Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Going GREEN

I'm recycling today. I found this post I wrote back in August 2006, so some of you have seen it. But I'm sorry- I think it's a freakin' funny story!! So... I'm going green and recycling. Enjoy!
Innocence Lost, Man
Original post date: August 9, 2006
I decided to title this post "Innocence lost, man..." because of a funny story with my husband. When we were on our cruise 4 1/2 years ago we were having dinner with the other couples assigned to our tables. We started talking about how some teenagers had broke into the ship's kitchen and freezer and trashed the place. The conversation went on to talk about "kids now days..." Now, I love my husband and thank goodness he can talk to anyone because I can't. It would be bad if we were both like me. But sometimes he is so much like his dad! They both have the tendency to feel like they have to say something, anything, if there is a lull in the conversation. That happened that nite. We were all kinda sitting there at the table after talking about teens and lack of respect, etc... It was quiet for a second and Sei said, "Yeah. Innocence lost, man." Everyone just sat there and I swear I tried to hold it in, but I couldn't. I started laughing. Hard. Very hard. So hard I could barely breathe and I had tears streaming down my face. And the harder I tried not to laugh, the less control I had. I laughed for a good 5 minutes while the rest of the table stared at me like I was crazy. I'm sorry- it was *the* corniest thing I had ever heard someone say in real life!! And now it's an ongoing joke between Sei and I. "Yeah. Innocence lost, man..."
Which leads me to my next story. Ok, my son Alec is almost 10 yrs old. He's going into 4th grade this year. And for some reason Sei and I have never told him about Santa, The Tooth Fairy, etc... We told Tristan later than most kids too. I think it's because when my mom told me I was maybe 9 yrs old and I cried. I was so upset. And I didn't want to make my kids sad. So, anyway... today I decided I needed to tell Alec. He had spent the nite at a friend's house not too long ago and he lost a tooth while there. We found out from the parents that their son had come in to their bedroom all stressed out saying, "Alec doesn't know yet and he always gets $1 for his teeth. So, you need to put money under his pillow!!" Yeah- it was time to tell him. So, today I told Alec everything. He was a little surprised, but liked the rules: As long as you pretend to believe for your younger siblings and any others who believe, you still get presents from Santa, the Easter bunny, etc... But Alec, bless his heart, is so sweet and innocent. This was the 1st thing he said (like a lite went on) after I told him:

"Ooooh, so it was your boot that Dad saw going up the chimney last Christmas. Not Santa's!"

How cute is that?? Innocence lost, man....

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Amanda said...

Hahaha!! That is so cute! All of my kids still believe. Jordan is starting to be a little suspicious. It is probably time to sit down and explain it to him before he ruins it for his sisters. He will be 10 in July, so he is getting older. I have no recollection of when I found out about Santa. Evidently it was not too traumatic.

By the way, my husband is the exact same way as Sei. He can't stand to have silence. He talks to everyone, everywhere. I am so not like that and it can be a little unnerving sometimes when he opens his mouth. I always think, "Oh great, now what is he going to say!" ;)

Stacey said...

Tori,stay out of the chimneys! ;)

My son is only six and he is already suspicious. He asks me multiple questions all of the time,I don't know how much longer he will believe.

"Innocence lost,man" makes me giggle. I dunno why,I wasn't there.

aurora said...

Don't you hate those moments when you ABSOLUTELY Can Not stop laughing?-- especially when no one else it??? We are kindred spirits. :)

So, you must do a much better impression of the Big Guy than I do if you actually go up the chimney... haha

aurora said...

oops... " ... when no one else IS"

No Cool Story said...

Awww, so innocent and sweet :)

No Cool Story said...

Father Al is very proud of you!

swampbaby said...

I knew what was coming and still laughed my head off. What a cutie, that Alec!

Jean Knee said...

aww,you green queen

so was it your boot?

Yvonne said...

That is so sweet. I hate when they find out about Santa, the tooth fairy, etc., so like to make them wait as long as possible.

I'm terrible when I shouldn't laugh-there's no way I can stop

Klin said...

My kids have told me they heard Santa and the reindeer on the roof. I just step out and laugh! I can't believe you gave in. Steven believed until 8th grade! Cause I'm good like that;)

When I told him he was so sad. I had to. It was killing me that he was 13, almost 14, and was baking cookies for Santa! He was waaaay more excited that the little girls. still cracks me up.

NOBODY said...

This post has made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a really long time. Three times.
I laughed at Sei saying Innocence lost, man and then at you laughing at him. Then I laughed about Alec losing a tooth at a friend's house and his friend covering for the tooth fairy, and then of course at cute Alec's quote. Just downright hilarious. Thanks for going green. Now my face is RED!

Suzanne said...

I love this post, and I loved it before too! :)

When "D" got suspicious who Santa was, he asked if it was Grandma and Grandpa. Because I guess it would be more likely that Grandma and Grandpa would drive an hour in the night to leave presents for them then their own Mom and Dad. Yeah... :)

PJ said...

HA! I love kids.


We played the charade with our older kids but got too tired and too broke to continue on with the Santa and Tooth Fairy rituals the more kids we had.

My oldest had a bed-wetting problem. We told her she drowned the Tooth Fairy. I know that's bad but we escaped having to shell out money for any of our other kids after that. said...

awh tori, that is adorable :)

and i loved hearing about the hard laughing no breather moment and how they just stared at you :)

i love laughter like that, and throw in a good snort or two, too ... awh, hilarious! thems are good laugh moments!

you're a riot :)
kathleen xo

Nancy Face said...

So much FUN!!! This is my kind of recycling! :)

Zach believed until 7th grade, and I finally caved in to Ty and Lauren telling me he MUST be clued in! He was okay with it, but it made ME kind of sad...Innocence lost, man.

Stepherz said...

This post made me smile. That was pretty corny-- Innocence lost, Man. I would have cracked up too!