Monday, April 14, 2008


So, Friday we got around to celebrating Isabel's bday. She wanted brownies. She already had our gift for her- The Jonas Brother's concert. But she had fun opening gifts from my parents (more Webkinz) and my sister. It was fun and Isabel was happy. :)
We also had cake for Tristan's bday last Sunday. And pie a few days before that for my dad's birthday. My little sister's bday is Sunday, so needless to say- I'm a lard. :) Here are the pic highlites.

Tristan decorated his own cake

Tristan and his 11 1/2 month older Aunt Ali
I was gonna make a "9", but figured I couldn't screw up an "I."

Tajy and Grandma

My dad and some weird chick...

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Chel said...

Super cute pictures! Sounds like a lot of birthdays... much like my August is.
That weird chick seems to jump in a lot of pictures... you should be concerned! :)

Yvonne said...

Such a fun post and what great pictures. Love the one of Tristan and his aunt--That's so fun.

Klin said...

Your dad is so fun. Woo's the cute weird chick? ;)

So glad the kids had fun b-days. I like Isabelle's cake, er, brownies. I love your reason for doing an I as opposed to a 9. :D

I know why you are so good looking. Look at your mom. It's in your genes.

Lauren said...

Isabel is bomb! Brownies are the way to go! I love these cute pictures!

Nancy Face said...

Fun, fun pictures! The cake and "I" brownies look awesome! Hope everyone had good birthdays! :)

I know what you mean about too many dessert occasions too close together...I feel like a lard, too! :0 said...

love especially the weird chick photo! you are blessed :) kathleen