Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Monday

~ Sei and the 11 yr old scouts did the Haka at the church bbq. They did great!! People at the park not part of our group stopped to watch and then clapped for them. It was really good! And I am the lamest person evah because I brought the camera and thought I was recording it, but apparently the camera didn't have the memory card in it. :( I was so bummed because Taj even got up there and did it!

~ I watched a movie on TV and I am warped. It was called "If Only" with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ok- ***SPOILER ALERT***: If you're going to watch this movie then skip to the next random issue. So, JLH's character is such a sweetheart and her boyfriend loves her, but he's kind of a jerk that won't let himself fully love her. She dumps him, gets in a taxi and then the taxi is hit by another car. She dies. It is then that her boyfriend realizes how much he loves her and needs her. He wakes up the next day and she's alive and it's the same day again. After talking to a taxi driver who is like the angel of death or something he asks how he can change the day because even when he's tried to change things he knew were gonna happen, they happened anyway just at a different time. The taxi driver said he just needed to "love her." So that whole day he does things differently and shows her how much he loves her. He finally lets all the walls down and just tells her why he loves her, etc... At the end she gets in a taxi and says "Are you coming?" "Of course I am." He kisses her one last time and you see all these flashbacks and he's breathing weird like he's nervous and then BAM! it happens. The taxi is hit just like the day before but this time he throws himself over her. He dies and he knew he was going to die when he got in the taxi. I soooooo did not see that coming!! But he loved her- enough to die for her. I'm such a loser I'm crying as I type this. I recommend getting it- even though I just spoiled it for you. I already know the ending and I'm still a blubbering fool.

~ Rock Of Love II season finale was last nite. And for the 2nd season in a row I picked the chick Bret Michael's would pick. He did not choose the Human-Fish Daisy. He picked Ambre. And she's way old... like 37. ;) All the other 20-something yr olds kept calling her the 'old lady' and stuff and I'm like thinking "Bret- the guy you're trying to win- is 45..." Anyhoo... I was right. Now I'll have to wait until next Sunday to see if Ambre was in fact his "rock of love" when they have the reunion show. Last year Jes, the chick he picked, dumped him.

That show is so skank. Why I watch it, I'm not sure... And it really bothers me because Bret Michaels is very likeable. He is. He seems like a geniunely nice guy, but he's a man-ho. Totally. And it makes me sick because he has 2 small daughters. Does he want them going on a man-ho show like he's on? When I think about how where certain body parts of his have been... ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Did I mention EWW?!?!?!

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Gretch said...

Concerning ROL2

I hope her being a grown up doesn't get to him! That would be the only thing that would ruin their relationship. She is a strong woman and she probably won't put up with his sexual addiction!!!!
He said he didn't know if Ambre could deal with his lifestyle. I think that she is mature enough to tell him to "GROW UP!" when he gets out of line!!
I can't wait to see the cat fight next week!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

I'm totally a sucker for those kinds of movies too. I would have been bawling.

How frustrating that you forgot the memory card to tape your hubby and boys. I'll bet everyone really enjoyed the performance.

I've never seen Rock of Love but it sounds entertaining! :)

Amanda said...

Bummer about the memory card! It would have been fun to see! They will just have to do it again! ;)

I've seen that movie and I bawled too!

Can't say that I've ever seen Rock of Love. Sounds interesting!

JustRandi said...

Well dang! I wanted to see the Haka! Oh well, maybe next time.

Physcokity said...

Interesting I went to a luau Saturday and I'm not sure which dances they did, but I remember they did the Poi balls and there was FIRE :D

I think that sounds like a really good movie when I'm in the mood for a genuine cry, kind of like Steel Magnolias with the graveyard scene.

Chel said...

Cool about the scout thing... lame your camera wasn't working.

I haven't seen that movie, so I skipped that.

I love Bret Michaels. But I agree with what you said. I haven't seen that show though.... I was debating whether or not I should watch it.

Yvonne said...

Oh you must have been so frustrated when you realized you didn't have the memory card. I've done that more times that I'd like to admit ; )

Thanks for the movie recommendation--I'll have to check the video store.

Not familiar with that TV show or Bret Michaels.

Klin said...

I hate it when I forget the memory card. It's usually in my computer.

I would love to have seen it.

S said...

OH Tori I am so with you on this Bret Micheal. Its like THE worst show ever to watch, but i so can't help myself. I even watch reruns mutiple times if I catch them. He is so EWW/HOT I have to watch. I also choose Amber but LOVED to hear Daisy talk with her arms flailing around and all the beeps. She is priceless. I can see ROL 3 in the works. No way is Amber going to put up with that. NO way!

As for the camera its best you stop showing us hot pictures of your husband anyhow!! LOL!

aubrey said...

so, is it an actual movie or a made for tv movie? it sounds sad, though.

NOBODY said...

So, you mentioned ROL last season and so when I saw they were doing it again, I had to check it out.

Thanks for nothing Tori. Sucked.Me.In. It's so raunchy and wrong and ENTERTAINING. I agree with S---I'm glad Daisy made it so far because I was always so compelled to watch her trainwreck of a self careening through the show. I couldn't figure out the arm flailing. But it was funny.

I also picked Ambre. I really didn't think she was all that pretty, but she was pretty enough and more together than every single one of the girls on that show combined.

Oh yeah, and last night when the worst think Daisy could think to say about Ambre was how old she was, it made me laugh. She's still a good 5 years younger than Bret!

Every rose has it's thorn, you know?

Whitney said...

I'm sorry, I had to LOL when I read that there was no memory card! That sucks that it doesn't even warn you that there isn't one!!!

Now I want to see that movie, I almost got misty reading it, but I did for sure do the hand over my mouth/wide eyed thing.

I really like Rock of Love, too. I don't have cable though so I have to watch it when I go to my mom's (She loves it too! ha ha). I didn't watch this season much, but I was sad about last season's. I really liked Jes, she made me laugh, ha ha.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry you couldn't get the video...I know you would have loved to have it! :(

I haven't seen the movie, but I don't mind spoilers! I'm one of those weird people who likes to read the last few pages of a book before I'm supposed to, just to see if I'm going to like the ending! ;)