Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proof I'm a dork (in case this blog wasn't proof enough.)

I'm having major blogstipation. I seriously can't think of one interesting thing to write about. Ho-hum. :( Let's see...

~ Everyone pray for sweet Lauren. She's going in for surgery today. I've never met Lauren in real life, but she's marrying my friend's brother, so... we're kinda related.

~ Tristan, Alec and Isabel have been at the ex's for almost 2 weeks now. This week they went to Matamoros, Mexico to do some kind of missionary work for his church. I told him I was not down with this trip because of the area they would be staying in, not to mention he's Mexican and could decide to just stay there. (I didn't say that part. I'm not that psycho!) and he basically said, "So?" I know they got there ok, but haven't been able to get a hold of them since Monday. They should return tomorrow. And this weekend is "my" weekend with them, so I will have them Friday evening thru Sunday evening.

~ Tristan has sent me a Napoleon Dynamite quote basically everyday they've been gone- except while they've been in Mexico. So far these are the quotes:
  • "How much do ya wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?"
  • "I'm pretty good with a bowstaff."
  • "How 'bout you eat a decroded piece of crap!"
  • "I caught you a delicious bass."
  • "It's a Sledgehammer."
  • "I don't know. Build her a cake or something."
  • "Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!"
  • "Do the chickens have large talons?"
My kids are rad.

~ I have been more "cry-y" lately, meaning pretty much anything can make me cry. I always get this way during the summer 6 weeks the kids are gone. I am just a walking mess totally stressed out but trying to play it cool. Today's dumb thing I cried at:
Freaky Friday was on the Disney Channel. I cried on this part. Fast forward to 1:28 when she helps Annie/her mom play the solo:

Yes, I realize I'm a dork. Don't rub it in.

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glittersmama said...

You're not a dork. I think because we spawned children we have the right to cry whenever we feel like about whatever we feel like. And we can tell everyone to suck it when they make fun of us.

aubrey said...

ditto to what gm said. i think crying is perfectly fine. i was watching the princess diaries with ava yesterday afternoon and teared up when her friend was telling her all the good that she can do in the world as a princess. and i've seen it a billion times before. sigh. i completely understand.

Yvonne said...

I think we women can cry whenever we feel like it. (Believe me there are days that just about anything can make me cry, but when it coms to my children or grandchildren--WOW) I agree with what has been said.

Enjoy your weekend with your kids.

Love the quotes.


omar said...

Oh Tori. You're dorky for so many reasons, but none of which are because you cry when watching bad movies!

No wait, I mean, you're not dorky!

Physcokity said...

That's probably one of my favorite parts of the movie!

And NO, crying over your children is NOT DORKY, it's your parental right!

Also being nervous about the kids out of the country this weekwould definitely make me more emotionally sensitive than usual.

I hope you guys have fun this weekend!

JustRandi said...

OMGoodness! I was just thinking about this THIS MORNING. It cracks me up every single time I see it. I just love her sort of half dancing with the guitar there at the end.

It actually occurs to me everytime I play Guitar Hero that I am SUCH a dork!

Annie said...

You are not a dork, just a mom who loves her kids. That's the pretty much the same thing everyone else said, just shorter. I'm a dork.

No Cool Story said...

AS I fell asleep this morning (at 2 am) I was thinking about you :)
Your kids are so rad!
And so are you, you are dorky rad...which of course is the bestest combination ever.

(((((Happy tap dancing hugs))))

Klin said...

My shoulder is available. Is it ok if I cry with you? I can't even imagine. When Steven got visits, before he was adopted, I would cry, worry, and throw up just thinking about what situation he might be in.

I agree with your twin. Dorky Rad is the bestest combination ever.

Millie said...

Tori, you fat lard, quit crying already!


Mindi said...

i'm sorry, babe--i hope you are gonna make it!

as i'm sitting here at my computer and i can hear my 3 year old and my 10 year old screaming and hitting (yup, now here comes the baby.) i'm thinking i could do you a service and send mine over to you. just for a little while. to tide you over, you know?? :)

S said...

Well mud puppy's will make you happy fosure. Now that is a dork:)LOL. I miss my boy too.

Suzanne said...

Yes! Exactly what Glitter's mama said! Tori, you're not a dork. I took the kids to see Waterhorse the other day and I totally got choked up towards the end! LOL! :)

You have such cute kids! I'm sure it's so hard having them out of the country. They should be back soon at least and yay for you getting them this weekend!

carronin said...

Your kids are rad because you are rad. You still use the word rad, I love that word so you are not a dork.

Stepherz said...

You are so NOT a dork! You are a fantastic momma and one totally rad gal. Chin up, those kiddos will be home soon! said...

you're not a dork tori :)

you are awesome. you have the best kind of heart there is. i am so glad that hubby is the one visiting ~E in the utah RTC this week. it is going well so far.

you have a heart of gold girl, kathleen said...

and i love this movie, too. and this scene, too. thanks for sharing it. this always makes me smile, kathleen

Nancy Face said...

If you're a dork, then I just LOVE dorks! I think you're the bomb dot com! And I'm glad we're (sort of) related! ;)

Thank you so much for asking people to pray for Lauren. We have felt incredible peace and comfort from all the prayers offered in our behalf. I'm usually SUCH a worry wart, and I haven't felt that way at all. It's amazing! :)

I love all the quotes Tristan sent you! :D

I cry easily, too. My family loves to look over at me at those times and ask, "Are you crying?" Well, DUH! Of course I am!