Monday, March 17, 2008

Teenage Tad Award

Sei and I went to the movies on Saturday. We saw "Cloverfield." It was ok. We only paid $2 so it wouldn't have mattered either way I guess. But OMGosh- there was some of *the* most OBNOXIOUS people ev-ah in that movie. TEENAGERS! Why they paid to see a movie is beyond me. They didn't shut up the entire time. And about 20 of them took up the 2 back rows and were talking VERY loudly in Spanish. Not real Spanish- it was more like Tex-Mex which drives me crazy because it sounds like they just couldn't make up their minds which language to speak. "Hey ese, quieres to sit aqui?" Wha? They were so rowdy a cop came in and stood behind them for about 20 minutes.

Or there was the girl in the mini skirt that barely covered her butt and her probably 14 year old boyfriend saying "You can sit on my lap..." Yeah- if I caught Isabel 1st of all- wearing a skirt like that, but then sitting on her "boyfriend's" lap I'd go Samoan on her and him, and I'm not even Samoan.

Then there was the hormone charged boy behind us talking all crude to the girls next to him. We finally moved, only to sit near 3 kids that talked the entire time. THEN at the end 1/2 the dorks started booing. I think they were expecting a real ending, but since the whole movie is suppose to be video footage found of course there wasn't a real ending. So, these kids start booing and someone threw a skittle at a big chick in the front. The girl goes, "Oh nuh uh. Ooh threw dat?? BI$#H!!!" like all psycho loud. Then a guy starts yelling, "Aight! Who threw da skittle?!?!"

By the time I left I was so thankful I have good kids and praying they never act like that in public. Or hang out with people who act like that in public. Or private. I guarantee you if my kids ever DO act like that they will get a lot more than a Tad Award from me. More like a fat lip or a boot up their butt. :)
***If you're new here and are wondering what a Tad Award is clickety here.

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JustRandi said...

Ah, Tori, sadly, every theater in Denver gets the same Tad award every Friday and Saturday night.

It's bad enough that I don't allow anyone in my family to go. I certainly don't want to go, and I don't want my kids to ever be accused of that behavior, so they don't get to go either.

If anyone really wants to see a show, we have to go before 6pm. We actually have gotten out of the habit of even going to the theater... we're mostly a dvd family.

You'd think the theater owners would wise up and crack down, wouldn't you?

Jean Knee said...

I haven't been to a movie Fri or Sat night in years. and I've been missing all that fun?

NOBODY said...

Man, fat lips aren't all that bad. :)

I need to put you on speed dial to go "Samoan" on my kids,should they need that. You cracked me up!

Whitney said...

My husband and I always have a hard time going to the movie theater because there are people like that and they just ruin it!!! Especially when you spend $16!
They need to crack down more on stuff like that, or lower their prices :) Soon no one is going to want to go to a movie, just because of the obnoxious surroundings!!
I'm so sorry you had to put up with that. I would have been SO P.O.'d!

Stacey said...

People are so freakin' rude! Hubby and I don't go to movies a lot and now I remember why.

Yvonne said...

That's when I put on my badge and whistle ; ) See it pays to be an old hag!!! I've been known to put my feet up to block someone from getting up and walking in front of me for the millionth time.

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Amanda said...

I have a feeling that Yvonne is someone not to be messed with! ;)

Luckily we have not had a bad experience like that here. Hopefully we never do!

annie said...

I'm cracking up at Yvonne's comment, you go girl!!!
Hi Tori!
Just stopped in to say hello and Happy St. Patty's day!

PJ said...

Uggg...those type drive me nuts.

No Cool Story said...

"Aight! Who threw da skittle?!?!"
That's the funniest thing I have read all day :D
I hate people with no class and no manners >:(
These losers get a well deserved Tad Award.

Klin said...

Do you mean to tell me that you didn't tell the paragraph that "quieren no aqui, pero OUTSIDE!!!"?

Looks like you found a new friend:P

Stepherz said...

Bunch of turds. I think teenagers really test all adults for our goodness and patience. Ughh! Loved your dialogue though--- made me laugh!

Gretch said...

No wonder our pickin's for Prez are slim!!

Hello! Look what people are brining into this world. Notice I didn't say "raising"!!!

You are a right on parent!!

Anonymous said...

I had the same conversation with my kids if I ever catch them - or even hear tell of them - acting remotely close to that anywhere at anytime.

Now I don't feel so bad about not having been to the movies in, well, a long time.

aurora said...

Go Yvonne! I want her to come with me next time!

Actually, we have had pretty good luck inside the theatre, but outside is another ball game! Wow.

Lauren said...

Are you for REAL?! That much crap in one movie?! Ok, the mini skirt/lap thing is a pregnant teen waiting to happen. Or who knows, maybe she IS pregant? ha!

The part about the throwing the skittle and the angry broad cracked me up.

A Little Revolution said...

Alas the nearest theater to our house would be the same, with a ebonics accent though. We have to drive almost an hour to go to a theater where the audience behaves. Just one more reason we rarely go to the theater.

Nancy Face said...

The more I read, the madder I got! I wonder if those teenagers have crappy parents, or if they are just crappy all by their little obnoxious selves?

I'd LOVE to see you go Samoan! :D