Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm baaaaccckkk!! (Kinda)

"Thank God. You're home. You're safe. You're alive."
(2000 points for whoever can tell me what movie that quote is from. Sister- you can't participate. Sorry.)

I'm back from Vegas and my brother is married!! The reception was a blast thanks to our family being (to quote my brother) "Bada$$." I'm sure others might choose other words to describe us. "Drunkards" maybe. ;) I'm WILD after I have a few glasses of sparkling cider in me, let me tell ya...

I would probably use "
Awesome. I know it's a bit overused but on this occasion 'awesome' wouldn't be bad." (4000 points for that quote!!)

Anyway... I will have a recap and pictures and videos and a True/False test when my sister emails me some pics. I'm estimating I will receive them by the time my 14 year old sister gets married. This is going by past experiences... I am still waiting for family pics from 2004. :) Just kidding Sister!!

PS. Check out the counter on the side ----->!!!! Less than 20 days til all the kiddos are here!! YAY!

PPS. I am feeling rather lazy, so if I don't comment on all the posts I missed, I apologize. I will read them!! But just in case you can choose one of the following comments and write it in for me:
  • "LOL!! That's awesome!"
  • "Ahh... (((HUGS)))"
  • "I loved this post!"
  • "What a great story!"
  • "Whatever. You suck." (Use anonymous for that one. It's just to be used to start drama.)

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Chel said...

I want pictures! Try to do some persuading to get them from cute sister!

I don't know the quotes. But that sounds like a lot of points. Are the points like tickets at Peter Piper Pizza and after 10,000 you can get a sticker and a tootsie roll? :)

I love weddings! I hope everything was awesome.

Physcokity said...

Girls Just Want to Have Fun.. "She hyperventilated on the uneven parallel bars. She almost spun to death."

Nancy Face said...

Mmmm...Martinelli's! :)

Kris and I were Pa and Ma on a Pioneer Trek 2 years ago, and Lauren was in our "family group." I made detailed pioneer outfits for us, and I REALLY wanted pictures. We were not allowed to bring cameras, but there was a photographer snapping photos all along the way, and he got some great ones of us. Each participant was promised a picture CD...but the man in charge never got around to making them. I am STILL so ticked off! >:(

omar said...

I don't know either of the quotes, either. I'm not ashamed to admit I googled the first one, and your site was the first result. This leads me to two conclusions:

1) You made that quote up, and have no intent to give any of us 2000 points, and

2) It's scary how fast Google indexes sites and incorporates those in search results.

Anyway, congrats to Wiggity Woogs and his new bride. Also, thanks for loving my last post!

Yvonne said...

I'm glad it was wonderful. I want to see pictures, too.

I don't know any of those quotes--and I really wanted some points.

I hope the time waiting for your kids to get home is going faster than you expected ; )

Tori :) said...

***2000 points*** for Physcokity. How did I know YOU would be the one to get that quote! (And finish the rest of it too!)

Suzanne said...

I never remember movie quotes! I'm glad you're back and that you had fun at the reception! I'll be waiting patiently (kind of) for pictures! :)

S said...

Are those points toward Shrute Bucks? Cuz I already have like a kajillion of those. I too stink at quotes, after I taught Nobody all of them I let them leave my brain, so I could make room for nursing. Glad you are back, Glad you had fun, Glad you missed me,and Glad you are being Lazy today cuz Friday is COMING SOON and you have to run run run.

Physcokity said...

As for the second quote...I want to say Juno, but I don't know I only saw it once...

Woohoo for 2000 points!

Mrs. Burns said...

I am so sad. I am normally so good at movie quotes but I am at a loss today.

On another note, I just found a link to your blog on some random blog I found. The title of the list was "girls at the cool table."
Anyways, I was excited that I am friends with someone at the cool table.

No Cool Story said...

I'm so bad with movie quotes. Unless in one of my super duper favorites.

I loved this post!

s--max said...

Yaaayyy! You're back!

Tori :) said...

Mrs. Burns-
I sit at the cool table??? I had no idea. I wonder who's blog it was... and if I've been sitting with them, why don't I know??

JustRandi said...

I'll take those hugs. I know you put them up for me.
Glad your trip was fun!!

PJ said...

Fun, Fun! Glad YOU ARE BACK:)

I will not be taking any point...I dunno!

Help I need a user name! said...

Glad you're back...glad you had fun...Woogs & his bride look beautiful and really, really happy!

Would love to see pics.

swampbaby said...

Since everyone's had a crack at the quotes, can I play now? Pleeeease? I know the second one, too!

Tori :) said...

Ok Sister- for 4000 points what is the 2nd quote from??

Klin said...

I want to use all five comments and just post them separately. That'll improve my comment count;)

Glad you are back. Super glad you had fun. And super excited that the kids will all be home in less than 20 days!!

Amanda said...

So glad that you are back safe and sound and that you had a great time. I bet your family is really fun, even sans alcohol! ;)

Don't know the quotes either, but I love your "choose your own comment" idea.

Yay for you kids coming home soon!!!!

swampbaby said...

For Keeps - in reference to what she can say about his private

aubrey said...

i am terrible at movie quotes..unless it's a movie i know backwards and forwards.

i mean:

"LOL!! That's awesome!"

utmommy said...

Glad you're back!
Glad the wedding was bad@$$!
LOL on inserting comments!

Tori :) said...

4000 points for swampbaby!! "For Keeps" is correct and it is in reference to his... privates!! "Magnificent maybe. Awesome. I know it's a bit overused, but on this occasion awesome wouldn't be bad. I'd settle for... big."

Lauren said...

Hooray for your married brother! He is probably doing it as we speak. Sick huh? Oh yah, I am supposed to be excited...I forgot.

Anyway, I want pictures!