Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is a late post, but today is my baby sister's 14th birthday!! Happy Birthday Ali!! She is not even a year older than her nephew, Tristan. Livie loves her Aunt "Lali" (pronounced "Lolly) as Liv calls her. Ali is a great babysitter. She talented musically- she plays the piano beautifully and kicks butt at Guitar Hero. She's funny. She has a booty like me only mine is bigger. And she has kissy-lips that I'm jealous of. She is smart and strong. She can max 85 pounds on the bench press- impressive. She looks a lot like my dad and my sister, Nicole. We are 18 years apart, so a lot of the time I look at her like my child instead of my little sister. I just love her bunches and I am glad to be back home by her so she can be my spy when girls like Tristan.... hehe
Happy Birthday "LALI"!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Ali! How fun to have a nephew the same age!

I once dated a guy that was a year older than his Uncle. Maybe it's a Mormon thing... :D

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday, Ali. Hope you had a great birthday.

I'm glad you're living closer to your family, tori. I bet they love having you close by.

LOL at the comment about Ali being your spy ; )

annie said...

Happy Birthday to Ali!

Hope you have a great week Tori.

No Cool Story said...

Happy Birthday Lali!!!

Oh how cool is that! She's so cute :D

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Ali! That's so fun that you have a younger sister that is that far apart. :) I am so impressed that she can do 85 on the bench press!!!

Chel said...

Happy Birthday! What a super cute girl!

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to Lali! I enjoyed reading about her! :)


Happy Birthday Ali!

Funny thing: my Stef has the same pink camo outfit worn by Isabella and we call Melody by the nickname of "Lolly."