Saturday, March 15, 2008

Would you be weirded out?

Scenario #1:
If you were working as let's say... a teacher at an elementary school. Your daughter is in a class at the same school you teach at. One day a man around the age of 32 shows up wearing a Mexico soccer jersey and 2 big hoop earrings and approaches you on the playground. You may have seeh him eat llunch with a little girl in the same grade as your daughter at some point in time. He says that his daughter is friend's with your daughter and that she'd love for your daughter to come spend the nite with her. Could she come spend the nite a couple of weekends from now, out at his house while his daughter is visiting, which is in a town 40 minutes away??
Does that not have "CREEPY" written all over it???

Scenario #2:
You are again working at the school and you notice the same man playing basketball out on the playground with a 5th grade boy he ate lunch with and a bunch of his 5th grade friends. Is it normal to have grown men out on an elementary school playground playing a contact sport with a bunch of boys? What if one of the boys was hurt? Or something... worse? Is that weird that parents are out playing with other kids during school hours?

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Red flags started going up.
Doesn't sound right.
Ala. Grandmother

Yvonne said...

Totally weirded out!!! Something doesn't seem right about it. Does the school have a "all visitors must report to the office" policy???

elasticwaistbandlady said...

There are very clear rules and school policies regarding campus visitors. Especially here in Texas. That guy should be reported.

Mel said...

Very creepy!

I'm not a very fun mom... my kids aren't allowed to "sleepover". You just never know.

TheVasquez3 said...

if your gut says creepy then follow that. but he might just be a dad who wants his kid to experience a "normal life". you never know he may have a "baby mama" who is making it next to impossible to have a relationship with his kids.

that coupled with zero fashion sense might equal "creepy".

i always try and give them the benefit of the doubt. especially single dads...because honestly aren't they all pretty much clueless without a woman behind them calling the shots?


if your daughter is friends with his kid, invite his kid to play at your house instead...since you are "creeped out".

personally Jordan doesn'y sleep over at friends houses...i always have them here. even if it is the Bishop's kids. i like to know where my daughter is.

TheVasquez3 said...

also if he is there during school hours there is a good chance he has permission to be there. i have a hard time believing the school is not aware of his presence. however if you are concerned you should most def check it out. you never know. if the school is NOT aware i would change schools post haste. cuz the admin there are STOOOPID, and should not be trusted with your children.

Stacey said...

That seems very unusual to me too,especially considering his house is so far away.

The whole thing just seems strange. You need to go with your gut on this one.

JustRandi said...

I would definitely register my strong concern with the school office.
I don't give too much benefit of the doubt where my kids' safety is concerned.

And a sleepover at his house?? Over my dead body. If I liked the girl, I might let her come to my house, though...

Tori :) said...

I'm sure he checked in with the office because that's the only way into the school. He's eaten with the kids before. And no- he doesn't have a "baby mama" who doesn't let him see the kids. He sees them every other weekend and on Thursdays... And he's not a single dad, he's married.
I was just wondering if anyone else saw it as creepy, because I know the guy and even I thought "That seems creepy..."
Just wondering what others might think if they saw the same thing.

Did I give too much away?? Did you figure out who he is?

Klin said...

It this the ex? Please tell me that it wasn't someone that asked if Izzy could sleep over! I'd be freaking out.

It has pedophilia screaming at me. It isn't reasonable to ask for sleep overs upon first meeting a parent. I must meet the parents many times and the child must play at my house for a loooooooong time before I will even think about a sleep over. I am not blind to the dangers. Not in my field.

Chel said...

creepy and weird.

But what is actually the weirdest of all.. .is that the school allows the man to play on the playground with kids.
I can understand parents going to lunch here and there, but that is over the top. creepy. weird. not right.

Amanda said...

Ditto to chel's response. Lunch is one thing, "hanging out" on the playground with the kids is a completely different story!

I just re-read your post. Are you speaking of your ex? It sounds like he is a little desperate, seeking out playdates/sleepovers with his kids friends and playing on the playground. Is he trying to win some "cool dad" points. Rather he is coming across as totally loser, creepy dad not cool dad!

Tori :) said...

Yes- it is the ex. And Amanda, you're probably right about trying to win "cool dad" points and make sure everyone knows "who's their daddy" but yeah-- it comes off way way CREEPY!!

I was in no way accusing him of being a pervert, but it does kinda make him look like one, doesn't it?

I, on occasion, eat lunch with the kids and take Taj and Liv to swing on the playground, but I think that is VERY different than me actually getting out there and playing basketball or playing at all with other kids. said...

yes, it would send red flags to me. i would think creepy and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up. and no, i would not let my daughter go have a sleep over at his house if he asked for the girls.

blessings girl,
kathleen xo

on break bloggers have opinions said...


I don't know about you but any adult male over the age of 25 knows not to do this, it comes off weird.
No, really, if they don't realize this, they are pretty deluded. said...

would it weird you out if a woman was doing this? or it is just the dudes who creep us out when in a situation like this.

i was with my little primary cubs today and i found myself thinking about your post ... and then i was thinking, no, these little ones are so sweet and i am just right here on the floor being sweet with them and they are loving this time together and this is nice.

i hope that that is all that it looks like to other adults ... just sweet. kathleen

Nancy Face said...

That comes across as VERY creepy. Lunch with his kid is one thing...hanging out on the playground with the students is just weird.

Stepherz said...

VERY bizarre. I'd be talking with the Principal ASAP. Very weird indeed!

Stepherz said...

And I'm with Mel... I won't let my kids do sleepovers. No way.

Lauren said...

That is sooooooooo creepy and strange and weird. I probably wouldn't have thought that way in elementary school or even junior high, but I can see the weirdness now.