

Yvonne said...

I have an award for you on my blog.

Nancy Face said...

Aaagghhh! Super Happy Sei is frightening...and hilarious! :D

I'm sorry about the tears at parting. :(

Fat arm? Where?

Jean Knee said...

Sei looks pretty happy in that photo, not as happy as SHG, but almost

Hannemann Family said...

Tori, you're hilarious! I think it was the flabby-cellulite-body bandit that came to my house...and it SUCKS! You, on the other hand, look FABULOUS! I don't think that bandit came to your house...
I didn't realize how much Livie looks like the twins...

Whitney said...

Cute pictures!!! :D

and by the way? Fat arm my EYE! Not even close.

Chel said...

That is a great picture of Sei. You're the perfect couple.

I love that picture of the girls... they are so adorable.

Stepherz said...

Ok. Just for the record... You DON'T have fat arms! I don't see a lick of fat on you, Girlfriend! You look fantastic!

I want some cake. :-(