Thursday, May 29, 2008

My dealer delivered

Chel prefers for my legs to weigh as much as her whole body, so she sent me an awesome package full of yummies!! It was full of some of my faves including Dubble Bubble gum that I eat like candy and Red Vines. Chel and I are Red Vine twins. Red Vines are like heroin to an addict to us. :) Thanks so much Chel. I appreciate it.
Also, Klin sent me a nice birthday card and some pedicure foot creme. I took a wonderful picture and I don't know what happened to it??? I'm sorry Klin, but thank you nonetheless!!
I have rad friends.

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Suzanne said...

Cute package! Isn't it so much fun to get stuff in the mail? :)

Yvonne said...

What a great package. Enjoy it all.

Stepherz said...

Awesome! You're so sweet, you deserves sweets! :-) How corny was that!?

Klin said...

Show me da feet!!!! Glad you got it. Hope you have been having a great birthday month.

Chel said...

dude. you're hilarious.

Enjoy... speaking of which, I bought me a bag too. I think I'll eat it NOW. YUM! :)

Glad you got it.

Nancy Face said...

DEALER? Hahaha! :D