Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apology and updates

I'm sorry. I've fallen behind on everyone's blogs. I tried catching up this weekend, but it was just a little too busy. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better. :( I'm also behind on blog ads, so I'll have to do a lot this week too. Sorry again. :(

~ Sei is on nites and this is not good since the trailer for "The Strangers" seems to come on every other commerical. :( I had to take a sleeping pill so I'd fall asleep. Those knock me out. So, if a masked man wants to terrorize me... jokes on him. I won't wake up.

~ The kids go to my ex's for 6 weeks starting June 7. I will get them the weekends of June 20-22 and July 4-6. I'm hoping these 6 weeks won't suck as bad as the summers in the past since hopefully I'll see them on other days besides those weekendds. :( I've already been "informed" in some not-so-nice emails that they are taking the kids on a mission trip to a crappy town in Mexico and are sending the boys to a church camp in Oklahoma. I am so not thrilled with either trips, especially the Mexico trip. Sei learned so much about human trafficking in the academy and it really stresses me out. I think it makes it worse that I have to trust the person I trust the least on the face of this planet to take care of 3 of the most important people to me. *sigh*

~ Holy humid! The last 2 mornings I've gone running around 8 am and 6:30 am. Ok, "running" may be an overstatement, but whatever. It's not really "hot" at those times, although it's not cool either. But O-M-Gosh. I don't stop sweating for like an hour after I'm done. It is so humid! I guess growing up here I never noticed the major humidity. I never noticed my clothes sticking to me. But eew, they do.

~ I started a myspace page so I could leave dorky comments for my brother and friends. Well, I started looking for people and clicking on friends to friends to friends. So far I've found that my 3rd grade boyfriend is now a pediatric neurologist & is still married to his high school sweetheart, my basketball teammate is married to a rocker, my enemies aren't that cute anymore and my 1st kiss is now deeply religious. I have the most kids. Surprising, eh?? ;) It's kinda fun being nosey and seeing where everyone is at in life. It's made me realize I really don't have any friends left from jr. high or high school that I've kept in touch with other than one. I don't know how many friends from back then are on myspace. Do they let you set up myspace pages in prison?? ;)

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Yvonne said...

First of all, I don't know how you do everything you do--I think you owe no one an apology.

For me it has only been the last couple of years that I haven't been scared when Allan's out of town.

I hope the 6 weeks the kids are gone goes by quickly. It is very hard when you have to trust someone you can't trust.

The only thing I love about the humidity is I didn't have to dust very often ; )

How fun to get back in touch with friends from elementary scool and high school.

S said...

What the heck is he sending his kids off for when he only has six weeks. Well nothing like ex's to make the world go around. I am on myspace, yes my site has looked the exact same since I set it up last year:( Too time consuming to change, I would rather read blogs.

Amanda said...

I get freaked out when Scott is gone too. I have to quickly change the channel whenever scary movie previews come on. Otherwise in the middle of the night, out of the blue it will come back in my head and freak me out!

Do they let you set up myspace pages in prison?? LOL!!!
I've never been to myspace. I wonder if anyone I know is there. Hmmm....

aubrey said...

darn..you should have done facebook instead of myspace. that's what all the cool kids are on! or at least just me and elastic and annie and glittersmama. you know you want to...

the preview for the strangers came on last night and i had to close my eyes and talk loud to paul so i wouldn't see it. freaky deaky.

No Cool Story said...

Love means never having to say you're sorry :)
Holy moly, my hair doen't do good in humidity...actually it rarely does good anywhere.

Don't you get to approve this little trip out of the country? >:(

Klin said...

NO FREAKIN' WAY!!! I started a myspace account to keep track of my little delinquents from work. So basically I am an old lady with her only friends being 18 y/o. Can ya help me out here? I don't like looking like a perv.

Sorry about the mission thing and a church camp. I guess he doesn't realize or care that you already have that covered.

I have an afro in humid weather. It's not so funny, but it is very fluffy.

utmommy said...

I'm a total scaredy-cat. Whenever R is gone, I don't sleep well at. all.

I wish we would have some warm weather here. It's been crappy lately.

Stacey said...

I hate those previews,I wish the movie would just open and flop already!

I'm sorry about the issues with your ex. That's pretty pathetic that he can't be trusted with his own kids. :(

Facebook is where it's at..come join us,you know you want to.. ;)

Nancy Face said...

I'm almost ALWAYS behind on blog reading, haha! :D

Humidity is THE WORST! I hate it with a passion! :0

My "running" isn't really running either...I wonder if it could be considered, uh...loping?

Stepherz said...

I have a myspace page too, but I never keep up with it. I sort of created it to divert old friends to my blog. It's worked a little bit. "Carroll" has been commenting on my blog lately. He was my first love (and kiss... and other firsts)! SOOOO crazy! He found me through myspace.

Chel said...

I HATE the humidity! It's the worst... so glad I live in dry heat.

.... hmmmmm, my space... I haven't done that one... maybe I should! :)