Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ok, this post is not about "Indiana Jones" but I had to tell y'all that I saw the new "Indy" and... it was good. Not as good as "Raiders" or "Last Crusade" but I liked it more than "Temple of Doom." It had it's moments and the story was very different than any of the other "Indy's." I thought Shia LeBeuff was a cutie and Harrison Ford is the one, and only, Indiana Jones. It was fun to look for the little things that only die hard fans would get or catch. Lots of fun!!

Now, on to my real post. I have fears. I mean, I've talked dabout them before on my blog. But I think I've figured out a fear I have that I didn't really realize I had. I don't like masks. I don't. I think I can trace this waaaaay back to the Little House on the Prairie episodes "Sylvia I & II." Sylvia was a pretty girl who was attacked and eventually killed by a guy wearing a clown-ish/mime looking mask. If you're brave enough you can see it here in the this clip.

Then when Nick Berg was kidnapped by terrorists they splashed photos and video of it all over the news. I had nitemares of these masked terrorists people coming into my home. And they were always "grainy" looking in my dream like they were on the news. Just finding this pic gave me a sick feeling. That's why I'm only posting a small one.

Then there was the guy at the gas station last Halloween. He had on a jigsaw mask from the "Saw" movies- I think. He was the cashier but when I came up to pay for my coke he like moved his head all freaky like into my face. I asked him to stop. I think when he saw he was getting a reaction from me he thought it'd be funny to try to wig me out more. And then his friend, who also had on a mask, stood up from a bench (I had noticed and ignored him before) came up behind me and was all trying to look over my shoulder. NOT COOL GUYS. I said, "Please stop. I'm seriously gonna cry." He was like "What? Why are you gonna cry??" and I said, "I don't like your mask!" And I really was about to cry. Jerk.
And now... there's a new movie coming out called "The Strangers." The trailer alone has done me in for. I freaked myself out the other nite while Sei was on nite shift. I think it's about 3 masked intruders terrorizing a couple. I saw the masks and nearly wet my pants. I'm not gonna put the trailer on here because, well obviously it warped me, so I'm not TRYING to warp you! I don't know what it is. Maybe because I DON'T KNOW what's behind it. I don't know. But they seriously wig me out. And now all I have to do it accidently *think* about that movie trailer and I'm all trippin'. Not cool.

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Stacey said...

I completely agree! I think my mask issues go back to Little House too. I had flashbacks watching the clip. Whenever Halloween rolls around I skip the mask aisle. Josh saw some last year and they freaked him out. Most of them are made too realistically and I just don't find them amusing at all.

That stupid trailer creeps me out! Adam thinks I'm weird for changing the channel but I don't want to see it and I REALLY don't want the kids to see it. Adam says,"it's just people in masks." Well people are scarier than anything else because they are R-E-A-L. *shudders*

JustRandi said...

Wow, Tori! I think you may have just given me the mask phobia. Your post is creeping me out!

utmommy said...

I hate masks too.

utmommy said...
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utmommy said...

Sorry that last comment was a duplicate, so I deleted it.

Yvonne said...

First of all, we saw Indiana Jones last night--thought it was pretty good. I didn't like Cate Blanchett. (You have to know I'm a person that goes to the movie and if I'm entertained I'm happy) Her accent was horrible.
I thought Harrison Ford was as cute as could be and I loved Shia LeBouf.

I don't like masks either. I think I would NEVER shop at that gas station again!!!

I remember that episode from Little House. I think my not liking masks started long before that.

Chel said...

We are going to see Indy tonight! I'm excited.

I also hate masks of any sort and faces that are completely painted (like clowns or mimes). I think it is so scary and so lame.

Wow, I was a Little House fan and I do not remember a Sylvia or that episode. Strange.


What in the holy freakin heck was that?!!!?

Little House On The Prairie:The Hardcore Years

I came to your blog today so that Papi could enjoy the video of Sei getting tasered. Man, it still makes me cringe to see it.

aubrey said...

i loved the new indy too. such a good movie! and i'm a die hard indy fan..have seen the other three countless times.

and just you SHARING your fear of masked guys starting freaking me out. and seeing that picture. i don't like anything scary, though. masked or not!

Suzanne said...

I still need to go and see the new Indy movie! And yeah, I don't like masks either! :(

Nancy Face said...

I wasn't really scared of masks until now...thanks! ;)

Nancy Face said...

I can't wait to see the new Indiana Jones movie! I'm with you...I didn't love "Temple of Doom" either!

Carrot Jello said...

Wow, I must have missed all the sylvia episodes.

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

I am glad I am only a fan of the books and not the show!
[Little house]

aurora said...

I hate masks!!! They have always freaked me out, and I am so glad that at church they discourage mask-wearing... it's too creepy!

I remember that Little House episode. I think that might have been the beginning for me too,-- or at least my fear of clowns. Yuck.

Jean Knee said...

I used to get terrified at the trailer for Magic, movie about a ventriloquist dummy. yeah those things are evil.

I know just how you feel

No Cool Story said...

ITA! This is why I hate masks and clowns :( It's freaky and scary.