Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday/Moms Day Weekend Part II

So, I did my best to sleep in. I just suck at sleeping in. I wake up several times and finally when my bladder can't hold it anymore I have to wake up. Once I get up to pee it's over. So, around 9 am I was awake and ready to go. Well... my husband is a little better at sleeping in. :) We left to eat breakfast a little after 10 am. We went to IHOP but after waiting AT our table for a waiter and watching everyone else- even those who came in after us- get waited on, we finally just left. We went to Jack in the Box instead. That was my 1st visit to Jack in the Box since moving back. I heart Jack in the Box eggrolls. :D Then we went back to our hotel to catch the shuttle to Six Flags so we could save about $15 in parking. This pic is before we left for breakfast.

We went to Six Flags and it rocked!! Every freakin' school band and choir was there, so we decided to buy the Flash Pass. This allowed us to skip the lines and everything on all the big roller coasters. I loved Titan & Batman & Mr. Freeze. Unfortunately the new Tony Hawk ride wasn't open until this weekend, but we saw it testing and it looked RAD!! I will be riding it this summer.

I didn't bring the camera in to Six Flags, but I sooooooo wish I had! There were some interesting people. I can't believe how some people dress, talk, and what they get tattooed on their bodies! Aack!! I was annoyed by the 12 year old saying "I shot the city sheriff" over and over, really, really fast, 1) Because sheriff's are a county thing 2) He eventually said "Sh" in place of "C." 3) He was just annoying. But that was nothing compared to the crap I got to hear and see the rest of the day! There was a girl (Sei told me it was a girl. I thought it was a guy.) that had *the worst* mouth behind us at the Superman ride. She dropped the F-bomb about 30 times in a 10 minute period. And I know lots of people say this, but what does "Sweet A$$ $h!t" mean anyway? I don't get it?!??!

Anyway, then later there was a girl that Sei thought was a guy, in front of us. She was definitely the "guy" in their relationship, but I'm + it was a girl because she had on a sports bra under her muscle tee. And no leg hair or arm pit hair. It was interesting watching a chick do guy things with another chick. Obviously I've been too sheltered. Thank goodness. And then there was the girl with a giant Tweety Bird tatted on her leg. Why would you get Tweety Bird on your leg? Or ugly skulls up and down your arm? Oooh, and the 4000 muffin tops with stretch marks hanging out of halter tops. Ew. That's how I'd look in a halter top- but that's why I DON'T wear one!

Holy 12 year olds hanging all over each other. I swear I saw Kevin Federline (or at least a guy who raided his wardrobe) humping against a tween girl's bum. It's funny how you can't turn off the "MOM" in you. I wanted to say something so bad or call her mom or something. But instead I made a mental note that none of my daughters will be going to 6 Flags with a boy- especially if he looks like Kevin Federline.

Anyway... I'm officially warped. But what else is new? It's just funny how things that never bothered or offended me really before totally blow my mind now! And there are scaaaaarrrryyyyy people out there. So, be careful. That's my public service announcement.

I forgot- this pic was from the theater. We thought Taj would think it's cool. Isn't it?

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Stacey said...


Yeah it's amazing how many freaky people you see in theme parks. As a mom,seeing some of those young kids draped all over each other makes me sad.

I believe "Sweet A$$ $h!t" means "it was a way awesome thing!". But that girl (having minimal brain cells) could not think of anything nicer to say. I can't stand when people act like that.

Stacey said...


Forgot to the Hulk pic!

PJ said...

Great picture, which one is Sei? HA!

Ugg...nasty pre-teens.

Sounds like it was fun, I wanna go!

Yvonne said...

Sometimes I really hate being out there in the "real" world. It can really be ugly. I feel very sorry for our youth--no wonder they feel so out of place (at least I hope they feel out of place ; )

I'm not a fan of tatoos and I'm struggling with one of my grandson's who keeps getting them. I know one day he will regret it.

There are lots of scary people out there.

Nancy Face said...

Once on vacation we stopped at an IHOP (or something like that) and they served everyone but us. It was awful, because we waited so long and were all so hungry, and we finally gave up and left, too. :(

I love people watching, but I can't stand seeing or hearing the kind of garbage you were subjected to. I always want to say something, but I'm afraid I'll get a knife between the ribs or something! :0

I LOVE the Hulk picture! :D

JustRandi said...

It cracks me up that the main thing you're annoyed about in the evil tongue twister is that sheriffs are a country thing!

Suzanne said...

That's so true about the Mom instincts not going away. Sometimes I see little kids (like 4 year olds) playing outside next to the busy street without a care in the world and I think, "Where is your mother?"

I LOVE that picture of Sei posing with the Hulk. How funny! I'm glad you had such a fun time! :)

Stacey said...

I think it's an IHOP conspiracy. The IHOP in American Fork,Utah is awful! My BIL and his wife sat at their table for 20 minutes and finally left because they hadn't even received water yet.

No Cool Story said...

"I wanted to say something so bad or call her mom or something"
You are adorable! :D

Oh man seriously! Don't you just want to take pics/video of all the weirdoes you see? I know I do. I just don't because if I posted those pics/videos then people would finally realize how eeevil and mean I am :)

No Cool Story said...

Oh, and YAY!! For having alone-fun-romantic time!
Sounds like you had a blast.

No Cool Story said...

Go Team Cullen!!!!


Lauren said...

Ah. The Federline wannabe and the 12 year old....that is what i would call the signature "ghetto walk". I will explain it later. said...


happy for you, i continue to be happy for you both.



You know what's weird? Even though we don't plan it our blog posts on certain days are eerily similar.

The Hulk thing now but remember the Taser and Pelican from a dew months ago? Weird.

My birthday's on Tuesday. We won't be going to Six Flags. :( I'll be working instead. :( All day. :(


I never liked NKOTB. I always changed the station when their songs came on. Do you know how hard that was to do back in 1989?!!!? They were on every freakin station. If they did crossover stuff back then like artists do today I would have probably had to endure their suckiness at the country and hip-hop urban stations too.

All I can think of about NKOTB is that lame LFO song.
"New Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick...."

Klin said...

Love the Hulk picture. I'd have Allen do something like that, too. ;)

I'm hearing you on the way people get dress to go out and think it's cool or fashionable. Eeeeee Gad!

Maybe we should take pictures start of new blog of what not to look like. Muahahahahahaha

Stepherz said...

The Hulk pic is awesome. Silly Sei!

So glad y'all had fun!

Chel said...

I'm definitely not sheltered-- even growing up in Utah, we traveled a lot and went to a lot of theme parks, etc. And now having lived outside of Utah and still traveling a lot, I continue to see it. I think it's gotten worse... our poor kids. What is happening? seriously. where are the parents? what are they teaching their kids? Utah or not, people should just know better, have better judgment and be more respectful to those around them.

ugh. I could totally go off on that subject... or did I?!?!?

Love the Hulk picture! So glad you had a nice time!