Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Toot

It's Tuesday again which means I get to toot my own horn. To learn more about Tuesday Toot clickety here. I know as a wife, mom and woman in general I am always constantly supporting and encouraging everyone around me, hanging homework on the fridge, etc... that I forget that sometimes I do pretty cool stuff I should be proud of. You do too- so share your accomplishment here or on your blog!!

My accomplishment this week first of all I went over 1 month without any sweets. That's HUGE for me. My 2nd is last nite I went to kickboxing. No one else in my class showed up so I was hoping in my head that she would cancel the class. Nope. She said, "That's ok. I'll just do some personal training with you." *Gulp* I was scared. She's tough. She had me working with cattle bell weights. Those things are RAD!! I tried to find a pic and couldn't. They are like a heavy ball with a handle on it. I used the 13 pound weight and we did squats doing all different things with the weight like figure 8s between my legs & shoulder raises, etc..., until I thought I was going to collapse. Literally. I also got to practice my kicks with her holding the shield. I totally had to dig inside myself to finish the kicks. I was praying I wouldn't be attacked after class because my legs were gone. I wouldn't have been able to fend off an attacker. Anyway, we worked muscles I didn't even know I had and you know what- when we were done I felt AWESOME!! I was like a freakin' Charlie's Angel. YAY!! And it motivated me so much I told Sei that I will be running 2-3 times a week in the evenings because I need to do something without depriving myself of my beloved candy. The low carb diet helped me lose some weight but more importantly it helped me get my candy cravings under control. Now I can go on and eat better but still enjoy some carbs. :)

So, that's my accomplishment. What did you do this week that you are proud of?? Share here or click on the Tuesday Toot badge to link to your own post. :)

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Yvonne said...

TOOT TOOT!!! Hooray for you. All of that is so great. My legs would have been tired, too, but I would have been sweating so bad and smelled so bad that I wouldn't have had to worry about being attacked ; )

I'm so impressed that you have given up candy. I've gone without chocolate, but there are still looks of other kinds of candy I can have--maybe I should try giving up candy completely. Believe me I would toot if I could do it.

Thanks for always being such a great inspiration ; )

Nancy Face said...

I'm sooo proud of you! :D

Wow...I bet you're gonna be one sore chick tomorrow! :0

I started running again Saturday after three months off (I'm such a woos when it's cold outside!) and when I ran again last night, it was so hard because my legs were still sore! WOOS, I say! ;)

No Cool Story said...

Tuesday Toot.

You should be so proud of you! YAY!!!! Way to go! I'm glad one of us is getting somewhere with exercising and eating better.

cre8tivkj said...

A great big pat on the back to you! That is an awesome accomplishment. I need to de-sugar my diet too. You know, your toot was so good you are making me feel really guilty and now I need to work on my diet and get my butt in gear again. Have a great day!

Stepherz said...

Sorry I haven't been very good about visiting, Tori! You're such a good friend and I appreciate your consistency with me even though I haven't been around much. There's another accomplishment you can check off--- Being a FANTASTIC bloggy friend!

No sweets!? You're such an inspiration. I might give that a try in April!

And now I know that you are also a tough butt kickin' buddy and I know if anyone picks on me I can just tell them that you've got my back. Cause you're a kick boxin' momma!

aubrey said...

yay!! nice job on the no sweets. and hooray for kickboxing like a charlie's angel. that is awesome!

latree said...

kikcboxing private lesson, wow awesome!
I only do hi-lo for exercise, it's hard to find specific class like yours here.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Way to go! Two huge feats! I don't think I'll be able to either of those in my lifetime. You are awesome!