Friday, April 25, 2008


I lost 4 pounds! I've been trying really hard to eat right- that is my definite BIG problem. I snack a lot. I can eat a pound of Red Vines in one sitting- easy. So, I've cut down my calories a ton and I've tried to do some kind of workout everyday. Some days have been better than others as far as working out goes, but I've done something everyday. I still want to lose 9 or 10 pounds and I know these will be the hard pounds. :(

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Gretch said...

I am still hanging on to 20 lbs! It really likes me and wont go away!! LOL!

Tori, I have some questions for you!
Being a mom of 4, I am exhausted!!

I see you posting at 2 and 3 in the morn!! Girl, do you EVER sleep?
Where do you get your energy to make it through the day?

THanks!! :)

Tori :) said...

Oh- I'm not really posting at those times. I have to sandwich my blog ads with real posts so I switch times around to make them all fit during the day. Just ignore my time stamps.
I do need more sleep though. It's usually after midnite when I go to bed and then up around 6:30. I'm pooped. :(

aubrey said...

nice job, tori! paul can eat red vines by the pound too!

Whitney said...

Good job!!! 10 pounds will come off, you can do it! I struggle with the carbs, and some sweets. I could eat pasta all day long. Yum!

Lauren said...

Hooray! I am proud of you!

Sheila said...

Tori, congrats on being a LOSER!
I have been doing Weight Watchers since Jan 07 and I have lost 68.4 pounds...I have that much and more to are so smart, I am not, I let it get so far out of hand before I started a program. I applaud anyone who is a LOSER! This is the only time we like being called that. toodles, Sheila said...

awesome!!!! congrats :)

Nancy Face said...

YAY! 4 pounds is excellent, and sooo not easy! Great job! :)

Stepherz said...

Uggh. I feel really guilty now. I just ate 8 little powdered donuts and a big glass of milk. I think I gained your 4 pounds.