Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There is a girl at my church who is about 15 or 16 I believe. She is a hardcore tennis player. Her mom is constantly bragging on her and keeping everyone up-to-date on her tennis success. Her goal is to go to a university on an athletic scholarship. She has done well in several tournaments lately. I know she is constantly practicing and I think she even takes private lessons. She is really a pretty impressive player. Who knows... maybe one day I will see her playing in the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
I remember reading a book about a famous tennis player. The name has slipped my mind. But she played in Wimbledon. That must be so awesome to accomplish such a goal. I think it would be a really neat experience to purchase Wimbledon tennis tickets , fly to England (a place I have never been!) and watch the awesome players compete. I think it would be cool to watch the doubles tournament. I, for some reason, always thought doubles was fun to watch. It must be an awesome tournament if the Queen actually attends it on occasion! What an honor for the participants. I just think the feeling surrounding such an awesome tournament would be such a rush!!

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